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Innovating healthcare Innovatiecafé IPS mrt 2013 Innovation on demand.

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1 Innovating healthcare Innovatiecafé IPS mrt 2013 Innovation on demand

2 P articipatory H ealthcare I nnovation PHI 

3 >75% of ‘innovations’ fail… Why? Failed to meet “customer” needs Incorrect pricing To late/ early to market Supply chain issues No new unique vallue Technology driven/ push Change management issues …

4 Innovation barriers Politics | Culture | Privacy Organisational | Regulations Jargon | Ethics |”Technology” …and more

5 Business model healthcare

6 But, barriers to tackle: are NOT technological

7 Bio Instructor aircraft Systems 17j Trainer / developer database design 7j Lecturer health care technologie 10j Healthcare product Development 6j

8 P articipatory H ealthcare I nnovation a Black & White Approach 

9 Healthcare (needs) basically do(es) not change Technology does, rapidly, so innovation is at hand (just arround the corner) Statement

10 COUVEUSE Sint-Petersburg in 1835





15 /img/Babybloom1_web.jpg

16 Basic ‘need’ is keeping the infant alive (regulate damp and temperature) Innovation by technology

17 Any idea?

18 Haertbeat

19 Instant diagnose content/uploads/2012/03/logo_diagnose_technologie_280x150.png

20 Conclusion: Explore WHAT to innovate NOT HOW to innovate!

21 But, with whom? All required Stakeholders Patients | Family | Caretakers | Researchers | Business | Consumers | Developers | Engineers | End-users | IT Professionals | Friends | Ensurers |...

22 Stakeholders...

23 Requirements engineering Engineer(specify) the need NOT the solution ‘Stakeholders are not capable to specify their needs unambiguous’. “they preach their own jargon” “no standardization” “mankind thinks in solutions”

24 don't understand what they want won't commit to written requirements insist on new requirements communication is slow do not participate in reviews are technically unsophisticated don't understand the development process … …typical stakeholders...

25 Chicken story

26 Another chicken story

27 The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change; Until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds. Ronald Laing …mindshift in innovation... (vrij vertaald)

28 Requirements Engineering

29 Specifying reqcuirements

30 ‘the’ V-model Statement of needs Stakeholder requirement Acceptance test System test System requirement Prototype Market WHAT HOW Problem domain Solution domain

31 A requirement and it’s attributes Description a one sentence statement of the intension of the requirement Rationale a justification of the requirement (WHY!) Fit for use criteria a measurement of the requirement such that it is possible to test if the solution matches the original requirement Originator person whom raised this requirement Event/ usecase / protocol the source of the requirement Source :

32 “Good” practice examples




36 Portable scanner

37 Keuze om niet te innoveren?

38 Business model healthcare

39 INNOVATORS van de toekomst Wat vind je van deze manier van innoveren? Wie zou de verantwoordelijkheid voor deze manier van innoveren moeten nemen?

40 It´s your turn…

41 P articipatory H ealthcare I nnovation Specifying the problem will lead simply to an (already)existing out of the context (box) solution 

42 18 min. TED talk

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