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Voodoo D0 on EDG. Get certificate Organization nikhef ? Open ssl necessary on dors?

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1 voodoo D0 on EDG

2 Get certificate Organization nikhef ? Open ssl necessary on dors?

3 Install mcp11 Make tarballs of –mcc-dist –mc_runjob Make rpm of mcc-dist LBCG mcc-dist Install mc_runjob on user interface –mc_runjob checks existence of card file

4 mc_runjob (1) Runs on user interface Generates directory structure Tars d/s Puts d/s in sandbox Submits job to grid

5 mc_runjob (2) Batch job –Unpacks tar file –Executes mcc –Stores output in compute element

6 Useful commands grid-proxy-init grid-proxy-info –all dg-job-submit dg-job-status dg-job-get-output dg-job-cancel dg-job-list-match

7 dg-job-submit d0.jdl dg-job-get-output \ \ 135912320218356? cp /tmp/135912320218356/*.

8 Executable = "/bin/sh"; StdOutput = "d0mcc.out"; StdError = "d0mcc.err"; InputSandbox = {"submit","macro"}; OutputSandbox = {"d0mcc.err","d0mcc.out"}; Arguments = "submit macro"; Requirements = Member(other.RunTimeEnvironment,"D0MCC-0.1-4"); #!/bin/sh macro=$1 pwd=`pwd` cd /d0/mcc/mcc-dist. cd $pwd dir=/home/willem/mc_runjob/py_script python $dir/ script=$macro D0.jdl submit

9 SaveOnMake attach samglobal cfg samglobal define string JobName Request-184- cfg samglobal define int RequestID 184 cfg samglobal define string DestinationDir /home/dzero002/local/dest cfg samglobal define string CurrentDir /home/dzero002/local/curr cfg samglobal define string Phase mcp10 cfg samglobal define string OriginName nikhef cfg samglobal define string FacilityName testbed cfg samglobal define string ProducedByName Willem van Leeuwen cfg samglobal define string GroupName mcc99 attach pythia cfg pythia define string CardfileDir np cfg pythia define string CardfileVersion v00-03-43 cfg pythia define float CollisionEnergy 1960.0 cfg pythia define string Production qcd cfg pythia define string Decay incl cfg pythia define string Generator pythia cfg pythia define string D0Release p10.15.03 cfg pythia define int UseMaxopt 1 cfg pythia define float PtGt 40. cfg pythia define int NumRecords 2 attach runjob_testbed repeat 1 reset chain cfg pythia make seeds make job save print script cfg runjob_testbed run end return macro

10 class RunJob_testbed(RunJob_batch) : def __init__(self,name=None) : RunJob_batch.__init__(self,name) self.myType="runjob_testbed" def Run(self) : self.jobname = self.linker.CurrentJob() self.jobnaam = string.splitfields(self.jobname,'/')[-1] comm = 'chmod +x ' + self.jobname commands.getoutput(comm) if self.tdconf['RunOption'] == 'RunInBackground' : RunJob_batch.Run(self) else : bq = self.tdconf['BatchQueue'] dirn = os.path.dirname(self.jobname) print dirn comm = 'sh ' + self.jobnaam + ' `pwd`'

11 self.batch_file=open(dirn+'/batch','w') self.batch_file.write('#!/bin/sh\n') self.batch_file.write('cd /d0/mcc/mcc-dist\n') self.batch_file.write('.\n') self.batch_file.write('cd '+dirn+'\n') self.batch_file.write('export PATH=`pwd`:$PATH \n') self.batch_file.write(comm+' > log\n') self.batch_file.close() runcommand('cd ' + dirn + ' ; sh./batch')

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