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NIKHEF Annual Meeting 20011 Agenda NIKHEF Annual Scientific Meeting Dec. 2001 Scientific Programme; future NIKHEF budget CERN budget Various other topics.

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1 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 20011 Agenda NIKHEF Annual Scientific Meeting Dec. 2001 Scientific Programme; future NIKHEF budget CERN budget Various other topics Observations after two intense and very interesting days Jos Engelen, December 14, 2001

2 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 20012 An overview: Other topics: New staff; vernieuwingsimpuls ‘Toekomst Techniek’ WG OS SPSC, LHCC membership ECFA/DESY Workshop ICHEP02 Implementation of ECFA, HEPAP, Consultative Group GSF recommendations

3 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 20013 Alice: techn. progress (ladder assembly tool); physics performance report in 2002 WA98:’hadron gas + mixed phase + QGP = direct photon spectrum!’ NA49: ‘charm not in equilibrium with QGP’ Chorus: NETSCAN; ‘Phase II emulsion data taking complete at the end of 2002’ Hermes: flavour decomposition p spin;  G/G ZEUS: 200 pb -1 next year; F2 charm; CC ‘Grid computing power for users within the year’ Antares ‘Deployment sector-line Autumn 2002’ Lively R&D (Mimosa; TPC RO; etc.); ‘We need a R&D group’ Observations, quotes

4 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 20014 ‘  WW in very good agreement with SM, still preliminary’ ‘recent O(  ) calculations have large impact on TGC’s’ ‘M W vs M t (+ M H constraints) shows that SM still holds’ Expected final error 28 –39 MeV (it is perfectly OK to write a thesis on preliminary results!) ‘see the moon shadow’ HERA-B: redefinition of physics progr.; ‘the mouse is out of HERA-B’; FLT trigger impressive; viable and interesting physics programme ‘if you look at your detector in great detail the amount of material increases’; ‘LHCb tracking optimization TDR in fall of 2002’

5 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 20015 MDT production highly non-trivial, started! Si strip det. Three mods built; problem with FE electr. (almost) under control State of the art software taking shape; physics studies D0, 12 pb -1 ; high quality data from Christmas; successful reconstruction of physics object from data taken so far

6 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 20016 Statistics: 50% on physics 50% on technology, 50 % from lap-tops and (almost) 20 % by women

7 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 20017

8 8 And of course I. van Vulpen, W. Hulsbergen, M. Bruinsma, M. Mevius, E. v.d. Pijll, B. Petersen, J. Velthuis, M. Woudstra, D. van Dierendonck, etc., etc. Promoties 2001 1Agasi, E.--Jun-92DelphiEngelen, J.J.18-Dec-01 2Batenburg, M. vanFOMFeb-96EminWitt Huberts, de05-Mar-01 3Gulik, R. vanRULMay-97L3Berends, F../Linde, F.L.22-Nov-01 4Melzer, O.FOMMay-97ChorusEngelen,J.J.11-Apr-01 5Mil, A. vanKUNJan-95L3Kittel08-Jan-01 6Muijs, A.J.M.FOMJan-96L3Duinker12-Sep-01 7Mulders, M.FOMMar-96DelphiEngelen,J.J.05-Sep-01 8Rodrigues, J.--TheorieMulders, P.J.G.16-Oct-01 9Sichtermann, E.P.--Apr-94SMCMiddelkoop, van04-Oct-01 10Tuning, N.UvAOct-96ZeusKooijman12-Sep-01 11Ven, PA.G. van deFOMJan-97NA57Kamermans11-May-01 Gepland 2002 Dalen, J. vanF-KUNJan-98L3Kittel09-Jan-02 Mangeol, D.FOMAug-96L3Kittel21-Jan-02 Sanders, M.KUNAug-96L3Kittel22-Mar-02

9 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 20019 It is important, and not straightforward to optimally exploit the (few!) running experiments and at the same time prepare the future ones Inc. 2 dp Incl. 2 sp TotaalFOM Inst.WG Atlas(D0)16.258.751 LHCb(HERA-B)10.55.51 Alice (H. Ions)6.7521.75 ZEUS420 Antares3.2520.25 Hermes430 L3/Delphi6.752.250 Chorus000 Theorie5.55 Overig2.51.5 Alle programma's59.5324

10 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200110 They will join us soon: H.J. Bulten (FOM dakpan, then VU) - LHCb A. Pellegrino (FOM) - LHCb G. Raven (FOM dakpan, then VU) - LHCb M. Vreeswijk (UvA) - Atlas R. Snellings (FOM Springplank) - Alice We still need further consolidation of Antares/astroparticle Physics Vacancy UU to be filled again, as soon as possible!

11 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200111 LHCCostReview.html FCMainPoints.html Progress21Nov.html The CERN budget: CERN Council meets today

12 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200112 The NIKHEF budget Implementation of ‘Soest V’: reduction of budget for Subatomic Physics to 33,5 % of FOM budget has already been realized The NIKHEF ‘FOM basisexploitatie’ budget in long term perspective (as we ‘understand’ it today) KFl 26 073,5 (2001) KFl 23 896,0 (2005) 1 000 KFl from Univ. not included yet Werkgemeenschap KFl 3 296,1 (2001) KFl 2 470,0 + 331,0 (2005) Universities ~ 6 200 KFl / year (Most important issue here: instroom! NIKHEF helps where it can! Many (young) people want to hear about quarks (and black holes))

13 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200113 The ‘basisexploitatie’ at this level will lead to a deficit of O(10 6 HFl) from 2002 onwards... Additional income is absolutely needed (and even then...) (AMS-IX) DataGRID EU grants and the like (ICES/KIS) Vernieuwingsimpuls FOM Beleidsruimte (deadline end of January!)... Other worries, all financial, none technical Atlas ECT Cold masses Atlas Cost Overruns On common items such as barrel coils Commissioning and Integration Maintenance and Operation We will...

14 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200114... stick to our final offer concerning ECT cold masses Discuss the Atlas cost overruns with FOM and see whether and on which term, over which period an additional investment sum would be available - would do the job... The LHCb OT production infrastructure (clean room) needs to be put in place

15 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200115 The LHC programmes need our full attention and the lion’s share of our resources, nevertheless it is necessary to already start to think about the farther future, because: lead times of HEP projects are very large ‘technical’ manpower phases out somewhat before the scientific completion of a project – very important to maintain technical expertise at the highest level and because it is very unlikely that the LHC gives all the final answers (it is at the same time very likely that the LHC will drastically change the face of the Standard Model) The ECFA, HEPAP and GSF recommendations

16 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200116 IPPP Workshop on the future of lepton-nucleon scattering, 6-7 december 2001, Durham, UK Key physics issues for HERA - III: 1) unpolarized deuterons in HERA: - measure F_2^n - flavour decomposition (through e+ & e-) 2) heavy ions in HERA: - expected observation of saturation at low x, which is supposedly enhanced in nuclear (high density) targets - medium effects (J/Psi prod.) that are relevant for observation of QGM at RHIC and LHC (non-linear dE/dx). 3) polarized protons/deuterons in HERA: - observation of predicted down turn of g1(x) at x < 0.01 - extraction of gluon polarization at low x - both through high p_T hadrons, and through QCD evolution of g1(x) 4) transversely polarized deuterons at HERMES: -flavour decomposition of transverse structure function h1(x) through hadron tagging -generalized parton distributions - through the observation of exclusive (vector) meson production (here transversely polarized targets are highly relevant since "exact" QCD-based calculations can be performed) -(There were other subjects mentioned - like diffraction - which one could also do, but which are probably less appealing.) At the same time in Durham (just an illustration of one of more discussions, not an encouragement and certainly not a recommendation on my behalf)....

17 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200117 Technical considerations: - proton polarization in HERA will be very difficult as 1800 depolarizing resonances have to passed – price tag: 30 MEuro - polarized deuterons is easier due to the reduced d magnetic moment, but no separate price tag was mentioned - heavy ions in HERA si technically possible, but electron cooling is needed to fight beam blow up due to intra beam scattering - price tag: 53 MEuro Manpower issues: - ZEUS has little interest in HERA - III due to large reduction of manpower (to LHC) - H1 is also getting smaller, but has a much more serious interest in HERA-III - HERMES: large fraction of collaboration is interested in continuation after 2006, also with an eye on eRHIC or TESLA-N Solution proposed by Max Klein (DESY-Zeuthen) in summary: 2007 - 2008: unpolarized deuterons in HERA, continue operation of HERMES and merge H1 and ZEUS; collect 50 pb-1. 2009 - 2010: heavy ions in HERA + detector upgrades 2011 - 2012: unify H1/ZEUS/HERMES for polarized deuterons in HERA (most likely based on H1 detector)

18 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200118 ‘Toekomst Techniek’ Draft of FOM publication in preparation; Preliminary

19 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200119 Accelerator physics (personal view; for discussion) novel/new/innovative accelerator principles(Tesla et al., CLIC, very high int. proton drivers,muon storage, neutrino factory, muon collider, etc.) are in our interest – primarily a task for the big accelerator labs university training in accelerator physics (cf. ECFA recom- mendation) – all universities teach Maxwell’s equations; ‘specialization’ only at TUE inventory of (technical) know how and the need for it (hospitals, industry, research other than HEP) will be drawn up (FOM workshop) No immediate action by NIKHEF

20 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200120 A number of other issues for 2002: The 31 st International Conference on High Energy Physics will be held in Amsterdam from July 24 –31 2002 NIKHEF heavily involved! We have been asked to host the final meeting (conference...) of the ECFA/DESY Workshop on (physics at) linear colliders in Spring 2003 Nijmegen will organize the ‘Triangular Joint School’

21 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200121 In conclusion: NIKHEF continues to play a prominent role, nationally and internationally astro-particle physics is becoming part of our baseline the scientific programme is productive and attractive; we will be ready for LHC, the next big step, and LHC should be ready for us!

22 NIKHEF Annual Meeting 200122 Organizers Jo v.d. Brand, Jan-Willem van Holten, Jolijn v.d. Loo, Piet Mulders, Marcel Vreeswijk Thank you very much!

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