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Hamilton Police Service

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1 Hamilton Police Service
Use of Police Public Sector Competency Presented by Rosemarie Auld C.H.R.P Manager, Human Resources February 2, 2011 Chief will introduce and will speak to how the Command team has made an assessment.

2 Overview Use of competency framework. Hiring requirements.
Performance Appraisals and Development Plan (PADP) Employee Development Promotional Process Use of PADP Divisional Tool (Competency based) Chief

3 Basic use of Competency Framework Competency Framework
Hiring Practices Coach Officer tool – new recruits Promotional Process Competency Framework Performance Appraisals Employee Development Plans

4 Hiring Practices In Ontario, we subscribe to the Constable Selection System (CSS) Data on competencies from CSS shared with Public Sector Council (overlap) Opportunity for individual agencies to have “local” requirements. These competencies can then be explored at the local focused interview stage.

5 Coach Officer – Recruit Development:
Measure performance against hiring criteria Where a performance issue is identified, refer to the competencies to assist with a benchmark for setting expectations. Use in the development of any performance improvement plan

6 Employee Development Plans
Use in the development of any performance improvement plan Sets clear expectations and are bona fide competencies (tested and validated) Example: Employee requires development in Teamwork. Use the competency to set expectations. Fosters teamwork (Level 2) • Promotes team goals • Seeks others’ input and involvement and listens to their viewpoints • Recognizes when a compromise is required for the greater good of the team • Suggests or develops methods and means for maximizing the input and involvement of team members TEAMWORK Works cooperatively with members of the work team. Contributes to the development of a team environment where team members ultimately achieve established goals.

7 Promotional Process: Use of PADP (competency based) Divisional Tool (Competency based) Interviews for rank of Staff Sergeant and Inspector (questions based on competencies and/or situational based. Task list assists with situational questions.


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