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Innovated Solutions by Cooper Crouse Hinds Technology & Innovation.

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1 Innovated Solutions by Cooper Crouse Hinds Technology & Innovation

2 2 Todays Overview consists of –Portable Power –Wireless Control Communication and Solar Power –High Efficient Energy Saving Industrial Lighting Technology & Innovation

3 Portable Power Solutions Cooper Crouse-Hinds Portable Power Team June, 2009

4 4 PORTABLE POWER FOCUS Turn-key solution for total and complete portable power units and devices One sole point of purchase Engineered designed / customized portable or temporary power solution Full time Applications Electrical Engineers devoted solely to Portable Power

5 5 Key Advantages Engineered support with ACAD drawings and specifications Dedicated Portable Power sales staff and Product Line Manager UL 1640, 508a, and 1008 (with cUL or CSA for Canada) Quotation response time is streamlined with development of product configurators Your local, experienced Crouse-Hinds sales representative is there to support all inquiries Cooper Crouse-Hinds name stands behind our standard and custom power solutions This is a solution sell with one vendor providing the complete package!!!

6 6 Standard Products Used Arktite Plugs & Receptacles Krydon Plugs & Receptacles Cam-loks Posi-loks Quik-loks (mining applications) IEC309 Industrial L-Series connectors (replacement for Amphenol) Enclosure boxes Panel mounts

7 7 Product Examples

8 8 POSI-MAX w/ Transfer Switch 400A POSI-MAX

9 9 Heavy Industrial Applications 2 & 4 Wheel Temporary Power Solutions

10 10 Additional Options Temporary Power Skid & Stand Options

11 11 Hanging Spider Box Design Design Schematic

12 12 Portable Lighting Solutions Lighting Solutions – Various Applications Class 1 / Div 1 400W – Metal Hallide Floodlight Transformer – Four Outlet 120V w/ Circuit Breaker protection Stringlight Transformer 120V


14 14 Cord Sets & Cable Assemblies Cam-loks IEC309 Industrial Ark-tite Krydon Posi-lok


16 Wireless and Solar Solutions Technology & Innovation

17 17 The reality with wired solutions –Long distances from critical monitoring –Large obstructions can make wiring impractical or impossible –Processes or equipment need monitoring in use –No power available in remote applications –Expense Introduction to Wireless

18 18 Why go wireless? –Cost effective solution Avoiding long wire or conduit runs Eliminating trenching and cable trays Facilitating solutions for applications hindered by physical obstruction –Added value Increased operational safety by continuous monitoring Mobile and flexible monitoring Easy to upgrade as you grow Low cost per access point Easy to install Introduction to Wireless

19 19 The products One–way communication –Transmitters 2 digital outputs & 1 analog signal –Transmitters & Receivers 2 digital outputs, 1 thermocouple & 1 analog signal Digital Analog Pulse Digital Analog Thermocouple Digital Analog

20 20 The products Two-way communication devices –Transceivers –Gateways Digital Analog Pulse Radar Station Fuel Tanks Standby Generator Airport Management SCADA

21 21 The products I/O Expansion Products –Serial units Up to 32 units

22 22 The Opportunity Key features of CCH Wireless Solutions: –Flexible Vast selection of digital, analog, and pulse inputs per transceiver Repeaters are not necessary –Expandable Up to 31 serial expansion units Each radio is capable of sending / transmitting 20 miles when using an antenna –Reliable Redundant paths can be formed Routine connection verification Frequency hopping spread spectrum – Secure Radios use a highly secure data encryption technique

23 23 The Opportunity Benefits –Cost savings stem from: Reduced repair costs, and machinery downtime/damage (leaks, corrosion, etc) Improved operational efficiency and process control Safety costs (avoided injuries) Reduced manual/personal monitoring Eliminated conduit/cable systems/cable trays installations

24 24 Cooper Crouse-Hinds Solar Power!

25 25 Benefits of solar power modules Eliminate need for power infrastructure, and the time and costs to install Enables monitoring/control in remote applications Modules are easy to install, minimal maintenance required Pre-wired per the NEC/CEC minimize installation time and wiring errors Quality components maximize reliability and system life Systems can be designed for higher load and voltage requirements (other than wireless)

26 26 Solar Panel FM Certified: - Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D PV Module (Solar Panel) Photovoltaic Module Made of high efficiency polycrystalline silicon modules, capable of weathering any environment. High efficiency, small footprint – more compact than other solar technologies Fully encapsulated panel resists harsh weather conditions (hazardous environments, hail, rain, 90mph wind) Integral junction box with terminal connection block with pre-installed UV rated cable, providing ease of installation 25 year expected life Installation angles are important for performance and maintenance Higher efficiency, smaller profile, longer life than other comparable solar tech panels (e.g. thin film)

27 27 Mounting Structures Roof & Ground Mount Rapid Rac

28 28 Charge Regulators & Controllers Pulse Width Modulation The most effective means to achieve constant voltage battery charging is with a pulse width modulated (PWM) control of FET switches in series between the PV array and the battery. This allows for a variable duty cycle that reduces the charging current as necessary to maintain a constant voltage at the battery.

29 29 Selecting a System STEP ONE Determine the equivalent sun hours of the application you would like to install a solar kit into. Example: Atlanta, GA 4.0 Equivalent Sun Hours In case you are wondering, Syracuse, NY …1.5 (ESH)

30 30 Selecting a System STEP TWO Determine the load requirements for your application in Amp-hours / day. For wireless applications, determine the power of your device in amps (for CCH wireless radio power consumption, refer to the calculator on our website: STEP THREE Determine the duty cycle (i.e. 100% for continuous vs. 50% for 12 hours per day) of your load. STEP FOUR Adjust for a 1.2 service factor to account for load requirement variability STEP FIVE Select the solar kit capable of meeting or exceeding the load requirements (in Amp-hours / day) for your application. Note: Assemblies for higher load requirements are available. Load requirement (Amp-hours / day) = (amps of device x duty cycle x 1.2) x 24 hours / day

31 Champ ® Induction and LED Lighting

32 32 Product Family Overview CPMV Champ-Pak Wall Pack Luminaire –55 Watt & 85 Watt –CPMVIG Series –Indoor & outdoor industrial & hazloc lighting –Low profile, vertical mounting Tunnels, stairways VMV Champ ® Luminaire –55 Watt –VMVIG Series –General industrial & hazloc lighting –Uses the same housing globe and mounting as the Champ VMV HID Largest installed base of any haz loc luminaire DMV Champ Luminaire –85 Watt & 165 Watt –DMVIG Series –General industrial & hazloc lighting –Class II rating on 85W

33 33 Champ ® Induction Lighting System Components –Lamp –Power Coupler –High Frequency Generator The remaining luminaire components are field-proven hardware used with our reliable HID Champ ® product line

34 34 Champ ® Induction Lighting How Induction Lighting Works –Light generation is by induction – the transmission of energy via a magnetic field. –The generator produces a high frequency current that creates an alternating magnetic field in the power coupler. –The alternating magnetic field (induced current) causes the acceleration of charged particles of metal vapor in the lamp bulb.

35 35 Champ ® Induction Lighting How Induction Lighting Works –The particles collide raising the energy level to state that results in the generation of UV radiation. –When struck by the UV radiation, fluorescent phosphors coating the interior of the lamp emit light.

36 36 Champ ® Induction Lighting Features 100,000 hours of lamp life vs. HPS 24,000 hours Crisp, white light with a CRI of 80 No electrodes or filaments to burn out InductionLumens Same light output as Metal Halide 55W3,50070W 85W6,000100W 165W12,000175W

37 37 Champ ® Induction Lighting Features Instant on, operates just like an incandescent lamp Instant re-start capability Excellent T-ratings – T6 with restricted breathing Excellent lumen maintenance – lumen depreciation is less than 30% at 60,000 hours of operation.

38 38 Champ ® Induction Lighting Benefits Crisp, white light –Signs, instrument panels, equipment are all clearly visible in vibrant natural colors increasing safety. 100,000 hour life minimizes routine maintenance costs –If you operate this light 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you will not need to change the lamp for 11 years! Instant illumination –No waiting for lamp warm-up increasing safety and productivity.

39 39 Champ ® Induction Lighting Quantitative Savings Analysis Project Criteria Example –Hours of illumination per week150 –Labor rate per hour$75.00 –Time required to change in minutes20 –Number of luminaires100 Savings Analysis

40 40 Champ ® Induction Lighting Value Proposition Significantly reduced maintenance costs, improved safety and increased uptime will result from the use of these luminaires with induction light source. Additionally, users will benefit from the field- proven reliability and performance of the Crouse-Hinds ® Champ and Champ-Pak luminaires.

41 41 Applications Class I, Division 2 locations –Platforms and Refineries –Chemical and Petrochemical Plants –Mining –Wastewater and Sewage Treatment Plants –Pharmaceutical –Outdoor & Indoor Industrial Locations For the targeted illumination of: –Tanks –Instrument panels –Switch racks –Storage areas –Pathways –Security areas

42 42 Key Features & Benefits 46W LED Tasklight provides as much light as 100W HID and lasts 7 times longer! Long Life & Energy Efficient –Lower cost of ownership –Greater then 60K hours life expectancy –Low power consumption (<50W) Crisp, White Light –Signs, equipment, etc. are all clearly visible Instant Illumination –No waiting time for warm-up –Operates at temperatures as low as -45ºC

43 43 Certifications & Compliances Certified by ETL to the following standards UL844, UL1598A CSA 22.2 No.137 Class 1 Div 2 A,B,C &D Marine & wet locations Type 3,3R,4 & 4X IP66

44 44 Use of the LED Task Light will significantly reduce the customers cost of ownership over the life of the luminaire: Customers get the value of LED technology along with the field-proven reliability and performance of Cooper Crouse-Hinds luminaires. Customer Value Proposition SavingsCompared to 100W MH $750 Labor & Material (x 5 Service Calls) $350 Energy Savings ($0.10 per kWhr) $1,100Total Savings Per Fixture !

45 45 Lamp Comparison Light Output Comparison LED 46W Task Light =HPS 70W =Metal Halide 100W More effective lumens, less energy consumption, and long life are the value added benefits that will sell this product Useful Life Comparison LED Task Light =10+ Years ! HPS =4 Years Metal Halide =1.5 Years

46 46 Cost Savings Tools ROI will be facilitated by energy and future maintenance savings

47 47 Questions and Review Summary Portable Power Wireless Communication Solar Power Solution Induction and LED Lighting Summary Portable Power Wireless Communication Solar Power Solution Induction and LED Lighting

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