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MICROTURBINES FOR BUILDINGS An Overview of the PureComfort ® System.

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1 MICROTURBINES FOR BUILDINGS An Overview of the PureComfort ® System

2 Dirty – pollution Carbon and GHGs Consumes water High energy costs and low efficiency (~ 30%) Energy savings and attractive ROI - high efficiency (Up to 90%) Power redundancy Increased uptime 24/7 reliability Clean, Quiet Carbon reduction LEED ® Points** Grid outages – vulnerable Costly back-up Electric Grid PureComfort ® Solution (Model 400M) Value Proposition – Summary CCHP* Versus the Grid *CCHP = Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power** Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (United States Green Building Councils rating system)

3 Microturbine Based Solutions PureComfort ® Solution (200 kW prime mover) PureComfort ® Solution (65 kW prime mover) Microturbines & absorption chiller for cooling, heating, and power PureThermal ® Solution (65/200 kW prime mover) Microturbines for heating and power Fuel flexibility: Natural gas, Propane, Diesel, Bio-diesel, or a biogas like Anaerobic Digester Gas Power + Cooling + Heating Solutions

4 PureThermal ® Solutions 65 / 200 kW-Based CHP Solutions; Scalable, Flexible, and Efficient Low-cost installation High overall efficiency Dual mode operation Low emissions Water conservation Modular New York City MEA* compliant CARB 2007 compliant** * Materials and Equipment Acceptance ** California Air Resources Board Emissions Standard (kW)(MBH)(kW) , , , All data at ISO Conditions (59°F / 15°C, 5 psia, 60% RH) OutputHeating Capacity

5 (kW) (RT)(MBH)(kW) , , , PureComfort ® Solutions 65 / 200 kW-Based CCHP Solutions; Scalable, Flexible, and Efficient All data at ISO Conditions (59°F / 15°C, 5 psia, 60% RH) OutputChiller CapacityHeating Capacity (kW) (RT)(MBH)(kW) , OutputChiller CapacityHeating Capacity

6 What is a Microturbine? Combustion Chamber Generator Turbine Air Flow Fuel Input Power Exhaust To absorption chiller Air Bearings Compressor Generator Cooling Fins Recuperator How Does It Work?

7 Key Market Sectors * Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (United States Green Building Councils Rating System) PureComfort ® & PureThermal ® Solutions Data CentersSupermarketsHospitals Hotels Educational Institutions Energy intensive Power, heating, cooling Benefits –On-site energy/security –Sustainability/Green/LEED ® *

8 PureComfort ® & PureThermal ® Solutions > 1.8 million operating hours achieved* ~ 60,000 hrs accumulated monthly* ~ 100 million kWhrs achieved* 143 microturbines in fleet 29 PureComfort ® and 22 PureThermal ® 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring System provides real-time data Over 30 sites in operation The Reagan Library is UTC Powers largest PureComfort ® system installation (16 microturbines). UTC Powers first microturbines entered service in 2003 at A&Ps Fresh Market in Mt. Kisco, NY. Microturbine Fleet Experience * Includes both PureComfort ® and PureThermal ® solution installations. (as of Nov 30, 2008)

9 PureComfort ® System Performance > 95% average fleet availability* last 3 yrs Multi-unit prime movers High system availability maintained N+1 reliability > 12,000 hour microturbine MTBF Automatic transition to grid-independent operation during utility grid failures Load following in grid-independent mode Open/Closed/Delayed Transition < 10 second transition time standard Inverter-based system Proven Reliability, Multi-Unit Flexibility, and Grid-Independent Functionality * Availability based on planned & unplanned outages East Hartford High School 97% availability Wal-mart Supercenter, Colorado 96% availability Verizon, California 95% availability last 12 months

10 Environmental Benefits Based on Natural Gas fuel and operation of the unit in the Boston area. Typical heating and cooling utilizations for a hospital are 55% and 40% respectively. * Or 2.3 million lbs CO 2 / 13,200 lbs NO x. Calculated using guidance from EPAs Combined Heat & Power office. Using the World Resources Institute Corporate Protocol, the CO 2 and NO x tons savings are -25 and 3, respectively ** Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (United States Green Building Councils rating system) Example Hospital – Boston, MA 1052 metric tons* 243 acres 213,000 gallons (806,200 liters) 6 metric tons* 354 cars CO 2 NO x H2OH2O Average annual reductions with PureComfort ® Model 400M microturbine system 4-6 LEED ® ** points LEED ® **

11 Environmental Benefits Lower Carbon Emissions than the Cleanest US Electric Grids CO 2 Emissions Rate = CO 2 generated / (Electricity Generated + Avoided Heating Fuel + Avoided Cooling Electric Demand) Utility Emissions Rate based on eGRID* 2007 data for average fossil-fueled generation in the sub-region * The Emissions and Generations Integrated Database from the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)

12 Incentives Drive Growth Key States: NY, NJ, CT and MA CT MA NJ Federal Incentive Tax Credit (FITC) in all states $200/kW or 10% whichever is less* Capital incentives Operational incentives NJ For complete listing see * Or 10% for a CHP installation if overall efficiency is at least 60%

13 On-Site Power Full Range of Services * Currently available in the US only Turnkey project development and management* Attractive UTC Finance options ($0 up-front costs)* Comprehensive maintenance, extended warranty, and 24/7/365 remote monitoring services Local, trained service technicians*

14 Project Screening Criteria* 5 Steps YES 2. Is it served by pipeline natural gas? 3. Is the average year-round power demand at least: 65 kW (PureThermal ® solution) and 195 kW (PureComfort ® solution)? 4. Is the difference between electric and natural gas cost at least 2? Ex:13¢/kWh – $10/MMBtu Gas = 3 5. Is there sufficient space? (~30 ft x 40 ft or ~ 9 m x 12 m required) 1. Is the building located in California or the Northeast? Your facility may benefit from our CCHP Solutions. Please contact us at YES * US Market

15 Summary Energy Savings Reliable Power Carbon, Water and Pollution Reductions Sustainable Attributes (LEED ® ) These solutions are a great fit for Data Centers, Hospitals, Hotels, Educational Institutions and Supermarkets UTC Power offers a full range of services including $0 down project financing Visit to learn The PureComfort ® and PureThermal ® Combined Cooling, Heating and Power solutions are ready today to deliver:


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