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JSC 20 Year Vision April 2008. We are here because.

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1 JSC 20 Year Vision April 2008

2 We are here because

3 pioneers before us accomplished awe-inspiring achievements and initiatives.


5 development. operations. science. human spaceflight. research. their legacy is…

6 a lot has changed in the world since the inception of Johnson Space Center

7 Society is more connected and collaborative than ever before.

8 As we move forward in human space exploration,

9 we believe it will take the collaboration of all collaboration Experiences Perspectives Generations

10 to lead humanity on new explorations into the solar system.

11 Weve spent the lastmonth X 30 people

12 Weve spent the lastmonth X 30 people working on a vision and an associated 1-year implementation plan.

13 Our vision is for JSC to be a

14 collaborative, innovative, and integrated space center, boldly expanding the frontiers of human space exploration.

15 This is what that means to us…

16 Collaborative Facilitates discussions, connections, and knowledge transfer.

17 Innovative Development and implementation of creative and useful ideas.

18 Integrated Space Center United with a common vision.

19 Boldly Disrupting perceptions, inspiring change.

20 Expanding the Frontiers Advancing the human footprint, using new approaches.

21 Of Human Space Exploration

22 We see a gap between where we are now and this vision.

23 Wed like organizations to collaborate across division lines and not just internally.

24 Wed like better integration between centers and programs.

25 Wed like JSC to be a place known for its innovative approach to the NASA mission.

26 Were talking about a new approach to a new Johnson Space Center.

27 To implement this vision, we will engage the community and demonstrate innovation and collaboration.

28 & Facilitate discussions between ALL levels of the center to communicate our vision, Further develop and then implement innovative, value-added tactics. Over the next 12 months, we will simultaneously:

29 Center-Wide Communication (cross-generational discussions)

30 Phase I: Discussion with JLT This vision will lead to increased work efficiency, organizational consistency, and an overall reduction of mission risk and cost. This will be demonstrated through a high level overview of tactics and how they can apply to multiple organizations. By communicating this, we hope to align JLT with the vision and gain support for phase II and phase III.

31 Phase II: Discussion with management This vision will lead to increased work efficiency, effectiveness of center operations, and leverage workforce potential. This will be demonstrated through the value of innovative tactics as applied to specific organizations. By communicating this, we hope to show value of the vision to the organization and encourage two-way communication.

32 Phase III: Discussion with everyone This vision will directly impact and connect employees to the bigger picture. This will be demonstrated by employee participation in tactic development which directly impacts his/her organization. By communicating this, we hope to encourage involvement in the center-wide implementation plan.

33 Tactic Implementation (a grassroots example of what this top-down approach can enable)

34 Strategic communications and implementation for Constellation. Standards and Requirements Development for Space Life Sciences. Technology portfolio management for Engineering. Training process improvements for MOD. Provide a strategy for the website to integrate 3000+ websites into one content management Utilization of new tools to help manage documents, communication, and knowledge transfer. Organizational structure improvements. Benchmarking of other industries and government agencies to give new insights into business Trade study on Google 20% time as applied to NASA JSC. New employee training program improvements. Develop meaningful employee incentive programs. Tactic development for JSC education. Efficiency improvements for mission operations in B30. Development of NASA PSAs for External Relations. Efficiency improvements for procurement at JSC. Identification of IT integration tools that can be used for various applications Non-traditional cross-collaboration between divisions. Address what is the value of JSC for the City of Houston and open dialogue with community. Communications strategy for technology development and outreach in the Engineering Directorate. Address need to data and papers to be electronic and searchable. Develop strategies to empower co-workers to communicate and participate. Develop rotation program for GS12 and below. Develop a peer-mentoring system. x500 Profile System (Facebook-type) application - similar to what has been developed for other Data mining, processing, analiyzing, and transfer improvements for Constellation program. Address limitations of Windchill System such as search feature, profile system, etc via 3rd party Revolutionize the employee review process and implement a 360-degree approach. Develop management-employee communications infrastructure to help disseminate knowledge at Strategic NEW Capital Resource Acquisition Work Group Hold industry forum to identify potential technologies trends that can be utilized within the NASA. Hold continuous forums with the public, at the JSC level, similar to the 50th anniversary HQ efforts. Plan/ressurect "open house" event for JSC. Data mine existing OPM data to uncover trends that may help better understand the workforce. Communications strategy for technology development and outreach in the Engineering Directorate. Engineering – MOD communications/collaboration to address disconnect. Engineering – Space & Life Sciences communications/collaboration to address disconnect. Leadership Training program for brand new employees. Leadership ethics forum to discuss leadership tactics, values, responsibilities. Communications structure to make connections to Gen Y at other NASA centers. Open-ended university marketing contest to write new NASA strategic plan. Develop course for acceptable risk training through simulated, team-oriented risk analysis. Toolset for holding collaborative conferences with Houston-area industries, universities. Contest for coming up with communications plan for NASA spin-offs. Help existing JSC chapter of Engineers Without Borders connect w/ Houston community. Develop social networking group to connect employees in out-of-work environments. We started with over 100 tactics

35 and narrowed the list to the top 5

36 Innovation Sphere Virtual Collaboration Center Ultimate New Employee Experience 360-Degree Mentoring Explore JSC Contest

37 This tactic will lead to improved communication and opportunities for collaboration across the JSC community. This will be demonstrated by an open-source, web-based application that provides a profile system and communication tools. Virtual Collaboration Center

38 This tactic will lead to a venue for collaboration and integration of diverse ideas from new employees across the centers. This will be demonstrated through the enhancement of existing initiatives to incorporate interactive team experiences that result in the development of professional and personal networks. Ultimate New Employee Experience

39 This tactic will lead to an inspiring work environment that expands imagination, explores innovative ideas, and encourages collaboration. This will be demonstrated by a physical space, used for innovation and co-working to further the JSC mission. Innovation Sphere

40 This tactic will engage the community in cross-generational discussions to transfer knowledge and experience. This will be demonstrated by a 360-degree approach to mentoring. 360-Degree Mentoring

41 This tactic will lead to opportunities for public collaboration and provide widespread awareness of JSC endeavors. This will be demonstrated through competitions between universities to create a tool that develops JSC content to K-12 students. Explore JSC Contest

42 innovation collaboration integration Each tactic embodies elements of the vision -

43 Of course no endeavor is without risks…

44 What if… …others are not receptive? …organizations do not see value? …a tactic fails? …resources are limited?

45 How do we move forward?

46 We recognize that this strategy requires communication with and participation of the JSC community. The success of this vision relies upon top-down support along with the execution of specific tactics from the bottom-up.

47 A collaborative, innovative and integrated space center, boldly expanding the frontiers of human space exploration. Today, we envision the future of the Johnson Space Center as

48 The free worlds largest and most advanced research and development center devoted to manned spaceflight. In 1961, Robert Gilruth envisioned the Johnson Space Center as

49 We would not be honoring the legacy of those before us…


51 greatest accomplishments in space exploration ahead of us. …if we did not see the




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