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Bas Kooijman Dept theoretical biology Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 8 th AQUAdeb meeting.

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1 Bas Kooijman Dept theoretical biology Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 8 th AQUAdeb meeting Camaret-sur-Mer, 2010/11/30-12/03

2 Updates DEBlab DEB3: comments concept-summary notation errata micro-lectures exercises quizzes question & answers Basic Methods in Theoretical Biology Life cycles in phylogenetic perspective DEBtool: see “what is new?” in the manual add_my_pet: manual + LikaFrei2011 pars_my_pet mydata_my_pet predict_my_pet

3 Add_my_pet: Phyton_regius weight, g time since birth, d

4 Growth efficiency

5 Energy investment ratio scaled age scaled time since birth scaled length ) ) ( abundant food no growth since birth no maturation since birth scaled length

6 Graduations 2011 + 2012 2011/??/??Freitas, Vania “Predator growth in relation to prey abundance” 2011/??/??Marques, Gonçalo“Life Engine” 2011/??/??Augustine, Starrlight“Effects of Uranium on zebrafish” 2012/??/??Saraiva, Sofia“Mussel eco-energetics” 2012/??/??Emmery, Antoine“Isotope dynamics in oyster larvae” 2012/??/??Carlos Teixeira“Conservation biology for birds”

7 Proposals - Jan Baas: Long Range Research Initiative (LRI) CEFIC - The European Chemical Industry Council - Tjalling Jager: NSF-Vidi at VUA - Bas Kooijman: ERC-AdG (with Lisbon & Marseille) + Mike Kearney & Craig White 2011: testing metabolic theories (3 M$, 5 yr) + Fred Jean 2011: Pecten Maximus ? Tiago Domingos 2011/01-ITN-call for DEB-training ? future funding for AQUAdeb

8 PTRS 2010 vol 365 (1557) 1.Tânia Sousa & Tiago Domingos & Jean-Christophe Poggiale & Bas Kooijman Formalised DEB theory restores coherence in core biology 2.Susana Vinga & Rute Neves & Helena Santos & Bernd Brandt & Bas Kooijman Subcellular metabolic organisation in the context of DEB and biochemical systems theories 3.Ingeborg van Leeuwen & Julio Vera González & Olaf Wolkenhauer Dynamic Energy Budget approaches for modelling organismal ageing 4.Laure Pecquerie & Roger Nisbet & Ronan Fablet & Anne Lorrain & Bas Kooijman The impact of metabolism on stable isotope dynamics: a theoretical framework 5.Michael Kearney & Steve Simpson & David Raubenheimer & Brian Helmuth Modelling the ecological niche from functional traits 6.Virginie Ducrot & Alexandre Péry & Laurent Lagadic Modelling effects of diquat under realistic exposure patterns in genetically differentiated populations of the gastropod Lymnaea stagnalis 7.Jean-Christophe Poggiale & Melika Baklouti & Bernard Queguiner & Bas Kooijman How far details are important in ecosystem modelling: the case of multi-limiting nutrients in phytoplankton - zooplankton interactions 8.Antonio Lorena & Gonçalo Marques & Bas Kooijman & Tânia Sousa Stylized facts in microalgal growth - interpretation in a DEB context 9.Odo Diekmann & Hans Metz How to lift a model for individual behaviour to the population level? 10.Tjalling Jager & Chris Klok Extrapolating toxic effects on individuals to the population level; the role of Dynamic Energy Budgets 11.Roger Nisbet & Ed McCauley Dynamic Energy Budget theory and population ecology: lessons from Daphnia 12.Vânia Freitas & Joana Cardosa & Konstadia Lika & Joana Campos & Myron Peck & Bas Kooijman & Henk van der Veer Temperature tolerance and energetics, a Dynamic Energy Budget-based comparison of North Atlantic marine species. 13.Tineke Troost & Jeroen Wijsman & Sofia Saraiva & Vânia Freitas Modeling shellfish growth with Dynamic Energy budget models: an application for cockles and mussels in the Oosterschelde (SW Netherlands) 14.Bob Kooi & Jaap van der Meer Bifurcation theory, adaptive dynamics and DEB-structured populations of iteroparous species.

9 J. Sea Res. 2011 Alunno-Bruscia, M., Veer, H. van der and Kooijman, S. A. L. M. The AquaDEB project (phase II): what we’ve learned from applying the DEB theory on aquatic organisms Jusup, M., Matsuda, H. and Kooijman, S. A. L. M. Applicability of Dynamic Energy Budget approach to cultivation of bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) Kooijman, S. A. L. M and Kooi, B.W. DEB-based body mass spectra for planktontic consumers Mateus, M., Domingos, T. and Kooijman, S. A. L. M Can we reach consensus between marine ecological models and metabolic theories in ecology? A look at primary producers. Lika, K. and Kooijman, S. A. L. M. The topology of energy allocation Lika, K., Freitas, V., Veer, H. van der and Kooijman, S. A. L. M. Marine species diversity as reflected by DEB parameters. Kooijman, S. A. L. M., Pecquerie, L., Augustine, S., Jusup, M. and Understanding growth patterns of fish larvae in the context of the DEB theory. Pecquerie, L., Kooijman, S. A. L. M. and Nisbet, R. M. The variability of salmon life histories in a DEB context. Saraiva, S., Sousa, T., Alunno-Bruscia, M., Pouvreau, S., Meer, J. van der and Kooijman, S. A. L. M. From individuals to ecology in mussel energetics.

10 Lisbon 2011/04/13-15 auditorium IST 2011/03/30-04/12 (wed-tue) DEB course, 2011/04/16 (sat) discussions We can recruit speakers from the PTRS/JRS-pool 23 "expressions of interest" at 2010/04/24, never has been that high = Steering committee: selection of keynote speakers + scientific and organising committees: Tiago Domingos, Tania Sousa, Bas Kooijman = Scientific committee (chaired by Tiago): selection of speakers on the basis of submitted abstracts: Tiago Domingos, Tania Sousa, Goncalo Marques, Bas Kooijman, Marianne Alunno-Bruscia, Jaap vd Meer, Henk vd Veer, Tjalling Jager, Jean-Christophe Poggiale, Roger Nisbet, Stephane Pouvreau = Organising committee (chaired by Tania): logistics Tiago Domingos, Tania Sousa, Goncalo Marques, Nuno Sarmento, Sonia Barbosa = Keynote speakers: Michel Loreau (opening) Mike Kearney, Jaap vd Meer, Marianne Alunno-Bruscia, Tom Anderson = Welcome: Tiago Domingos & Tania Sousa; Closure: Bas Kooijman

11 Texel 2013/04/13-27 NIOZ Computational Science workshop at the Lorentz Center on DEB Leiden 2010/04/01-13 1-2 week meetings, 30-60 junior and senior researchers. Dr. Henriette Jensenius (, 071-5275580) 41 potential candidates (in computational sector): Ingeborg van Leeuwen S Dina Lika G Goncalo Marques P Irene Martins P Jaap vd Meer NL Hans Metz NL Erik Muller USA Roger Nisbet USA Erik Noonberg USA Laure Pecquerie USA Jean-Christophe Poggiale F Eric Rannou F Joao Rodrigues P Andre de Roos NL Pedro Santos P Sofia Saraiva P/NL Tania Sousa P Tineke Troost NL Susana Vinga P Jeroen Wijsman NL Elke Zimmer NL Morten Alver N Tom Anderson GB Pierre Auger F Starrlight Augustine F Cedric Bacher F Melika Baklouti F Hugo vd Berg GB Martin Boer NL Sandrine Charles F Odo Diekmann NL Tiago Domingos P Yoan Eynaud F Ulrike Feudel D Ido Filin Fin Matz Gyllenberg Fin Tjalling Jager NL Marco Jusup Jap Tin Klancjek Kro Bob Kooi NL Bas Kooijman NL

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