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Multimedia Authoring II

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1 Multimedia Authoring II
Lecturer: Zhisheng Huang Anton Eliens Teaching Assistant: Winoe Bhikharie Erik Kruithof DLP Technical Support: Cees Visser

2 Multimedia Authoring I: VRML
Advantages: 3D Scenes Web-Based Cross Platform Multimedia Support Text-based file

3 VRML: Expected Extensions
Efficient Behavior Control: VRML+JAVA Multi Users Support: VRML+JAVA Convenience in Navigation: VRML+JAVA+PROLOG, for navigation assistants Intelligent virtual agents: VRML+JAVA+PROLOG

4 Functions and Approaches

5 Distributed Logic Programming DLP

6 Why DLP Object-oriented parallel prolog Web3D support
TCP/IP support for network communication Java-based. All DLP programs are compiled into java classes Efficiency for programming Reasonably good performance

7 STEP: a scripting language for embodied agents
(Scripting Technology for Embodied Persona)

8 FACT : STEP Source Code (1.0)

9 Schedule: Lectures STEP: a scripting language for 3D agents
Monday, , Room S111, Week 18-21,24-26 Introduction and Demonstrations. PROLOG and DLP DLP for Virtual Environments Agent, Web Agent, 3D Web Agent Avatar Design and Control STEP: a scripting language for 3D agents

10 Schedule: Practical Work and Exercises
Thursday Computer Lab S353 (S345), Week 19-20,23-25 Use Internet Explorer for VRML Browser (Blaxxun) DLP works under Microsoft Java Virtual Machine. Do not use Netscape and Firefox which rely on Sun Java Virtual Machine to run DLP compiled Java applets.

11 Final Assignment Jointly work on a project in teams of two.
Register your team to Before Week 23 Report your system design in Week 26 Submit your work before Sept. 30, 2006.

12 Syllabus

13 Schedule: Project Presentation
Student Presentation: System Design in Week 26

14 Final Grade 20% from the weekly exercises 80% from the final project

15 MMA2 public website:
DLP website: index.html MMA2 website at the blackboard.

16 Demonstration Student project (2002): Wayout
(Jasper Soetendal and Liou Yamane) Student Project (2003): Amazing Labyrinth (Tim Verweij and Pascal Snijders Blok) Student Project (2004): S.C.U.M (Winoe Bhikharie and KH Cheng) Pamela: A 3D web agent STEP authoring tools WASP Soccer Games

17 Wayout Jasper Soetendal and Liou Yamane, 2002

18 Amazing Labyrinth Tim Verweij and Pascal Snijders Blok, 2003

19 S.C.U.M Winoe Bhikharie and KH Cheng, 2004

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