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Shoulder Examination Iain Brown.

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1 Shoulder Examination Iain Brown

2 The Exam! All here to paas the exam. Have to be automatic. Waiting in the area for quite dome time. Dry mouth and nervous. When faced with that patient in first station what are you going to do? All about how you instruct the patient using appropriate language. You have to try this out in the clinics. Tomorrow! Talk to the patient.

3 Pathology Young – Instability Middle age - Frozen shoulder,
Calcific Tendonitis Elderly Cuff Tear OA Rheumatoid

4 Exposure To waist ideally Watch them undress! Must look from the back
Deformity and contours Scars Wasting go on to palpation

5 Feel Pain? Sternoclavicular jt AC joint Subacromial bursa Humeral head
Scapula Feel muscle wasting. Palpable swellings. Prominent coracoid- post dislocation

6 Movements Look from behind Active and then passive
Examine asymptomatic side first Trick movements

7 Forward flexion Extension?- view from side Abduction Functional internal rotation (Gerber’s) External rotation

8 Special Tests Started with int and ext rotation Hawkin’s test
Neer impingement sign Speed’s/ Yergason’s tests Speed’s abducted, yergason’s arm is pronated and elbow 90 degrees

9 Instability/Laxity Sulcus sign Load shift test Apprehension
Jobe’s relocation Posterior apprehension test

10 SLAP or no SLAP? O’Brien’s test

11 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Adson’s- Ext rotate, extend and abduct to hold breath Wright’s test Roos test- 3 mins!

12 Investigations

13 Neck Examination Always express eagerness to examine the neck!

14 Recommended Reading Oswestry Orthopaedic Clinical Examination

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