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Emma Christian Assignment Two Bag of Rainbows. Emma Christian Contents Page Page 4 -- What is an Ordering System Page 5 -- The new System Skeleton Page.

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1 Emma Christian Assignment Two Bag of Rainbows

2 Emma Christian Contents Page Page 4 -- What is an Ordering System Page 5 -- The new System Skeleton Page 6 -- Part 2 Page 7 -- Costs Page 8 -- Fitting in with Existing Systems Page 9 -- Inputs from the Company Page Part 2 Page Outputs Page Staff Training Page Google Rankings Page Technology Involved Page Risks and Problems Page Google Checkout Page Paypal Page Security Page Bag of Rainbows is a Business Page Shops are now limiting Page Google is trustworthy and Online Checkouts make the best workers Page Ease of Use Page Communication Page Security Page Risks and Costs

3 Emma Christian The Fully Justifiable Proposal

4 Emma Christian What is an Ordering System System controls when anyone buys anything online Lots of different ones Like flow charts Easily links with other systems Brilliant for organisation Closely related to CRM

5 Emma Christian The new system skeleton PART ONE Find items they wish to buy Log in Or register, depending ( will need to validate) Get a sub total Gives another check at order Gives total plus VAT Chance to move forward with sale and input details Offers Lloyds Validation or similar, just in case Checks card in working and has funds If not order is suspended until they get it right

6 Emma Christian PART TWO Confirm Details and order Money automatically taken Order completely confirmed Predicted Arrival and shipping dates Other systems notified Can track packaging Credit Card details Locked Follow up marketing Could be tied to app Feedback on selling process

7 Emma Christian Costs Server for hosting the website £ a month Shopping Basket – Around £70 a month Supporting software – depends on the software Encryption software - £10-50 Attached advertising – Anything. Employee training – Depends, possibly £70 per employee Technicians and Support - £ Updating all other Systems along with this one – Consultant charge New computers (if the customized ones will not bow to connectivity) – Around £ Perhaps they also need a little group team building so that they can work together more. Hire an external consultant – Depends on what they do.

8 Emma Christian Fitting in with Existing Systems Shouldnt be a problem Depends on whether or not they replace the computers Bag of Rainbows computers are already completely isolated They have also gone feral Systems need to all fit together Need to be easily navigated If one database is updated, they all need to be. Linked

9 Emma Christian Inputs from the company The company will need to spend both time and money on this They will need to be prepared for any bugs or problems They will need to buy new software They will need to update previous systems and hardware Staff will need to be taught how to use the new system Communication between the departments has to be improved as at the moment they are just not playing for a team, but sitting in separate corners playing patience. They might need to pay more for their website if it has a shopping basket. About £70! A month more

10 Emma Christian Part Two Since the site will be even more important that ever they will need to update that to fit standards too They may need to employ or dismiss some staff. Security Important - handling numbers now Need to work together like dragons While they are at it they could buy some new equipment for actually making the sweets too.

11 Emma Christian Outputs Dramatically improved efficiency Quicker or Slower sales (at the customers leisure) Customer will probably spend more if they see all the sweets just lining up on the page while they browse. Much more likely to buy off the internet than travel miles to a sweet shop. Increased communication – Less problems Dont need cashiers. Automatic ordering Convenience Larger Profit to Costs ratio – much less costs Not bound by store closes because of time, holidays or illness of shop workers Increased response time to changing markets Improved customer service – especially response times Spot new trends quicker

12 Emma Christian Staff Training Staff must know how systems work Might have to be some redundancies Temp IT staff More effective staff at end Teamwork courses

13 Emma Christian Google Rankings While they improve their online ordering and website they will grow further into the online international market. It would be well worth their while to improve their Google page ranking while they are at it. So when someone types in sweets, they are returned with the result Bag of Rainbows. I would also advise photoshoped images of sweets for the websites, some pretty families advertising and a catchy tune done on music maker. Perhaps some novice online advertisements on youtube, and then upload them to their website. Keywords, Lots of them.

14 Emma Christian Technology Involved Servers Internet connections and all that entails (routers, hubs, cables, wireless, protection software, monitoring devices, notifications, support software, back ups) Computers Shopping cart software and others Memory Sticks Encryption software Monitors Mice Keyboards Touch screens Applications Laser beams Electro magnetic safes

15 Emma Christian Risks and Problems No additional Profit Something could go wrong Might mess up website Might make website ineffective May be sued if they cause identity theft

16 Emma Christian Google Checkout Transaction System Fraud protection Free Package Tracking Not earning, not paying Straightforward Easy to use

17 Emma Christian Paypal Paypal would improve everything because it just makes everything so much safer. Instead of having to trust the company you just have to trust paypal, which you always can. It is also easier to just type in a password and rather than entering card details, address and so on. It is brilliant for companies because customers are less hesitant to buy, and it really reduces the chance to break the data protection act if you dont have any important data!

18 Emma Christian Security Smarter than a Hacker Encryption Certificated website Random Number Locks Access Levels SSL Data Validation Secured networks

19 Emma Christian Justification of Proposal

20 Emma Christian Bag of Rainbows is a buisnessBag of Rainbows is a buisness Profit is priorityProfit is priority Limited sales with Shop FloorLimited sales with Shop Floor Small competitorSmall competitor Web = Access to global MarketWeb = Access to global Market Unlimited Potential, must be nurtured and encouragedUnlimited Potential, must be nurtured and encouraged Customised Ordering SystemCustomised Ordering System

21 Emma Christian Shops are so limiting Shops are limited Limited Stock solved Travel distance problems solved No heavy lifting to home Money straight from bank No interaction with people Massive Orders = Massive potential Unmarked sweet boxes

22 Emma Christian Google is Trustworthy, and Online Checkouts make the best workers Google is good, can be trusted Unlike Cashiers Detailed Reports Mail Tracking Works all day and night No holidays or illnesses Can be duplicated Reliable Does not care about countries and vanishing Never Complains or drinks coffee

23 Emma Christian Ease of Use Easy to use No increased cost Streamlined Website Easiest time possible Automated notification Automated Adverts Login Offers and points Customised lists Pick options such as day or message

24 Emma Christian Communication Vital part of the business Say happy birthday Keep in touch with the customers FAQ Help submission form Complains and Ideas forms Customers want to be needed and heard Spend more with you Display drawings by kids Family business - Emphasise that No working in isolation Keeping workers satisfied Less chance of a raging ninja quit brainstorming

25 Emma Christian Security Little lax in old firm Needs to keep out of trouble Data protection Act Online Selling Standards Secure online site No advanced measures needed Reliable firewalls Google be secure as standard Encryptions Capatcha Biometrics Physical security RSA Messages Fibre optical cables and WEP Levels of access Username / password

26 Emma Christian Risks and Costs Risks worth it Profit > Risk Gains > Risks Should be fireproof Website can look sparkly, childish and tacky Company is doomed without it Levels of access in place, no silly mistakes

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