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South Africa Dutch vs. British Reason? GOLD!

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1 South Africa 1899-1902 Dutch vs. British Reason? GOLD!
The Boer War South Africa Dutch vs. British Reason? GOLD!

2 The beginning… =Þ Problem began in Transvaal when British found out about GOLD! This caused the Boers to make British Second class citizens and gave them high taxes. Omg no way! British were unhappy so they revolted.

3 Lasted from The Boers, known as the French ancestors, didn’t like the revolt British Empire sent in troops and began building up along the Transvaal border The Dutch farmers beat the famous British army with ease in several battles, yet their victories wouldn’t last. =O No way! Next page……. NOW… ok… -_-

4 Relevant Death Statistics
Anglo-Boer War ( ): Pakenham, Thomas, The Boer War (1979): British killed in battle: 5,774 k British died of disease or wounds: 16,168 Black auxilaries killed: 2,000 Boers killed: 7,000 White civilians died in camps: 18-28,000 Blacks dead in camps: 12,000 [TOTAL: 66,000 ± 5,000] Gilbert: 28,000 whites and "more than" 50,000 blacks died in the camps. Encarta British: 28,000 Boers: 4,000 Civilians died in camps: 20,000 [TOTAL: 52,000] Sad Times 

5 Why Should We Care? We should’ve cared because we should’ve DANGIT!
No really, British and Dutch were taking control of land that didn’t even belong to them. The Boers were being killed because the British liked shiny stones… The Boers try to fight for their rights to keep their shiny stones and get slaughtered… BAD BRITISH! -_- Dutch wanted farm land and British wanted the gold. They wound up moving the Zulu tribe out of their land

6 The Non-native Africans
They were causing war against the Boers. DON’T THEY KNOW THAT BOERS WERE PEOPLE TOO!?! Ok, back on subject…. They get killed off but not as much as they kill Boers The British were killing off natives for precious shiny stones and Dutch were killing off natives for farm land… NOT RIGHT

7 1. Where did this all take place?
A. Transvaal B. Russia C. China D. Asia 2. What were the British in Africa for? A. Diamonds B. Oil C. Gold D. Farm land 3. The _______ were in Africa for farmland 4. The Boers were… A. French Ancestors B. Part of the Zulu tribe C. Dutch D. British Ancestors 5. The _____ revolted because of high taxes.

8 ANSWERS 1 a 2 c 3 Dutch 4 a 5 British

9 Bibliography Youth for Socialist Action
Accessed Compiled by John Rawlings Accessed Copyright © Matthew White Accessed Rebecca H. Best Humanities Accessed Creators of the Slide show: Martin Desautell and Joe Babcock

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