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1,000,000 500,000 250,000 125,000 64,000 32,000 16,000 8,000 4,000 2,000 1,000 500 300 200 100.

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3 1,000, , , ,000 64,000 32,000 16,000 8,000 4,000 2,000 1,

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6 A. Water C. Fashion B. Cellphones D. Movies 100 Question: Which answer below is essential to Wisconsins and the Worlds economy?

7 Back to Board A. Water

8 A. The jobs are easy. C. It has many industry codes/careers. B. It is a community. D. Its an easy business to start. 200 question: What makes the Water Industry unique?

9 Back to Board C. It has many Industry codes/careers.

10 A. Water ski C. Swim in the water B. Test pumps, filters and meters D. Drink the water 300 question: Which answer below is a task you can do in the Water Industry?

11 Back to Board B. Test pumps, filters, and meters

12 A. Some training A. Some training or certification C. 4 year degree B. 2 year degree D. No degree needed D. No degree needed 500 question: What entry-level degree do you need for the Water Industry?

13 Back to Board A. Some training or certification

14 A. Plumbing C. Project Manager B. Utility Technician D. Water Technologist D. Water Technologist 1,000 question: Which job title describes someone who handles water treatment and distribution systems?

15 Back to Board D. Water Technologist

16 A. $11.50-$13.78 C. $18.00-$32.00 B. $17.20-$20.34 D. $9.67-$ ,000 question: What is the average wage for an Environmental Specialist?

17 Back to Board C. $18.00-$32.00

18 A. Less than 50 companies C Companies C Companies B. 20,000 companies D companies D companies 4,000 Question: How many water related companies are in Southeastern Wisconsin?

19 Back to Board C Companies

20 A. Manager/ Professional 8,000 Question: Under which job classification is a Hydrologist? C. Entry Level and Licensed Operator B. Highly skilled/ Technician D. Skilled and Certified Operator

21 Back to Board A. Manager/Professional

22 B. Estimator 16,000 Question: Which job title can you get with an Associate of Applied Science Degree? A. Field Service Operator C. Utility Technicians D. Project Manager

23 Back to Board B. Estimator

24 C. Pipefitters C. Pipefitters 32,000 Question: Which job profile pays $12-$22? A. Environmental Chemist B. Equipment Operator D. Field Service D. Field Service Technician

25 Back to Board C. Pipefitters

26 A. Plumbing D. Wastewater Treatment D. Wastewater Treatment Technician 64,000 Question: What job uses codes and other requirements enforced by DOT, EPA, and OSHA? C. Engineering Technician B. Water Technologist B. Water Technologist

27 Back to Board D. Wastewater Treatment Technician

28 A. $600 Billion C. $400 Billion $483 Billion D. $265 Billion 125,000 Question: The Southeastern Wisconsin Water market is worth how much?

29 Back to Board B. $483 Billion

30 D. Total Water Systems 250,000 Question: Which business belongs with this logo ? A. Bright Blue Alliance C. AquaMost B. Briggs & Stratton

31 Back to Board D. Total Water Systems

32 A. Water Heaters 500,000 Question: What is AO Smith known for making? B. Water Bottles D. Sinks C. Bathrooms

33 A. Water Heaters

34 1,000,000 Question: What is the Water Council opening on September 1, 2013? A. Research Facility C. New Water Council C. New Water Council Website D. New internship program B. The Global Water Center

35 Back to Board B. The Global Water Center

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