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Wireless eHealth Wireless eHealth Self-learning medical expert system 1.

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1 Wireless eHealth Wireless eHealth Self-learning medical expert system 1

2 Introduction Population health care is one of the main priorities in the world. The modern science takes aim at diseases treatment. However, there is one more important task. Its the prevention of vital dysfunctions and leading a healthy way of life. 2

3 Introduction Main health risk factors are overweight, irrational nutrition, hypodynamia, alcohol, smoking. The healthy way of life notion is large and includes a complex of measures providing a harmonic personal development, physical and psychological health promotion. 3

4 Introduction Whatever your age, fitness level or body shape are, it is never too soon or too late to start thinking about living healthily. The considered self-learning medical expert system, operating on the basis of biofeedback and wireless technologies, can become a real step in solving the priority task of gaining and keeping the healthy way of life. 4

5 Self-learning medical system (WiFIT) conception WiFIT performs a complex express-diagnostics and monitoring of functional, physical and psychological parameters of human health in their interrelation with its basic factors that influence it, such as a way of life and the environment. The system is designed and adapted for various groups of users - starting from apparently healthy people and spanning to cover people with various dysfunctions and diseases, and is considered to be a personal oriented solution. 5

6 WiFIT General Diagram The system includes diagnostic sensors set with wireless communication blocks, a mobile communicator with installed specialized software and a data server. 6 Self-learning medical system (WiFIT) conception

7 Three main aspects of the healthy lifestyle Psychological health 7 Rational nutrition Physical activity Self-learning medical system (WiFIT) conception

8 Wi-FIT principle of operation Algorithm consists of 3 parts: Complex diagnostics of vital signs based on personal data and testing results. Individual program of healthy life-style based on diagnostics results and personal requirements. Control of individual program carrying-out and its adjustment according to achieved personal results. 8

9 Wi-FIT principle of operation Three main aspects of Wi-FIT 9 physical activity nutrition Psychological health physical activity nutrition Psychological health physical activity RECOMENDATIONS CONTROL DIAGNOSTICS PERSONAL DATA INPUT psychological health

10 The complex diagnostics is performed on the basis of special software operating on Windows Mobile platform and includes: personal data processing physical state diagnostics nutrition diagnostics psychological state diagnostics 10 Wi-FIT principle of operation Complex diagnostics

11 Wi-FIT principle of operation Complex diagnostics / Personal data Personal data entered by the user: - sex - weight - height - age - bad habits - questionnaire for diseases 11

12 Wi-FIT principle of operation Complex diagnostics / Nutrition The nutrition diagnostics is carried out in accordance with the duration (in days) chosen by the user and fixed by the program. The user enters all consumed foodstuff and dishes to the corresponding program sub-menu. 12

13 Wi-FIT principle of operation Complex diagnostics / Physical state To fulfill the physical state diagnostics the user should pass through the tests. Tests will measure persons function state and physical abilities. During testing the program provides the user with visual (screen on the phone or on the other mobile device) and sound assistance. The special sensor fixes users heart rate in beat-to-beat mode. 13

14 Wi-FIT principle of operation Tests: 1)Test of function state: - Gurevich test (heart rate after exercise stress) - test Steps (heart rate adjustment after exercise stress) - Serkin test (breath holding time before and after exercise stress) 2) Test of physical abilities: - flexibility test - power test 14 Complex diagnostics / Physical state

15 Wi-FIT principle of operation Complex diagnostics A developed miniature sensor complex is used as a diagnostic device, which transmits data to a mobile communicator with an installed special software by means of wireless technologies. 15

16 Wi-FIT principle of operation Complex diagnostics Physical state diagnostics for people with various dysfunctions and diseases should be done under medical supervision. Depending on the disease, some additional parameters should be measured: blood pressure, electrocardiogram, blood sugar and etc. Using modular approach the system can be easily adapted to special groups of users: people with various diseases (hypertension, diabetes etc.) or people with special requirements (aged, frequent travellers etc.) 16

17 Wi-FIT principle of operation For special groups of users we will suggest additional diagnostic equipment with bluetooth option: Blood pressure monitor Electronic bodyscale Peak-flow meter Pulse-oximeter Heart rate monitor Blood glucose monitor ECG monitor 17 Complex diagnostics

18 Wi-FIT princilpe of operation Complex diagnostics / Emotional state The next stage of the integrated diagnostics is emotional diagnostics. Results are based on psychological tests: - The Luscher (8-th Color) test 18

19 - Concentration test Wi-FIT princilpe of operation Complex diagnostics / Emotional state 19

20 Wi-FIT principle of operation Complex diagnostics As the result of complex diagnostics the user can see the information about his health in comparison with the norm dates for his age and sex: body mass index, heart rate, physical state, adaptation capacity to exercise stress; blood pressure; stress resistance level and etc. 20

21 Wi-FIT principle of operation Individual program The system sets an individual program for the healthy lifestyle, using the results of the complex diagnostics and personal users requirements. For example: - increasing physical activity - shaping - weight loss Individual program includes detailed recommendations for nutrition and fitness 21

22 Wi-FIT principle of operation Individual program / Nutrition 22

23 Wi-FIT principle of operation Individual program / Physical activity In accordance with the complex diagnostics results the user is offered an individual fitness complex (video film with voice assistance). Periodicity, duration and intensity of exercises are indicated. 23

24 Wi-FIT principle of operation Control of individual program The final stage is the individual program control and its update when the user has achieved some certain results. The individual program update is based on the biofeedback principle as a method of physiological self control functions. 24

25 Wi-FIT principle of operation Encyclopaedia of healthy lifestyle Wi-FIT databases : database of products and dishes, divided into nutrients (appr. 6000 items); database of «Exercise series (video films with voice assistance); guide of biomedical characteristics food elements; recommendations on nutrition, taking vitamins and minerals for various diseases; recipe-book. 25

26 From a specialized Wi-FIT server via traffic channels provided by the network operator By means of special software OCR Mobile, which recognizes 2D code with the data of chemical product composition 26 Wi-FIT principle of operation Technology of Wi-FIT database completion

27 27 Overall Block Diagram of the System Bluetooth Server WiFIT Medical centre User PC Public Wireless network

28 28 Bluetooth GSM Server Complex structure DIAGRAM 1

29 29 Bluetooth Server Medical centre Database WI-MAX Complex structure DIAGRAM 2

30 Bluetooth WI-FI Server Medical centre Database Complex structure DIAGRAM 3 WI-MAX 30

31 Conclusion 31 The distinctive feature of presented system is its personalization. The system can be used by both the professional physicians and the person at home The system can organize self-regulation of physiological body processes by data registration and its converting into feedback signals. As a result the user will start to change his or her mentality, habits and attitude to health.


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