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There is nothing that is a more certain sign of insanity than to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Albert Einstein Dimension.

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1 there is nothing that is a more certain sign of insanity than to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Albert Einstein Dimension 5 - Works in partnership with other agencies and its community The school in its community Working with partners to meet the needs of all children and young people Multi-agency approaches to improve learning Leadership and coordination


3 Blooms Taxonomy Evaluation:appraise, defend, predict Synthesis:compose, design, develop Analysis:compare, contrast, categorise Application:demonstrate, illustrate, solve Comprehension:describe, explain Knowledge:memorise, name, recognise, recall TY CREATIVITY

4 The Light-up Shoes A few four-year olds were sitting together. Three of the children were wearing trainers that would light up when they stepped down on them. Teacher: Wow! Look at your shoes! That is so cool. They light up when you step down. Child 1: Yes, they do this. [Jumps up and down several times] Teacher: How does that happen? How does it light up? Child 1: Because they are new. Teacher: Um, mine are new too but they dont light up. Child 2: No, because they light up when you step down on them. [Steps down hard several times] Teacher: [Steps down hard several times] Thats funny. Mine dont light up when I step down.

5 Child 3: No, no, no, you have to have these holes [points to the holes] Teacher: [Pointing to the holes in her own shoe] But I have holes and mine still dont light up, and Josh has holes in his trainers too and his do not light up either. I wonder why? Child 4: I think you need batteries. Kids, you need batteries. Child 1: Yeah, you need batteries to make them work. [Thinks for a while] But I did not see batteries when I put my toes in. Child 4: I think they are under the toes. Child 2: I cant feel the batteries under my toes. Teacher: I wonder how we can find out about this? EPPE

6 It was June in a three-year-old room. It was circle time. The teacher had written on a flip chart the words Things I Like To Do On My Summer Holiday and listed every childs name down the side of the paper. She started the lesson by telling the class that summer was coming and school would soon be over. They would be on holiday. She wanted to know what they liked to do on their summer holidays.

7 Teacher: [To the first child on her right] Tyler, what do you like to do in the summer? Tyler: Bake. Teacher: No, you can bake anytime, but what do you like to do in the summer? Tyler: Bake Teacher: No, baking is something you do inside. In the summer it is warm and sunny. What do you like to do in the summer when it is warm and sunny? Tyler: Bake. Teacher: Tyler, can you think of anything else you would like to do this summer? Tyler: No, my mum said she is going to take time off work and we are going to bake together any day I want. Teacher: Ok. [She writes bake on the chart next to Tylers name] [Talking to the next child in the circle] Josh, and what do you like to do in the summer? Josh: Bake. Teacher: Can you think of anything else? Josh: No. Teacher: [Reluctantly writes bake next to Joshs name] Brian, what do you like to do in the summer?

8 Brian: Go to the beach. Teacher: [With a big smile] Yes, thats right. In the summer we like to go to the beach and swim in the water. Nicole: [From across the circle] I dont like to swim because last year I went to the beach and I got stung by a jelly fish. Andrew: Me too and it really hurt and I had to go to the lifeguard and he gave my daddy medicine to rub on it and it really hurt and it bit me. Dani: Jelly fish cant bite you they dont have teeth they just have long arms I saw them on the beach and they were all dead and they cant bite. Nicole: Uh huh they bite and they sting and I hate them and I am never going to the beach cause they bite and sting like a bee. Matthew: I like jelly fish. They have them in the quarium. Teacher: Children, we are not talking about jelly fish now, we are talking about what we like to do on our summer holiday. Julie, can you tell me what you like to do in the summer? (shared sustained conversations in REPEY)

9 Creating a Shared Lens Light-up Shoes and Jelly Fish Story Which is the better lesson and why? The EPPE research found that sustained shared thinking was most effective when also encouraged in the home environment. How could your school support this?


11 The New York Police Canine Unit is in desperate need of German Shepherds

12 Create Your Own Challenge In your group think about one of the challenges arising from involving parents and external partnerships. Put this in the form of a challenge for another group. For example: Challenge Title We think that education would be more effective for children if we could build better relationships with parents. But we are busy and how do we find the time to do this as well as all the other things that are expected of us as teachers.? What could we do that will involve parents more effectively but not mean that we are having to spend a lot of extra time?

13 A big shot executive in a major manufacturing company in Detroit was in a very high position and he loved his job and loved the money, but he hated and loathed the boss he worked for. After years of working for someone he simply couldnt stand, he decided to get himself into another job. He went to a head hunter and was told there was absolutely no problem I n getting another job. But it meant leaving the company he loved. The executive goes back and talks to his wife who is a teacher. She is teaching about redefining problems and they both realize during their discussion that there is another way to define this problem. What does the executive do next? Sternberg story

14 In your groups Brainstorm an appropriate response to the challenge that you have been given 1.go for quantity 2.record every single idea 3.outlaw judgement 4.unleash crazy thoughts 5.period of incubation

15 Wester Hailes There is a new generation emerging that will change the world as never before. Tapscott, Growing Up Digital

16 RESULTSRESULTS BREAKTHROUGH - Significant increase in results in a relatively short period of time that does not drift backward over time, but rather sustains itself at the new level DRIFT BREAKTHROUGH CHART TIME

17 Pace & Challenge/ Content & Relevance framework Pace and Challenge 5 4 3 2 1 Content & Relevance 1234512345 C A D B

18 Parents and Partners Discuss in your groups which aspects of the above chart can be supported more effectively by developing the role of parents and partners in terms of: pace, challenge, content relevance and A Curriculum for Excellence

19 The Intelligent School The curriculum needs to be planned in a way that achieves richer learning experiences for pupils. Such planning needs to ensure that there are different types of experience to enable learning across the curriculum. MacGilchrist, Myers & Reed

20 The Challenge The challenge is to do things which are: Achievable Sustainable And maximise the impact of learning

21 And now…………. What have you heard that you might use? If the answer is nothing, what will you do instead? What have you started that you will continue? What will your first step be?

22 When Collaboration Doesnt Occur...

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