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Pocket version of floorplan measurement system

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1 Pocket version of floorplan measurement system

2 Standard measuring scheme
• Drawing freehand sketch on paper • Measuring the area by roulette or laser distance meter • Putting dimensions on sketch • Bringing sketch to PC • Redrawing the plan using precise drawing tools

3 Laser measurement equipment
Simple devices Bluetooth-enabled devices with Keyboard

4 Using Leica Disto with bluetooth
• Fast and precise measurements • Measured data is transferred Directly to computer program • Different programs can receive data • Both PC and Pocket PC are supported

5 PC as a receiver • Keyboard emulation mode • Macrocommand support
• Pass measured data to active windows dialog control 300

6 PC as a receiver • Using measured data in WiseImage FM - in inspector
- in dialog forms - working with selected dimension - special type of macrocommands

7 In connection with Pocket PC
• New quality - mobility • Arm strap fixes PDA • Keyboard emulation mode • Both devices are controlled by Disto keyboard

8 Pocket version of floorplan editor
• Creating sketches with precise dimensions • Redimensioning of existing plans • Small modifications of object positions • Inserting new objects from simplified library • Deleting objects from the plan • Working with attributes 17,5 3

9 Special measurement technology
• Using keyboard for changing the direction for next measured segment of area contour

10 Special measurement technology
• Using keyboard for objects enumeration (dimensions) 250 320 780 545

11 Data transfer and synchronization
WiseImage FM PPC files CWS files DWG files

12 Pocket PC edition limitations
Simpler floorplan representation: all objects of the same type have the same representation (legend) Objects property can be edited - Simplified libraries - just list of names

13 Advantages of using Disto for floorplan measurement
• Speed • Quality That’s good, guys!

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