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Is Wi-Fi Ready for This?.

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1 Is Wi-Fi Ready for This?

2 High Performance Wi-Fi for Education: Planning, Deploying, and Managing Wi-Fi in Campus Environments
February 2011 © 2011 Xirrus, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

3 Wi-Fi Technology Radio Improvements 1999 2000 2001 2003 2004 2005 2007
54Mbps 5GHz 802.11g 54Mbps 2.4GHz 802.11n –Draft 150Mbps 2.4GHz 600-Mbps 5GHz 802.11n 150Mbps 2.4GHz 600Mbps 5GHz 802.11ac Gigabit 1000Mbps 5GHz 802.11ad Multi-Gig 2000Mbps 60GHz 802.11af TV White Space IEEE b 11Mbps 2.4GHz 1999 2000 2001 2003 2004 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 MAC Improvements 802.11i Security TKIP +AES Encryption 802.11e Wi-Fi Quality of Service 802.11r Fast Roaming 802.11k Radio Resouce Mgmt 802.11w Protected Mgmt Frames 802.11v Wireless Network Mgmt 802.11u External Network Interface 802.11s Mesh Wi-Fi Engineering’s Goal Continues to be “Wireless Networking Better than Wired”

4 Changing Role of Wi-Fi in Education
“Wi-Fi will overtake Wired as the primary network connection as evidenced by the wave of new devices being introduced without a Wired connectivity option” Trends Impacting Wi-Fi in Education: Capacity & Performance are key, coverage is a given Proliferation of Wi-Fi Devices, you can’t stop them Higher bandwidth applications, will continue to grow © 2011 Xirrus, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

5 Wi-Fi: Devices “Client devices are increasingly being engineered with Wi-Fi as the only network connection” Wired Wi-Fi Tablets Desktops Laptops VoIP Phones iPads Enterprise Adoption Rate Netbooks Smartphones Notebooks © 2011 Xirrus, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

6 Educational Wi-Fi: Reality
“Within months, 60-80% of your users will rely upon mobilized applications. They will use 3+ wireless devices over a cloud-based infrastructure to access these applications.” What are the Critical Success Factors?

7 Wi-Fi: Applications “Applications are mobilizing via the cloud and will increasingly be accessed over Wi-Fi” Wired Wi-Fi Cloud-based Data, Voice & Video Data, Voice & Video over Wi-Fi Enterprise Adoption Rate Data, Voice & Video Client / Server Data & Voice over Wi-Fi Data-centric Client / Server Data over Wi-Fi Mainframe © 2011 Xirrus, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

8 Wi-Fi: Critical Success Factors
Performance Security Resiliency Management Site Survey © 2011 Xirrus, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 11 of 18

9 “802.11n speeds effectively put Wi-Fi on par with Wired”
Wi-Fi: Speeds “802.11n speeds effectively put Wi-Fi on par with Wired” Wired Wi-Fi Ethernet Fast Gigabit Enterprise Adoption Rate 802.11n 802.11ag 802.11b Futures: ac, 11ac, 11af, … © 2011 Xirrus, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

10 To Address Wi-Fi Performance Needs…
“Taking advantage of Wired Lessons Learned is a best practice” 2000 2010 Distributed Intelligence 2000 2000 10/100/1000 Mbps 1000Base-T 4 pairs provide 1Gbps Media fully leveraged 2010 2010 IEEE n 11/54/300/450 Mbps 3 channels of 2.4GHz = 450 Mbps 24 channels of 5GHz = 3.6 Gbps spectrum fully leveraged Distributed Intelligence Forwarding & Filtering at Edge No Single Point of Failure No Processing choke point Dense, Multi-state Ports Intelligent connectivity Auto detect speed/band/channel Supports client migration Enterprise Best Practice Leverages all available medium Improve B/W across all medium Sufficient for network needs Best Practice: Since the late 70s Ethernet has continued to evolve, providing higher performance via a distributed architecture, higher density devices and leveraging all available media. It only makes sense for Wi-Fi to mirror these practices.

11 To Address Wi-Fi Security Needs…
“Doing your security due diligence is a best practice” Authentication Encryption IDS/IPS Authentication Machine and/or User 802.1x/MAC/WPR Separate User Classes by SSID Encryption WEP, WPA, WPA2 Distributed Processing Separate User Classes by SSID IDS/IPS 24/7 monitoring/mitigation Integrated solution RF analyzer to monitor spectrum Best Practice: Whether called due diligence of just a best practice all enterprise networks providing client connectivity to critical applications require the ability to verify users, protect the communication channel and monitor the RF environment © 2011 Xirrus, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

12 To Address Wi-Fi Resiliency Needs…
“System level availability is a best practice” Edge Multiple Radios/Channels Load balancing across radios Band /Mode Steering Access Level Distributed intelligence Auto Cell Recovery Auto Channel Services Core Redundant wired uplinks Redundant WDS uplinks 802.3ad link load balancing Best Practice: Having end to end redundancy is always an Enterprise connectivity best practice. Wired solutions fell short at the edge and traditional Wi-Fi falls short at the core. Look for a solution offering reliability at all points in your network. Confidential Information. © 2010 Xirrus, In. All Rights Reserved.

13 To Address Wi-Fi Management Needs…
“System level management is a best practice” Device Specific Provisioning Monitoring / alerting Upgrading Reporting Enterprise Wide Multiple SSID/User Groups Traffic limiting Load balancing Reporting RF Environment Threat Monitoring Coverage Assurance Interference Monitoring Reporting Best Practice: Management applications, no matter wired or wireless must have the ability to manage, monitor all networked devices and provide detailed reporting and statistical data for each device, or the network as a whole. Wireless adds the requirement to also monitor RF environment for interference or potential threats Confidential Information. © 2010 Xirrus, In. All Rights Reserved.

14 To Address Wi-Fi Site Survey Needs…
“Live site surveys are a best practice” Coverage Verification Active Measurements Verifies real RF propagation Visually inspect site RF Analysis RF Interference Check Neighboring Wi-Fi Potential Threats Guarantee Actual Product capabilities Coverage/Performance Product Numbers and cost Best Practice: At best, predictive surveys are a estimate, live site surveys take actual measurements using the same devices that will be deployed. This is the only way to guarantee coverage, # of devices and most importantly cost. Confidential Information. © 2010 Xirrus, In. All Rights Reserved.

15 Final Thoughts: It’s Math, Not Marketing
More Radios, Separate Channels = More Bandwidth Channel Planning is key 27 Available Wi-Fi Channels (3 in 2.4GHz, 24 in 5GHz) Avoid Co-Channel & Adjacent Channel Interference (spectral mask) Lowering radio power is seldom the answer Use Cognitive Systems (Multi-State, Multi-Mode, Multi-Channel …) Limit the number of SSIDs you define Clients, Clients, Clients, …. Purchase multi-band devices Understand signal level requirements Consider return path signal levels Performance Security Resiliency Management Site Survey © 2011 Xirrus, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

16 Wi-Fi: What is your plan?
No Question Yes X Do you need to deploy Wi-Fi as a primary network connection somewhere on your campus during the next 2 years? Do you need a Wi-Fi solution that will support all your educational and business applications, not just basic ‘Hot Spot’ services? Do you need a Wi-Fi solution that can support major traffic spikes (flashtraffic) throughout your campus as students move and congregate? Do you need a Wi-Fi solution that can be deployed with a minimum of classroom disruption and operate with % reliability? Do you want a guarantee for the Wi-Fi solution you purchase for one or all of the following: performance, capacity, or the cost of implementation? © 2011 Xirrus, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

17 Is Wi-Fi Ready for This, YES!

18 Xirrus: Wi-Fi Array “The Wi-Fi Array obsoletes traditional thin omni-directional Access Points and is the only 1-to-1 Wi-Fi equivalent to a Wired Switch” 2X the range 4X the coverage 8X more bandwidth 8X more users Multi-state radios Full line-rate encryption Integrated Threat Sensor Integrated Wi-Fi Firewall Radio resiliency Array resiliency Uplink resiliency Wi-Fi backhaul resiliency © 2011 Xirrus, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

19 Additional Wi-Fi Resources: WWW.XIRRUS.COM
Wi-Fi Posters Deployment Examples Design & Deployment Guide Technical Resources White Papers FAQs Application Notes And More Wi-Fi Inspector Request a Survey

20 Thank You

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