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September 17, 2009 Objectives:

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1 September 17, 2009 Objectives:
HP: SWBAT calculate density from experimental values. All: SWBAT calculate volume. All: SWBAT accurately and precisely measure mass, volume, an length.

2 Thursday September 16, 2009 4-MINUTE Warm Up
Convert the following: a) cm = ? m b) 12.0 cm = ? mm c) 1.0 g = ? kg Calculate the volume if the mass of water is 15.0g and the density is 1.00g/cc. (cc is short for centimeter cubed or cm^3)

3 Metric Conversion Factors
What you must know: 1km = 1000m 1m = 100cm 1kg = 1000g 1g = 100cg 1kl = L 1L= 100cL 1m = 1000mm 1cm = 10 mm 1g = 1000mg 1cg = 10 mg 1L = mL 1cL= 10 mL

4 You Try In your classwork section:
What conversion factor would you use to convert mm to meter? Convert 12.0mm to meters. Convert 1 km to cm. (A+)

5 Lab Notebook Heading (top right corner of first page of EVERY lab)
ex. Your Name: John Doe Mr. Ng Date Pd Title: (Every lab should have a title)

6 Pre Lab (Due on day of lab)
Pre-lab: Written before the lab. Includes a Title, Purpose, Hypothesis Procedure, Data Table and Observation Charts (shell), Analysis Questions *You write out these out. If there are no Data Tables, you must draw them.

7 Lab Notebook Order Purpose/Hypothesis Materials Procedure
Data & Calculations Analysis Conclusion Questions Sources of Error *the more specific and thorough you are for each, the better the grade.

8 Procedures If not given to you: ex. Procedures:
1. Obtain two different pieces of tin foil labeled A and B. 2. … * Be specific so that you may follow your procedures literally and specifically.

9 Data Tables Always label your data tables so that you may refer to them in your analysis or conclusion. Ex. In table 1.1, we see that the temperature increased from 11.2°C to 15.0°C. Make sure all units are labeled in ALL tables.

10 Sample Data Table Sample A Sample B Density (g/cc) 2.7g/cc Mass (g)

11 Finishing Up Calculation:
Complete any calculations and show work with units. Conclusion: Was your hypothesis correct? Did you successfully complete your purpose? Why or why not (explain) Use numerical data to support your hypothesis.

12 Homework Length Lab due in Folder
HP: Density Lab due Tuesday (in Notebook) All: Chapter 2 Outline due Monday Response due Sunday Night Quiz

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