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Personnel management tasks

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1 Personnel management tasks
Recruitment & selection Training (staff development) Placement & promotion Reward schemes & motivation Dismissal & disciplinary action

2 Exercise 6.1.2: Answers (1-3) All efforts designed to increase subordinates’ effort and, above all, output (NOT merely ‘to make them satisfied’) In some form other than cash To officially inform his employer, in the manner set out in his contract, of his intention to leave his job

3 Exercise 6.1.2: Answers (4,5) Hours worked in excess of an employee’s contractual working time in one period (week, month) that are carried forward to the next, enabling him/her to work fewer hours and/or take extra holidays then Involving employees with no management responsibilities

4 Exercise 6.1.2: Answers (6,7) Protection; Guarantee that the firm will take on any such liabilities Regular payments made by employer after retirement and entirely financed by (voluntary) contributions from the employer

5 Translating sentences
Translation involves transferring MEANING, so first understand the German sentence Identify business terminology and collocations for which you have learnt equivalents Look for obvious ‘traps’, eg false friends, tenses, prepositions, modals, word order Remember – it’s the the meaning that matters; if you can’t think of a direct equivalent for a word or phrase, try to paraphrase

6 Exercise 6.2.3 C: Model Versions
Normally we advertise our own vacancies. This time, however, we are having the job ad drawn up by a personnel consultancy. The Head of Personnel said that we did not need to recruit any more workers. If he had applied for the job, we would certainly have shortlisted him.

7 Exercise 6.2.3 C: Model Versions
At present, we are training employees who have recently been promoted My contract of employment states that my employer must reimburse all expenses I incur on behalf of the firm at the end of each month.

8 Exercise 6.3.1 C4: Model versions
Some candidates present themselves very well in an interview. They take no responsibility for the consequences of appointing someone they have recommended for a post. If the information in all CVs were checked thoroughly, I believe that in most cases it would turn out to be inaccurate, at least in part. The recruitment process is full of risks for non-specialists.

9 Exercise 6.3.2: Model versions
… be aware, our company’s labour turnover is currently much too high. As a result, our recruitment costs are also extremely high. … therefore adopting certain measures aimed at increasing employees’ job satisfaction, as well as the effort they put into their work. … survey we have conducted, the main problems perceived by workers are that their wages are too low and that they lack motivation because of the routine nature of their work.

10 Exercise 6.3.2: Model versions
… we are adopting two measures relating to earnings. First, workers will be paid bonuses for achieving their monthly targets. Second, they will receive a substantial wage increase after three years with our firm. In addition, employees will receive training to ensure that they work effectively, and a job rotation system will be introduced that will, of course, include provision for further training .

11 Listening Exercise 1 Work pattern Origin seasonal work Poland
part-time work Scotland self-employment Wales teleworking England casual labour South Asia migrant worker Bulgaria

12 Listening Exercise 2.1 F … 90% of employees … compares with 80% a decade ago T Self-employment is down to 7% T People are staying in jobs longer F Less evidence of flexible employment than many people realise

13 Listening Exercise 2.2 80 %age of employees in permanent employment a decade ago 90 %age of employees in permanent employment today 5 %age of employees with temporary contracts 7 %age (of employees) who are self-employed now (and also in 1979) 6, 2 average period (months, years) people stayed in jobs 10 years ago 7, 4 average period (months, years) people stay in jobs now

14 Listening Exercise 3 Correct order: c – b – e – a – d service sector
middle-management bargaining power minimum-wage higher professional jobs employment-protection manual workers professional category

15 Exercise 7.3.1 C2: Answers It has come to my attention
a matter of the greatest concern I am aware of misdemeanours I need hardly stress it represents a breach of our statutory duties to instigate disciplinary proceedings dismissal without notice an integral part of your contractual responsibilities

16 7.3.1C: Additional Vocabulary
operatives (para 1 / line 1) by no means (1/8) contrary to (2/2) immense (2/3) encompass (2/4) potential (3/3) breaches (3/4) (to) get (a message) across (4/1) vigilant (4/4)

17 7.3.2 (1): Model version … on the strictest observance of this policy, in your own interest, that of your colleagues and that of the company. As you are aware, smoking is damaging to the health of both smokers and their colleagues. Moreover, if it continues to take place, the company will be in serious breach of a statutory requirement.

18 7.3.2 (1): Model version … smoking anywhere on the premises at any time after 8.30 am on [day & date], they will be subject to immediate dismissal without notice. I would emphasise that, given the importance of the issue, there will be no exceptions to this rule.

19 7.3.2 (2): Model version … to build up a certain number of credit hours which you can use in the following month either to work fewer hours or, alternatively, to take up to two days additional holiday.

20 7.3.2 (2): Model version I am fully convinced that these relatively minor inconveniences will be more than outweighed by the substantial advantages I have indicated. Finally, I would ask for the support of all Amco employees in ensuring that the new system works as smoothly as possible, in all our interests.

21 7.3.2 (3): Model version … scheduled to begin on [day, date] is called off immediately. Moreover, I would expect you to refrain from any threat of strikes or other forms of action so long as negotiations continue.

22 7.3.2 (3): Model version …, I am confident that the atmosphere is now conducive to taking an innovative approach to the issues concerned that casts aside entrenched attitudes and prejudices, among both management and employees

23 Unseen text: Additional Vocab.
corporate campuses (1/1) treadmills (1/2) sweatshop (1/5) heated debate (2/1) to skimo on sthg (2/3) sweeteners (2/7) clock-watching mentality (3/6-7)

24 Unseen text: Additional Grammar.
not uncommon (1/1) But (1/5 & 2/6) In fact (2/1) under (2/5) responding (3/1) Indeed (3/4) that (3/6)

25 What is it? allows a company to differentiate itself
from the competition and to create customer loyalty

26 Unit 8 - Name the 4 Ps where the product is sold the goods
all the activities a company can use to publicize the product the cost

27 word combinations - brand
awareness brand classic

28 Branding Decisions

29 Branding Decisions

30 Which pricing policy? price is high and remains high
price is high at beginning and is later lowered sale price is below production price price is low initially and then raised

31 Unit 9 Holistic Marketing:
Looks at the whole business its vision and goals, its target markets, connections among all the business elements Goal to discover what methods and messages will appeal to each customer.

32 non-traditional marketing
viral marketing - induces Web sites or users to pass on a marketing message to other sites or users, guerrilla marketing - an unconventional way of performing marketing activities (primarily promotion) on a very low budget

33 Advertising Media mass media outdoor media on TV in the press
on radio on TV in the press on the internet outdoor media on hoardings on billboards on screens

34 Advertising Verbs to ______ an ad in a newspaper
to _______ an advertising campaign to ______ a commercial on TV to ______ on TV / radio / in the media, on the Internet

35 Personal Selling behind the counter in the field sales force
sales clerk ________ (UK) in the field sales representatives sales reps ______________ (UK)

36 Public Relations Activities Put in a correct verb
________ media with information ________ press conferences _________ events _________ lobby efforts

37 Producer Producer Producer unit 10 zero stage two stage one stage

38 producer producer producer wholesaler retailer retailer consumer consumer consumer zero stage one stage two stage

39 Services – Wholesalers
Delivery Storage Credit Market Info Personal Selling Assembling Dividing

40 Types of Retail Outlets
hypermarkets home shopping networks – TV mail order vending machines Internet / telephone shopping shopping malls door to door market traders independent shops multiples / chains supermarkets department stores

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