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Management of the LLW National Waste Programme David Rossiter Head of National Programme.

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2 Management of the LLW National Waste Programme David Rossiter Head of National Programme

3 The National Programme made simple Think about LLW as a complex machine….. It works best when all of the pieces are in the right place and moving at the right speed!

4 The National Programme made simple What is it? –How we are going to implement the LLW strategy –A big schedule of everything going on across the estate –Work activities fall under 8 WBS programme elements Why? –Allows Government, NDA, supply chain, and stakeholders to monitor progress –Allows better co-ordination between sites –Shows stakeholders there is a grand-plan –We will know when we have succeeded –Accountability for delivery!

5 What are we trying to achieve?

6 LLWRs role as NDAs Agent 08/03/2011 5 Sets Objectives Funding Incentivisation Deliver! Communicate progress Monitor and track progress Integrate delivery Share best practice

7 Work Breakdown Structure

8 Joint LLW Management Plans Produced

9 Programme Schedule

10 Programme Management Arrangements

11 Establishment of Programme Office at LLWR Suite of procedures developed: –Programme Schedule Generation –Generation and Update of Joint Waste Management Plans –Change control –Dashboard Reporting –NDA Major Programme Report Production (PGR) –Issue Resolution Programme optimisation tools under development: –Risk Management –Benefit Realisation Embodied in a Programme Manual

12 Waste Metric Dashboard Shows quantities of metal, combustible, and VLLW diverted from LLWR in FY11/12 3,915 te metal recycled 527m 3 combustible 17m 3 VLLW CO 2 saved 24,549te Vault 9 Capacity Preserved since 2009: ~950+ HHISOs ~17.6% since 2009 ~2 years life

13 LLW Programme Governance NDA Governance Meetings LLWR Monthly Service Delivery Meeting Monthly Programme Managers Meeting Service Requirements Service Programme Regulatory Issues Stakeholder progress sharing Progress Reporting LTP & Contract Governance Day to Day Interaction Weekly Customer Reviews (Internal) Day to Day Interaction 7-weekly supplier contract reviews Supplier Delivery Customer issues SLC Programme Information SLC Governance Quarterly Customer Reviews 6-Monthly Delivery Overview Group (formerly ILPDG) Regulator Liaison Meeting Weekly Supplier Reviews (Internal)

14 Programme Delivery Highlights Sellafield MEBs for treatment Delivery of Berkeley boiler project First VLLW shipment from RSRL First combustible waste shipments from Dounreay Development of new VLLW, Characterisation & Transport Services DRS/LLWR Multi-modal transport service development & trial shipments Calder Hall SMART inventory review

15 Summary 1 year of planning has gone into the National Programme Management and governance processes developed Programme Office has been established Joint LLW Management Plans and schedule developed The programme has now gone fully live from April 2012 Going forward we will manage delivery in more co-ordinated way Report progress and success

16 One final thought…… Planning is an unnatural process; its much more fun to do something. The nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes a complete surprise, rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression Sir John Harvey-Jones (Former Chairman of ICI)

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