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Unit9 Have you ever been to an amusement park? a space museum amusement park an aquariumwater park.

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2 Unit9 Have you ever been to an amusement park?

3 a space museum amusement park an aquariumwater park

4 Have you ever been to ________? a space museum

5 Have you ever been to ________?

6 an aquarium

7 Have you ever been to ________?

8 1a Which of these places would you like to visit? Rank them from 1 to 5. space museum amusement park aquarium zoo water park n.

9 Claudia Sarah 1b listen. Have these students ever been to these places? Space museum Aquarium Zoo

10 1c PAIRWORK Ask and answer questions about the places in the picture. A: Have you ever been to an aquarium? B: No, I havent. How about you? A: …

11 Survey and report NameSpace Museum AquariumZooWater World …… Report like this: Mei Fang has been to …….But Anna has never been to …. Neither of them has been to…. Ask your classmates whether( ) they have been to these places.

12 WATER WORLD CITY LIBRARY FUN TIMES AMUSEMENT PARK SPACE MUSEUM RIVER PARK THEATER ZOO AQUARIUM 2a Look at the map of the town. Listen and circle the places you hear.

13 2b Listen again and circle T (for true) or F (for false). Conversation 1 Tina went to the space museum last year. T F John has never been to the space museum. T F They are going to take the subway. T F Conversation 2 Linda has been to the aquarium. T F Linda went to the zoo three times last year. T F Linda is going to the zoo again next week. T F Conversation 3 Harvey had a great time at Water World. T F Harveys friend has never been to Water World. T F Harvey and his friend are going skating. T F

14 Useful expressions: Look at the map of your own town. Talk about where you have been, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there. Where have you been ? I have been to…. When did you go there? I went there last year. Do you like it? Yes. Very much. Are you going there next year? Yes, I am. How are you going to get there? I ….

15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.Have you ever been to _____ amusement park? Yes, I have. A. a C.the D. / 2._____ you _____ to a water park? A. Have ; gone B.Have ; been C.Has; been D.Has; gone 3.I dont like those coats because ______ of them fits me. A.either B.neither C.none D.all 4.He­­­­_____ been to Shanghai.He _____ there last year. A.have; go B.has; go C.has; went D.have; went 5.He hasnt been to Beijing.He ______ there next year. A.goes B. went C.will go D. has been to

16 3. 1 ever, you, to, been, have, museum, the ______________________________________ 2 to, we, Water World, the, went, last year _____________________________________ 3 I, see, language, movies, English, to went ______________________________________ 4 next, is, to, the, going, zoo, week, he ______________________________________ 5 the, for, years, job, twenty, she had, has ______________________________________

17 Grammar focus 1.Have you ever been to an aquarium? Yes, Ive been to an aquarium. No, I havent. No, Ive never been to an aquarium. 2. Ive never been to a water park. Me neither. =Neither have I.

18 1.Recite the new words of P68-69 2.Read the listening material 1a for three times. 3.Make a convertation. Have you ever been to a water park? Where have you been in the city you live? Write a short convertation.( )

19 Unit9 Have you ever been to an amusement park?


21 Have you ever been to ________?

22 3a Read this article about a theme park. Circle the places, things, and activities you think are interesting. Underline the ones you think are boring. Most of us have probably heard of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and many other famous Disney characters. Perhaps we have even seen them in movies. But have you ever been to Disneyland? In fact, there are now four different Disneyland amusement parks around the world. Two are in the United States, one is in Japan, and the other is in France. Mickey Mouse Donald Duck character n. seesawseen Disneyland one…the other… …

23 Disneyland is an amusement park, but we can also call it a theme park. It has all the normal attractions that you can find at an amusement park, but it also had a theme. The theme, of course, is Disney movies and Disney characters. For example, you can find a roller coaster in most amusement parks, but in Disneyland, the roller coaster is themed with Disney characters. This means that you can find Disney characters all over the roller coaster. You can also watch Disney movies, eat in Disney restaurants, and buy Disney gifts. And you can see Disney characters walking around Disneyland all the time! theme n. call it a theme park call + + attraction n. roller coaster see sb. doing sth.

24 Have you ever heard of a Disney Cruise? These are huge boats that also have the Disney theme. You can take a ride on the boat for several days, and you can sleep and eat on board. There are also many attractions on board, just like any other Disneyland. You can shop, go to Disney parties, and eat dinner with Mickey Mouse! The boat rides all take different routes, but they all end up in the same place. That is Disneys own island. It is just so much fun in Disneyland! cruise n. boat n. take a ride board n. on board route n. end up island n.

25 PAIRWORK Read the article again and write a conversation. Then practice the conversation with your partner. A: Id like to go on a Disney cruise. B: Whats that? A: Its like Disneyland, but its on a boat. B: Why do you want to go on that? A: Well, you can travel to Disneys own island.

26 Introduce the Disneyland according to the text.

27 Read the article again and underline the useful words and phrases.

28 see…in movies in fact around the world call it a theme park see…doing end up take a ride take different route so much fun

29 Have you ever……YouYour partner Studied with more than three friends? Traveled to another province of China? Said something you didnt want to say? Helped someone you didnt know? Lived in another country? Argued with you parents? …… Have you ever …… Have you ever studied with more than three students? Yes, I have./ No, I havent. Have you ever traveled to another province? Yes, I have./ No, I havent. Where have you been?I have been to…….

30 Report : I have studied with more than three friends, but Bob hasnt.……

31 .

32 1. is _____ _______ write ________ __________ read _______ ________ study _______ ________ have _______ _________ eat ______ _______ see______ _______ live______ _______ help ________ _________ travel_______ _______ say_______ ________ hear______ __________ discover________ ________ stop_____ ______ study_____ ______ play______ _______ 2. : (1)She has been to Holland.(, ) _______________________________________________________________? (2)He has finished his homework.( ) _______________________________________________________________. (3)Li Lei hasnt been to Qingdao. I havent been to Qingdao,either.( ) Li Lei hasnt been to Qingdao. _______ _______ I.

33 Homework 1.Copy the new words and expressions three times.( ) 2. (Disney Park) 3. ( )

34 Unit9 Have you ever been to an amusement park?

35 Why do you study English?

36 I want to understand English language movies. Its fun to learn another language. I want to travel. I want to study in an English- speaking country.

37 What is the most important to you ? Some of these reasons are important to you,some are not.Compare your answers with your partner. Why ?

38 Reasons: I like English songs. I want to make a foreign pen-pal. I want to talk with foreign teacher freely. I want to be an English tour guide. I want to understand English newspapers and story books. Its very popular to learn English. I have to ! I want to be a translator.

39 1b PAIRWORK Compare your answers in 1a with your partner. A: For me, I have to! is number five. B: Really? For me, I have to! is number two.

40 2a Listen to a teacher interviewing a student. Circle the questions you hear. a. How do you spell your last name? b. Where are you from? c. Why do you want to improve your English? d. Have you ever been to an English-speaking country? e. When did you start studying English? f. How long have you been studying English?

41 2b. Listen again and fill in the questionnaire. Name: Studying English for: English-speaking countries visited: When: Reasons for learning English: Thomas Ruzic Three years. The United States When he was thirteen. He wants to travel the world.

42 2c. pairwork Look at the questions in activity 2a and role play the interview. Answer with the information that is true for you. A: Good morning. Are you Tom? The new exchange student? B: Yes, I am. A: Welcome to my class. I need to ask you some questions…

43 S1: Whats the boys name? S2: His name is Thomas Ruzic. S1: How long has he been studying English? …… 2b

44 Survey and report Questionnaire Name: Studying English for: When: Why: English-speaking countries visited: When: Reason for learning English: How:

45 How can we improve our English?

46 1. 1 She asked why you _______ to _______ your English. (2) How many years ________ you __________ English? (3) I found it _____ not easy to _______ ________ do everything well. (4) We must plant _______ trees for birds ______ ________ ________. (5) Its ________ ________ learn another language. 2. (1)I have been studying English for two years.( ) _______ ______ have you been studying English? (2)Where are you from?( ) _____________________________________________? (3)I learn English because I want to travel. ( ) _____________________________________________? (4)Its wonderful to take a holiday in Singapore.( ) _____________________________________________.

47 Exercises I. 1.N ___of my parents works in an office, theyre factory workers. 2.Id really like to go to the a_________, there I can see dolphins, sharks, whales and other sea animals. 3.We have famous food you can name, s___ __as hot dogs, fish and chips, pizzas and Beijing Roast Duck. 4.The UK, the USA, Canada and Australia are all E____________countries. 5.Last weekend we had a w___________time at Monas party. 6.Nowadays many people in the world cant find work,e________ in the United states. either quarium uch uropean onderful specially

48 1.Read Section B 2a ( P92)( ) 2.Write a short article to introduce the English studying of Thomas Ruzic. ( )

49 Unit9 Have you ever been to an amusement park?

50 What does Mei Shan do? what does David Feng want to be? Are they good at English? Where did/do they study English?

51 Read and find the answers to the questions above.

52 3a Read this article from the Hilltop Language School newsletter and write answers to the questions. Come to the Hilltop Language School and change your life. Heres what two of our students said about our school. When I was a young girl, all ever wanted to do was traveling, and I decided that the best way to do this was to become a flight attendant for two years now. Its a really interesting job because I travel all over the world. I discovered that the most important requirement was to speak English well, so I studied English at the Hilltop Language School for five years before I became a flight attendant. It was because I could speak English that I got the job. Thank you, Hilltop Language School! Mei Shan attendant n. discover v. requirement n.

53 I want to be a tour guide. In fact, its all I have ever wanted to be. I want to travel, especially to English- speaking countries such as the United States and Australia. However, I know that I have to improve my English, so Ive started taking lessons at the Hilltop Language School. The Hilltop Language School has really helped me learn English. Ive been a student here for a year now, and I really love it. Maybe when I leave school Ill think about becoming an English teacher rather than a tour guide! David Feng guide n. take lessons rather than do, to do doing

54 Read and find the answers to the questions below.

55 1.What does Mei Shan do? 2. How long had she had the job? 3. Why did she want the job? 4. How long did she study English? 5. What kind of job does David want? 6. Has he ever been to an English-speaking country? 7. How long has he been studying at the school? 8. What other job is he thinking of doing? She has had the job for two years. She wanted to travel. She studied English for five years. David wants to be a tour guide. No. Hes been a student for one year. He might become an English teacher instead. Read and find the answers to the questions below. Shes a student.

56 flight attendant all over the world discover requirement get the job especially tour guide such as improve think about rather than Describe the two students according to the given words and phrases:

57 Write an article about yourself for the school magazine. Write about: The kind of job you want How long you have been studying English Why you started studying English What you like best about studying English

58 : (1)His father is a tour g______. He has been to many interesting places. (2)Yesterday I a______ a meeting. (3)English is a very important l__________. (4)My English isnt good, so I want to i_________ it. (5)------How do you s_______ your name? ------G-R-E-E-N.

59 : (1). Maybe when I graduate Ill think about becoming an English teacher ______ ______ a tour guide. (2) ? What do you _______ _______ the novel? (3),. _______ ________,it is all Ive ever wanted to be. (4). I discovered that the _______ ___________ requirement was to speak English well. (5) ? _______ Mike _______ _________ Lodon?

60 Fill in the blanks with the words given. understand decide rent improve show 1. My English writing is good, but I need to my listening skills. 2. I dont. Could you explain that again, please? 3. Thats a special cinema. It only foreign films. 4. Have you what you want to do after school? 5. You can bicycles at the amusement park. improve understand shows decided rent adj. n.

61 Homework 1.Retell the article and recite the useful expressions.( ) 2. ( ) NameAlice Age13 How long has she studied English?5 years Why does she like learning English?Travel all over the world What kind of job does she want?A tour guide

62 Unit9 Have you ever been to an amusement park?

63 Read the first sentence of each paragraph. Guess: What does the writer talk about Singapore?

64 Read and tell the main idea of each paragraph with your own words.

65 1.Singapore is a big country in Europe. ( T or F ) 2.Its good to see lions and foxes during the day time. ( T or F ) 3.Why is Singapore a wonderful place to take holiday for many Chinese tourists? 4.What food can you find in Singapore? 5.What is the best time to visit Singpore? 6.Whats the meaning of the sentence…you wont have any problem finding rice…

66 Read the article and then say something about Singapore.

67 Write down three or more things you have learned.

68 Read another article and write down something they have learned.

69 Read and underline the useful words and expressions.

70 : (1)-----Whats the p______ of China? ------About 15 billion. (2)There are four q_______ in an hour. (3)-------I have a fever. -------Have you taken your t_______. (4)Flowers come out in s_________. (5)Leaves fall down in a________.

71 Discuss: If you have a chance to go to Singapore, what will you do?

72 Homework 1.Recite and copy the new words and expressions.( ) 2.Write an ad for your hometown or for a place you have been to. Include details about why people should visit it. Eg : Have you ever been to … ( )

73 Goodbye!

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