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How to Reach the 21st Century Mind - Using Multimedia in the Classroom to Impact Instruction Matt Monjan.

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1 How to Reach the 21st Century Mind - Using Multimedia in the Classroom to Impact Instruction Matt Monjan

2 Students Learn Differently Today an obvious fact – but the basis for this part of the presentation They also pull media/information from different sources


4 As educators how can we support the following trends?

5 Students and Media Young people (8-18) today, spend an average of 6 ½ hours a day with media –4 hours a day watching TV 2 ¼ hours with parents –1 ¾ listening to music 1 ½ doing physical activity –Over an hour on the computer Under an hour doing homework Source: A Kaiser Family Foundation Study. March 2005

6 Top Five Gifts for Teenagers Portable Game Device Cell Phone Computer Video Game Console MP3 Player/iPods Source: Starkman, Neal (2007).Leave Me Alone.... T.H.E. Journal. 33-38.

7 It is not surprising that.. Students # 1 request regarding technology use at their schools: Relax school rules about email, IM, cell phones and online use Favorite communications device (K-12) Cell phone (73% in grades 9-12 use a cell phone daily) Percentage of middle schoolers that have online friends from other schools, states or countries 54% Speak Up 2006 (

8 As They Get Older Whats in on Campus Spring 2005 1.Drinking beer 2.Drinking other alcohol Spring 2006 1.Drinking beer 2.Drinking beer tied with and iPods 3.Drinking other alcohol 4.Text messaging Source: USA Today. June 8, 2006

9 So theyve got this stuff …how do I use it in my classroom?

10 iPods as Learning Centers and More! Teach a Geography Lesson (north/south example) Use iPod to reach ELL or Audio and Visual learners Create an eBook (or iBook) to use in a learning center Create a PPT with images that match the text that you want your students to learn. Then read aloud, or even better have students read aloud the text. Record and put onto iPod

11 Ok – Im with you with on the iPods…but cell phones …in my classroom???

12 I actually met a high school principal in Ohio last week who encouraged his teachers to tell kids Turn your phones ON! when they come to class. Not as in start making all sorts of phone calls, but as in lets learn how we can use our phones (since just about every student had one at his school) to extend what were doing in class. - post by willrichwillrich Will Richardson

13 He goes on to say… We can try to fight this, I suppose, as many schools are. Or, we can try to inculcate appropriate use from early on by modeling our own cell phone use to access information and learn throughout the curriculum. Will Richardson

14 We have to somehow find strategies to teach our kids to use cell phones and computers and the like in effective ways, and we also have to bend our thinking a bit in terms of what we ask our kids to do in classrooms in the first place. Will Richardson Bottom line…

15 Heres a Way to Model… Next time you catch a cell phone in your class do the following – ask the student to: 1.Take a picture of a rhombus somewhere on campus with their cell phone camera and send it to you 2.Interview a Veteran and send you a link to their podcast 3.Text you three significant quotes from your area of study 4. Record a ring-tone of an musical innovator… From 1963

16 Use Discovery Education streaming images and create a voicethread –

17 Create an Assignment, Quiz or Writing Prompt and Embed the voicethread in the Builder Tool 1.Go to and create a 2.Click on the right-arrow to copy the Embed Code 3.Log into DE streaming and the click on Teacher Center 4.Create a new assignment 5.Enter instruction into the instruction boxes 6.Paste the Embed Code from voicethread into an instruction box 7.Give the assignment code to your students

18 Want to see an example of what else you can embed in an Assignment? Lets go to my assignment – first a little story… or embed the link to your Dinosaurs and Sharks

19 Opening up the Closed Captions 1.To help hearing impaired students 2.To reach visual learners 3.To teach a grammar lesson 4.To teach a vocabulary lesson 5.To work on predicting outcomes Why might we want to use CC in the classroom?

20 A Really Neat CC Example The Bite Strength of Sharks The Bite Strength of Sharks – a unitedstreaming video clip

21 Now take that new found knowledge and add a language! 1.Go to 2.Then choose Language Tools 3.Then choose your languages 4.Convert 5.Cut and paste back into your.smi/text file. 6.Voila!

22 Or… Now that you have that.smi/cc code you can –Add CC to any video you wish!Add CC to any video you wish! –And it becomes …… –Translate it into textspeak –

23 Ok Lets Talk About The Free Stuff! Photo Story 3 – Windows PC Movie Maker – Windows PC – (movie maker example)Movie Maker – Windows PC iPhoto – Macs iMovie – Macs – Website with free archival (only for classroom)

24 Lets meet my godson Zack

25 What About the Paid Stuff? PowerPoint (almost free since its already on your computers) Adobe Premiere Elements Discovery Education streaming

26 Examples of Teachers Work PowerPoint + DE streaming audio DE streaming video and images + Adobe Premier Elements, and audio Discovery Atlas, Google Earth + Adobe Premier Elements, green screens

27 While many schools restrict access to blogs, WIKIs etc… …others embrace it.



30 Wait a minute…couldnt my students use their cell phones with Gcast too? You bet! Check this out – What is Virginias State Flower? Call1-888-65-GCAST (888-654-2278) Enter in the number 240-338-9388 Enter PIN 2325 Record your name and message, and either: Save and Publish it instantly

31 Using DE streaming Tools to Reach the 21 st Century Mind Collaborative Projects using DE streaming editable movies, cell phones and cameras! Displaying DE streaming videos on TVs and LCD projectors, whiteboards, etc Projecting DE streaming math or close captioned videos, articles, calendars and images on interactive white boards Creating learning centers or labs with DE tools like the Assignment, Quiz, and Writing Prompt Builders Making it portable – DE On-The-Go with iPods Tying DE streaming into teacher/class wikis, blogs, websites

32 So now that youre brain is buzzing how would you use these tools to differentiate your instruction?

33 Lets Start with Giezi My Notes 1 st grade Reading level Grew up on a farm in Puerto Rico, loves the outdoors Auditory learner, prefers to work independently Action Plan Content = Jeff Corwin videos Process = Learning center assignment with closed captioning enabled Product = Short quiz linked to assignments, and/or writing prompts

34 How about Michelle? My Notes Grade-level reader (above grade-level in Spanish) Enjoys reading stories about kids her age Expresses herself best through her writing Action Plan Content = Short stories (e.g., Chicken Soup for the Childrens Soul) Process = Customized writing prompts (English and Spanish) Product = Digital portfolio of journal entries

35 And Ebony? My Notes Excellent reader Wants to be a news reporter Does not test well, but loves to work on projects Action Plan Content = Process = Product = MovieMaker, iMovie

36 And finally, Daniel My Notes Advanced in all subject areas Wants to write, produce and direct movies Artistic and creative Action Plan Content = Process = Product =

37 Who will help me connect these tools to my students?

38 What is the DEN?

39 … a global community of educators passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating and networking.

40 DEN in Review 2 years ago…we launched the DEN Today –Over 26,800 Discovery Educators Worldwide –2500 STAR Discovery Educators in 46 States –Over 14,000 Events Reported –Reaching Over 350,000 Educators –Imagine Number of Students Impacted!



43 And as Future Stars… Everyone has access to our newest Science Tool for 45 days (starts when you log in).

44 And as future Stars… Enter the passcode: DEN in the first box and ELEM in the second box

45 Contact Info Matt Monjan Account Manager 240-338-9388

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