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Service, Prosperity, Security

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1 Service, Prosperity, Security
Who We Are Service, Prosperity, Security

2 Key Players President, Pat Shea, North Star Fundraisers Vice Presidents, Jolene Hepperlen, Peak Fundraising and Marybeth Eckhardt, Shop from the Heart Secretary, Michael Celec, Buyer Topia Treasurer, Jim Link, Buyer Topia Lower Bucks Director of Special Initiatives, David Hayhurst, Raise Your Goal Dan Hesser, Sites, Systems & Technology Duncan Graham, Member Development

3 Current Members Second careers
International entrepreneur from Germany, raised in Africa and educated in the UK Single moms Salesman from England Part time minister Real estate investor Accountant, banker, recruiter and programmer Former university professor and administrator Class mom, Girl Scout leader, and Sunday School teacher Marathon running and global mountain climbing Princeton graduate

4 Our History 2002 Buyer Topia, originally eStore Services, started providing ecommerce solutions for nonprofits Initial inventory totaled seven books eStores for private schools and nonprofit projects 2010 Started Buyer Topia Authorized 2013 Preferred advertising directories Largest integrated nonprofit ecommerce, inventory and distribution systems Over 7,100,000 books, calendars, CDs, DVDs and gifts New products added 250 days a year Total inventory of over half a billion products Warehousing and fulfillment are second to none Bilingual capabilities

5 Buyer Topia Authorized Differences
1. Mutually beneficial, with one clear mission: Optimize member performance 2. Members and Stockholders of Cooperate Corporation – like Ocean Spray and Florida Natural More than just “have a say” Vote on all major decisions Elect leadership Complete access to all financials No secrets 3. Catalyst to benefit Community Organizations Charities and Service Organizations Churches and Associated Organizations Health and Elder Care Pre-K through 12, including Schools and Associated Activities, Clubs, and Scouts Youth Sports Community Members Sole Proprietors and Small Businesses

6 Buyer Topia Authorized
Our Hierarchy Buyer - Donors Providers Community Organizations Members Buyer Topia Authorized Buyer Topia Advertising Customer Service Sites, Systems & Technology Distribution Networks Product Chain

7 Community Organizations Sole Proprietorships & Small Businesses
Community Challenges Community Organizations Revenues Most for their dollar Connections Community Members Sole Proprietorships & Small Businesses Optimum value Product fundraising acquiescence, then fatigue – and now rage Information to help them make the best purchasing and employment decisions Cost effectively obtain and retain more business

8 Community Organizations Sole Proprietorships & Small Businesses
How We Help Community Organizations Community Members Sole Proprietorships & Small Businesses Providing the best community advertising, feedback and fundraising services

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