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Twente Graduate School 17 April 2012 TGS Information Meeting.

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1 Twente Graduate School 17 April 2012 TGS Information Meeting

2 Agenda 1.Why TGS 2.TGS Organisation 3.Highlights, Facts & Figures 4.Educational Structure 5.Broadening Courses & Skills Training 6.TGS Key Objectives 2012:  PhD Policy  Clustering  MSc routes

3 1. Why Twente Graduate School est. 2009? 1.Provide high quality structured education, supervision & training of doctoral researchers (reduce time to PhD) 2.(International) Visibility (attract top candidates, attracting funds) 3.Part of the new educational system @ UT: educating Researchers, Designers, Managers & Entrepreneurs Plus: mentoring, coaching, academic skills & career development

4 HET ONDERWIJSGEBOUW Undergraduate Masters Entrepreneurs & Managers Designers (PDEng) Researchers (PhDs) Loket VO

5 2. TGS Organisation  TGS Dean: Gerard vd Steenhoven  Educational Board: Deans  Programme Committee: Scientific Directors  Chamber of Programme Leaders

6 2.TGS Office TGS Director: Petra de Weerd-Nederhof Coordinator: Cynthia Souren Secretary: Emmy Cheret Advisors: Cornelise Vreman- De Olde Clemens Pouw

7 3. TGS Facts, Figures & Achievements 1.structured doctoral education, supervision & training (time to PhD):  first measurements coming up for 2013 2.attract top candidates, attracting funds:  In 2011 and 2012 twice 3 PhD candidates from Talent & Training China program  NWO Block Grants: 2009 Ethics & Technology; 2011 MESA+; 2012 … 3.educating researchers @ UT:  2011: 17 Integrated MSc + PhD programmes  Call 2012 deadline 1 May! Plus: Guarantee fund (bridging periods)

8 3. Talent and Training China Cooperation CSC (Chinese Scholarship Council), NWO, TGS Match making programme of 1 week arranged between NWO and TGS. Results: 2011, 3 PhD’s started:  Ye Liang (Novel Nanomaterials/ Prof. J. Huskens)  Luo Junwen (Governance of Knowledge and Innovation/ Prof S. Kuhlmann)  Wenlong Chen (Water/ Prof S.J. Hulscher) 2012, 3 PhD’s admitted:  Zhao Yin (Human Media Interaction, EWI, Prof Dirk Heylen)  Bojian Xu (Novel Nanomaterials, MESA+, Prof. Harold Zandvliet)  Lv Shaoning (Water Resources, ITC, Prof Bob Su )

9 TGS Programmes (2011) Programme Leader CTIT1Dependable and Secure ComputingJaco van de Pol 2Human-centred Interaction TechnologiesDirk Heylen 3Industrial EngineeringRichard Boucherie 4Services ScienceRoel Wieringa 5Wireless and Sensor SystemsPaul Havinga (IBR)6Learning in Educational and Training SettingsTon de Jong IGS7Governance of Knowledge and InnovationStephan Kuhlmann 8Innovation & EntrepreneurshipAard Groen (IMPACT) 9Next Generation Energy and ResourcesGuido Mul 10Fluid PhysicsDetlef Lohse 11Computational ScienceStephan van Gils 12WaterSuzanne Hulscher ITC13Space for Global DevelopmentAlfred Stein MESA+14Advanced OpticsWillem Vos 15Ethics and TechnologyPhilip Brey 16Nano-Devices and SystemsMiko Elwenspoek 17Novel NanomaterialsHarold Zandvliet MIRA ------

10 TGS Programmes #PhD (cumulative) 2009201020112012 1Dependable and Secure Computing (1 MSc) 8141922 2Human-centred Interaction Technologies 223138 3Industrial Engineering (1 MSc) 1923 4Services Science 666 5Wireless and Sensor Systems 6Learning in Educational and Training Settings 068 7Governance of Knowledge and Innovation 8Innovation & Entrepreneurship 9Next Generation Energy and Resources 10Fluid Physics (2 MSc) 20274347 11Computational Science 12Water 2458 13Space for Global Development 1718 14Advanced Optics 15Ethics and Technology 9162024 16Nano-Devices and Systems 17Novel Nanomaterials (4 MSc) 13283843 # MSc: 10 plus … 52 136208244

11 4. Educational Structure: Programme Elements (120 EC master) Bachelor programme Basic courses Graduate Programme International Research Orientation/Internship Writing and preparing MSc Thesis (optional: Research Proposal) Programme specific courses 15 EC Academic Skills, Career Orientation & Broadening (15 EC) Research Project PhD thesis completion Compulsory courses Master Programme Elective courses Master Programme BSc MSc PhD

12 4. Programme Elements (60 EC master) Bachelor programme Basic courses Gradua te Progra mme International Research Orientation Writing and preparing MSc Thesis (optional: Research Proposal) Programme specific courses (15 EC) Academic skills + Career orientation + Broadening Courses (15 EC) Research Project PhD thesis completion Compulsory courses Master Programme research proposal BSc MSc PhD

13 4. TGS courses BROADENING PERSPECTIVES Introduction TGS, ½ day Two day workshop: aspects of research, non- domain specific 5 broadening courses, 5EC

14 4. TGS set of broadening courses TGS Introduction & Welcome (1/2 day; 2-3 times per year) 10 May TGS Workshop (2 days; twice a year) 7-8 June A hands-on training for starting PhD students in all non-scientifc aspects of carrying out research projects TGS Broadening Courses:  Philosophy and History of Scientific Methods (Mieke Boon) Q2  Advanced Science Communication (Hedwig te Molder) Q3  Research Management (Hans Roosendaal) Q3  Ethics of Technology (Johnny Soraker) Q4  Entrepreneurship and Valorisation (Aard Groen) Q4/Q1 Academic Skills & Career Development: re/


16 5. TGS Key Objectives 2012  MSc Routes  Clustering  PhD Policy UT

17 TGS MSc Routes Examples of Current TGS routes: Nano Technology Mechanical Engineering Chemical Engineering Computer Science Biomedical Engineering Business Administration MSc Honours Tracks Scholarships?

18 TGS Clustering MESA+ integrated cluster Coordinator Harold Zandvliet CTIT 5 related programmes (one for each SRO) Coordinator Jaco vd Pol 3TU Ethics of Technology IGS: 2 or 3 clusters overall coordinator Ariana Need ITC – coordinator Alfred Stein MIRA? Engineering & Design? …? …?

19 PhD Policy UT Steering Group appointed by CvB  Gerard vd Steenhoven, chairman Dean TGS/ dean TNW  Mirjam Spit ( Managing Director HR)  Suzanne Wichman (Managing Director S&O)  Tom Veldkamp (Rector ITC)  Ton de Jong (Professor GW)  Clemens Pouw, secretary (former Director TGS)

20 PhD Policy UT Project groups assigned by Steering Group 1.Information Systems 2.Doctoral Charter 3.Tuiton fee 4.One Desk Function and Facilities 5.Selection 6.Supervision and Education

21 1. Information Systems 1: web site for prospective PhD candidates 2: application tool PeopleXS (vacancy system) 3. registration in Oracle HR 4: monitoring in new system (to be selected) (digital Training and Supervision Plan) 5: integration with register of Board for Promotions

22 2. Doctoral Charter 1: Rights and Duties for all categories of PhD candidates 2: Dynamic T&SP (yearly reflection) 3: Formal qualifier within 9 months 4: Clear appointments about supervision 5: Personal development (courses, workshops)

23 3. Tuiton Fee 1: proposal for UT tuiton fee under construction -Differentiation between faculties -Differentiation between categories

24 4. One-desk Function and Facilities 1: ‘Warm welcome for the incoming candidate’ 2: Coordination between service centres

25 5. Selection 1: Limited selection/admission committee 2: Check list for competencies 3: Quality of selection/admission procedure

26 6. Supervision and Education 1: UT PhD profile 2: Courses and workshops 3: Mentor/coach function 4: Admission to defense/certificate

27 P-NUT

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