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Sustainable Energy Technology. Sustainable energy and our society Global warming Depletion of fossil fuels Very large time scales We have to take our.

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1 Sustainable Energy Technology

2 Sustainable energy and our society Global warming Depletion of fossil fuels Very large time scales We have to take our responsibility for our future now!

3 Simulation with climate model

4 Fossil fuel reserves Proven reserves Coal:250 year Oil: 50 year Natural gas: 60 year Possible reserves: 500 year (based on the present consumption )

5 Energy scenario’s

6 The SD vision scenario from the IEA



9 Kyoto protocol 1997: Industrialised countries Reduction of green house gases 2008-2012 with 5% (1990) Global warming Rise of the sea level Fossil fuels  Sustainable energy

10 The Dutch targets for the year 2020 –2% reduction in energy consumption per year –30 % reduction of CO 2 emission –20 % sustainable energy Policy –Stimulate technological developments –Give subsidies for: Energy savings Green investments –Forcing: Force the electricity suppliers to deliver green electricity Sustainable energy in the Netherlands

11 Inzet wind ca. 1500 wind turbines in the Netherlands (1% of total) Wind energy about 3x more expensive as conventional supply

12 Solar energy Incoming radiation is about 50 times our energy demand. Direct energy saving Relatively expensive

13 Storage of solar energy  Biomass! Solar

14 Organic material from plant and trees created by photosynthesis Biomass Closed cycle Biomass for energy is CO 2 neutral

15 TU Eindhoven officially started in June 2005 with an approved master program. In April 2006 upgraded to a national master program (TUE/TUDelft/UT) Combination between technical (75%) and social sciences (25%), contrary to Utrecht (25 % technical, 75% social) Comparable programs in Oldenburg, Stockholm, Leeds en Reading Master Sustainable Energy Technology

16 program objectives Domain-specific requirements Broad: Have disciplinary theoretical and technical knowledge (broad) able to evaluate conventional and sustainable energy systems in integrated electrical system context able to evaluate sustainable energy systems in the societal context able to design energy systems able to analyze and understand the socio- technical nature of system innovations Deep : expert in at least one sub-area

17 The core courses Energy from biomass Solar energy Wind energy Electrical power engineering and system integration Hydrogen technology System innovation and stategic nich management 24 EC

18 introductory course: Technology for sustainable development courses to reach adequate basic levels in mathematics, physics, chemistry and design engineering: Transport phenomena Energy systems Chemical reactor engineering Design methodology courses to reach adequate basic levels in social sciences: Energy and economy Technology for sustainable development

19 system integration projects (6+9 EC): ‘System integration projects 1 and 2’ (Can be replaced by an Internship) elective courses (15 EC): Courses in preparation of the graduation project graduation project (45 EC): In one of the following topics: Solar Energy, Wind energy, Biomass, Hydrogen, Intelligent electricity networks and Transition policy

20 System integration projects: Formulated in cooperation with ECN TNO EDON ENECO Energie Delfland ENW EnergieNed EPON GASTEC KEMA Shell Stork First integration project: Project-led education (as in the CTW bachelor education). Second integration project: individual hands-on experience in the design, analysis or application of an energy system or in the exploration of new research questions. problem oriented in the form of a research assignment. Or an internship: ‘Energy related’, at one of these companies, or at Essent, Nuon, BTG, etc.

21 EindhovenDelftTwente Biomass small scale conversion units large scale power generation thermal and chemical conversion processes for the use of biomass as an energy carrier and chemicals Solar energy production of amorphous silicon and polymer solar cells nano- structured 3D solar cells integration of solar energy into products Focus at 3TU

22 EindhovenDelftTwente Wind energy fluid structure interaction mainly concentrated in Delft computational fluid dynamics of wind turbines Hydrogen technology small scale production of hydrogen production using sustainable energy and storage of hydrogen large scale production of hydrogen Focus …..

23 Research groups on: 1.Thermal conversion of biomass (v.d. Meer, v Swaaij, Lefferts) 2.Bio-refinery (De Haan, Van Swaaij......) 3.Membrane-based energy production (Wessling) 4.Integrated reactor technology (Kuipers) 5.Use of sustainable energy in consumer products and in buildings (Brouwers, Van Houten) 6.Water Power Generation (Hulscher) 7.Design and production with light weight and smart materials (Akkerman) 8.Gas technology (Wolters) 9.Engineering fluid dynamics (Hoeijmakers)

24 Elective courses 110201Life-cycle strategy 110203Product design 114142 Transp. in turbulente stromingen m. chem.reacties 114143Gastechnologie 114150Thermische werktuigbouwkunde - Capita Selecta 114171Therm.conversie v brandstoffen,afval en biomassa 114531Levenscyclusgericht ontwerpen 115472Fluid mechanics of turbomachines 1 115475Technische stromingsleer - Capita Selecta 115771Numerical methods in mechanical engineering 134506Kinetiek en katalyse 137004Chemische Reactorkunde 137508Flowsheeting 138501Process Equipment Design 147017Voortgezette fysische stromingsleer 1 147020Meetmethoden in de stromingsleer 155010Partiele diff.verg. uit de math.fysica 544090Duurzaam bouwen

25 Program supervision of the M.Sc. program dr. ir. A.M.C. Lemmens (TU/e), Th.H, van der Meer (UT) and prof.dr. F. Mulder (TUDelft). The program director will be A.M.C. Lemmens Program administration in Twente at CTW, C.T.A. Ruijter

26 There are three target groups for the program: 1.Bachelor students from technical and related science programs at Dutch universities 2.Bachelor students from polytechnic colleges for higher education (in particular energy technology); 3.Bachelor students from technical and related science programs at foreign universities.

27 Admission 1.Advanced Technology (SET-track) 2.Applied Physics 3.Chemical Engineering 4.Electrical Engineering 5.Mechanical Engineering 6.Technology Management of TU/e, TUD and UT (with restrictions) 7.B.Sc. in Physics/Chemistry: check on level of science and maths 8.Other technical B.Sc.-programs of Dutch universities: individual judgment, possibly a pre-master program is demanded 9.B-Sc programs from polytechnic colleges: Pre-master 10.Foreign students: check on level of Maths, Science and English (similar to other Masters)

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