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Who were the supporters and critics of the Constitution?

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1 Who were the supporters and critics of the Constitution?
We the People - Lesson Seventeen

2 What happened after the Philadelphia Convention?
Imagine that you were a member of the group that had just written the Constitution. You know many leaders in Congress and state governments will be against it. The Constitution was written in secret - opponents don’t know everything that is included in the final version - haven’t had time to prepare arguments against the Constitution. What plan would you develop for getting the Constitution ratified? Who should have the right to vote for ratification? How soon should the ratification process take place?

3 Framers ask voters to approve Constitution
James Madison developed the plan for ratifying the Constitution Based on Preamble to Constitution “We the People . . .” Social Contract Agreement between people and government Get each state to ratify the Constitution Ratifying Conventions Delegates elected by popular vote Framers approved plan Article VII - Constitution would be in effect once it was ratified by nine of the thirteen states (afraid they wouldn’t get all 13 to ratify)

4 Struggle for Ratification
Federalists - supported Constitution and wanted it ratified Anti-Federalists - fought against the Constitution Debates over ratification lasted over ten months Most difficult fight in New York Federalists: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay - wrote Federalist Papers Appeared in New York newspaper Used in Virginia ratification debates Anti-Federalists: George Mason, Edmund Randolph, Elbridge Gerry John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Richard Henry Lee, Patrick Henry also against ratification of Constitution Patrick Henry - leading Anti-Federalist Mercy Otis Warren - wrote pamphlets explaining why she was against ratification of Constitution

5 Bill of Rights Federalists compromised to get enough support for the Constitution so it would be ratified Agreed that when first Congress was held, it would draft a Bill of Rights Addition of Bill of Rights was a victory for the Anti-Federalists Important addition to the Constitution Protects basic right of citizens

6 Debate Many arguments made for and against Constitution
Would new Constitution maintain republican form of government? Would national government have too much power? Was a Bill of Rights needed in the Constitution? Class will be divided into two groups (Federalist/Anti-Federalist) Review positions on the Constitution Prepare an 8 1/2” x 11” poster with slogans for your side Debate your position

7 Seatwork Center Questions
Who were the Federalists? Who were the Anti-Federalists? Why didn’t the Federalists want the Constitution submitted to the existing Congress or state governments for ratification? How did the Federalists answer the criticism that the Constitution gave the federal government too much power? The Anti-Federalists lost their battle to prevent the adoption of the Constitution. However, their struggle left a permanent impact on the Constitution. How was this accomplished? Explain what you think were the best reasons for ratification. Then, explain what you think were the best reasons against ratification. Would you have voted to ratify the Constitution as written in 1787? Explain your answer.

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