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Greek City-states Constantly quarrelling

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1 Greek City-states Constantly quarrelling
Formed alliances with one another Rivalry often led to open conflict Infantryman was the backbone of all armies of different Greek city states

2 What do we know about these Greek soldiers?
They were infantrymen(fought on foot) Fought in organized regiments…used the same weapons in the same way Given military training according to rules laid down by the government Were disciplined fighters at a time when other warriors in Europe fought as a loose mob of undisciplined individuals True ancestors of today’s armies

3 Hoplite: means armored man
Not a full time paid soldier Usually a farmer or merchant Both rich and poor expected to fight If a man enjoyed the privileges of a city he should be prepared to fight to defend it

4 The soldiers wore breastplates(called cuirass), helmets, and greaves to protect their legs. Their shields were carefully packed away until needed. This vase painting shows a boy bringing a shield in ready for use while another helps a soldier with his greaves. The greaves were split up the back to protect the legs.

5 Hoplite Equipment











16 A Greek soldier wore a linen shirt with metal armour plates on the shoulders. A bronze breastplate covered his chest and stomach, and greaves (shin guards) covered his legs. He wore a bronze helmet with a tall crest on his head. The hoplite carried a shield(usually round) and a spear(called a dory). Around his waist was a belt with a short sword (called a xiphos). Hoplites fought in a close formation(called a phalanx). Greek soldiers had to pay for their own armour and weapons.  If you could not afford to buy armour and weapons you could still serve in the army as a stone-thrower or archer.

17 The British Museum, reproduced in Primary History, Ancient Greeks (ISBN 1-852766-111-3)
Ancient Art and Architecture Collection reproduced in Collins Primary History, Ancient Greece (ISBN )


19 A Persian Soldier Spear Padded Jacket Quiver of arrows Bow
A modern drawing of a Persian soldier from Investigating History, Ancient Greece by Peter Kent and Sue Cosson (ISBN )

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