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Topic 3 We had a wonderful party. Unit 7 The birthday Party Section A.

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2 Topic 3 We had a wonderful party. Unit 7 The birthday Party Section A

3 Ask and answer. T: When were you born? S1: I was born...Could you ride a bike when you were five? S2: Yes, I could./No, I couldn't. Could you...? S3:... am, is---was; are---were; can---could


5 Words: 1.recite 2.Poem 3.magic 4.trick 5.enjoy 6.himself 7.enjoy oneself=have a good time

6 ... sing a songdance perform kung fuperform magic trick play the guitarplay basketball recite a poem

7 What did she do just now? She sang a song just now.

8 What did she do just now? She danced just now.

9 What did he do just now? He performed kung fu just now.

10 What did he do just now? He performed magic tricks just now.

11 What did he do just now? He played the guitar just now.

12 What did they do just now? They played basketball just now.

13 What did he do just now? He recited a poem just now....

14 What did Sally do? Shedanced.

15 Listen and repeat.

16 Work alone. A.Read 1a again and match what each child did. Janedanced Helenrecited a Chinese poem Sallyperformed some magic tricks Tomsang an English song dance---danced; recite---recited; perform---performed;sing---sang

17 The important sentences: 1.---Did you sing a Chinese song or an English song? ---An English song Did you recite a Chinese poem? ---Yes, I did./No, I didn't What about Tom? ---He performed some magic tricks.

18 2.look-- 3.miss-- 4.perform-- 6.hope-- 7.recite-- 10.worry-- 11.stop-- 12.plan-- 14.can-- 15.sing-- 16.are-- played looked missed performed lived hoped recited danced studied worried stopped planned was could sang were

19 : +-ed: played e, +d: danced,recited +y, y i, +-ed: tried +ed: stopped, planned :

20 2 Work alone A. This is the program list for Kangkangs birthday party. Listen and circle the programs you hear. Program 1. Guitar playingJane7. DancingJudy 2. DancingSally8. Piano playingMaria 3. Chinese songMichael9. English songJane 4. Magic tricksTom10. BalletMaria 5. Poem recitingHelen11. DiscoJack 6. Japanese songYukio12. Kung fuKangkang A list

21 B. Listen again and fill in the blanks. Maria ______ the piano. Jack _______ to disco. Kangkang _________ Chinese kung fu. Helen _____ a poem. Michael ______ a Chinese song. Jane _____ the guitar. playedsang recited played danced performed At Kangkangs birthday party yesterday

22 Choose the right word. 1. Did you______ (buy, bought) that present? 2. She _________(played, playing) the guitar at the party yesterday evening. 3. Who is __________(sing, singing) rock song? 4. Can Yukio ________(dance, danced) to disco? 5. Maria often ___________(perform, performs) the magic tricks. 6. Helen can ________(recite, recited) the Tang poem. buy played singing dance performs recite

23 Play this game. Suppose you are one of Kangkangs friends. Act out what you did at Kangkangs birthday party and let your partner guess. Example: Did you perform kung fu? No, I didnt. Did you play the guitar? Yes, I did. Its your turn. OK. … It's one's turn to do sth.

24 Exercise. do/does--- dance are recite perform--- ask try stop die worry plant----- played was were performed asked stopped worried did danced recited liked tried died planted

25 . 1. Look! The boy ___________ (swim) in the river. 2. I ____ (play) the piano last night. 3. He ____(go) to school at 7:20 every day. 4. ___ you ___ (do) your homework at home yesterday ? 5. The twins ____ (be) born in Fuzhou. is swimming played went Diddo was

26 1.Try to retell 1a in your own words. You may begin like this: Kangkang was very happy at his birthday party. Jane sang an English song Recite 1a. 3.

27 Thanks

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