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Email Marketing to Maximize Online Giving Results.

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1 Marketing to Maximize Online Giving Results

2 If you cant say it in 140 characters, is it really worth saying? [Social networking sites and blogs have] overtaken personal to become the worlds fourth most popular online sector after search, portals and PC software applications. Global Faces and Networked Places Nielsen report, March 2009

3 Youve got mail a friend request has had a good run as king of communications. But its reign is over. Why No Longer Rules... Jessica E. Vascellaro Wall Street Journal - Oct. 12, 2009

4 A rising tide lifts all posts The number of worldwide users will increase to almost 1.9 billion by 2013 compared with over 1.4 billion in Statistics Report, The Radicati Group May 2009 Heavy social media users are also using more. NielsenWire Is Social Media Impacting How Much We ? Sept. 28, 2009 While use has been declining among college students for several years, this trend has reversed in The reason? Smartphones. Mike Hanley, Director, Institute for Mobile Media Research

5 So is having its last gasp?

6 The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. - Sincerely, 's ROI in 2009 was $43.52 for every dollar spent on it. Down from $45.06 in DMA (2009, 2008) drove an average of $0.14 in revenues per delivered message. - Epsilon "Q Trends and Benchmark" (Jan 2009) presently generates 21.6% of total revenue from campaigns. - Direct Marketing Association "The Integrated Marketing Media Mix" (2008) The aggregate sum raised online by [113 universities responding, $58.5M raised] is equal to 1.4 percent of their total philanthropic support raised through all routes. - CASE survey (2009)

7 The Obama factor Who here hasnt heard... What can we learn from the Obama campaign?

8 The Obama factor Who here hasnt heard... What can we learn from the Obama campaign? (Edelman Report: Social Pulpit)

9 What works or at UC Berkeley: e-newsletters 14 E-Newsletters with some overlap: Campus, Athletics (300K), Alumni Association, Schools Berkeley OnlineBerkeley Online: 95K alumni (21.23% open), 17K non-alum (22.94% open) top stories: budget cuts, extraordinary students, YouTube links, athletics experimenting with localization not a replacement for print buried soft ask

10 What at UC Berkeley: e-newsletters Buried soft ask:

11 What at UC Berkeley: e-newsletters Buried soft ask:

12 What works or at UC Berkeley: solicitations newsy, deadline-driven appeals end of year s; tax benefit by 12/31 reminders for regular donors class campaigns video/ track solicitation codes in online giving form DM pitch, student/donor testimonials expensive flash solicitations; flash for parents flash with soft ask: great traffic, no gifts

13 What works or at UC Berkeley: solicitations Campaign# MailedResponseGrossAvg. Class Campaign Kick Off 08 (flash) April 21,167.25%$5,545$107 Homecoming Pre-event 09 ( ) Sept. 21,167.24%$8,874$171 Sophomore Reflects 08 (HTML) Sept. 110,599.01%$1,950$150 End of FY 08 (HTML) June (End of Tax Y 08) 77,098 (67,956).02% (.12%) $8,425 ($40,585) $496 ($450)

14 What works at UC Berkeley: solicitations

15 What at UC Berkeley: solicitations 155,295 mailed,.01% response, $781 gross, $98 avg.

16 Elements of a successful marketing campaign a solicitation policy a plan (ideally, part of a larger marketing plan) addresses segmentation and testing delivery mechanism a message that stands out and gets read a call to action that translates into gifts receipts, stewardship measurable results

17 Frustrating elements of an marketing campaign


19 Elements: solicitation policy goals for sending limit on # of s sent to alumni each month how will be used to solicit contributions frequency/timing of s across campus tools available on campus strategy for fixing bad/undeliverable

20 Elements: solicitation policy, survey Question 1: Does your campus have a formal policy aimed at keeping departments from deluging constituents with ? - No, its a free for all (20) - Yes, theres a gatekeeper who reviews all (12) - Yes, gatekeeper for certain mass s, such as appeals (14) Who is the gatekeeper for your outgoing s? How can you convince orgs to do away with shadow databases?

21 Elements: solicitation policy, survey Question 2: Does your campus have a formal policy that all campus mass s must be sent through a single delivery mechanism (an marketing engine, your online community, an outsourced vendor, etc.) Analysis: Decentralization won 2 to 1 - Yes, we have a formal policy (15 ) - No, each department uses its own tool (29) - Advancement Services is not involved (6)

22 Elements: solicitation policy, survey Question 3: Does your campus have a formal policy that, however mass s are delivered, campus departments must keep addresses (including opt-out requests) in sync with the Advancement database? Voluntary compliance won by nearly 2 to 1. - Yes, we have a formal policy (14) - No, it's up to each department (27) - Advancement Services is not involved (7) Who issues policy requiring compliance: - VP of Advancement - Advancement Services - External Affairs - Alumni Relations/Advancement - Advancement Services

23 Elements: an integrated marketing plan Convio (CASE OS 08) World Wildlife Fund achieved a 40% better response rate via multi-channel campaign. University of Texas annual fund donors were sent an with Flash video before being solicited by phone; this approach improved the receptiveness to the telemarketing phone call and increased giving. Rice 1,600 young alumni donors 45% new or lapsed 9x more online donors than direct mail; 3x more than telefund | micrositemicrosite

24 Elements: addresses UC Berkeley has 430,714 Alumni; 150,809 addresses (35%)

25 Elements: addresses Strategies for securing s (Pursuant)

26 Elements: segmentation, testing, delivery

27 Elements: Message subject line (use your org. name) who is it from (prof or recognizable alum) timing (T-Th; evening, FB-weekend) who writes/edits/approves? does the design work on multiple platforms? (design for gmail, once you get it right, save your template)design for gmail does message enhance or support other efforts?

28 Elements: Message Fordham University esolicitation Donor acquisition piece that strives to make gifts feel personal and connected to individual campaigns. Sent before launch of a comprehensive campaign. (MainSpring) Results: Open - 36% View - 22% Click - 1.3%

29 Elements: Message UC Berkeley/Haas esolicitation Interactive messaging engages recipients (MainSpring) 13.1% estimated completion rate to giving buttons 22.9% estimated completion rate to all of the buttons

30 Elements: call to action go straight to your giving form divert no attention from your giving form links vs. buttons (a small test)

31 Elements: receipts (Orbees)

32 Elements: stewardship Connect without asking for anything - say Thanks! (Pursuant)

33 Elements: measurable results open rate click through rate response rate Tracking solicitation codes UC Berkeley offers a solicitation code via a URL in Give to Cal for an entire browser session ?sc=yoursolicationcode" at the end of any givetocal URL

34 Discussion

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