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We need to take a stand against bullying and make ALL schools safe and secure for all.

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1 We need to take a stand against bullying and make ALL schools safe and secure for all.


3 P.A.S.S. We are a group of parents dedicated to creating safe, secure and fun places to learn, grow, and achieve success. We are advocating for violent free schools where all children can learn and grow to be bright, successful and contributing members of society. We realize that it takes more than a village to raise a child and want to form that conducive bond that will allow our communities to be safe for all. We dont want children going to their schools in fear of violence or torment. We want our children to be able to leave in the morning for school with no fear of degradation, humiliation, or violence on the walk to school, at the bus stop, on the bus or in the halls of their schools.

4 P.A.S.S. Parents Advocating for Safe Schools Advocate for bullied children. Assist parents in the process of advocating and documenting the issues. Assist parents with writing letters. Attend meetings with parents Speak with schools and school organizations Assist schools in obtaining prevention programs Work with community organizations to improve morale in community Bring community and school leaders together to form a bond

5 Definition: SCHOOL BULLY Refusal (not inability) to think rationally about themselves and others; Small scale Terrorist, with behavior mostly taking place during school time; Justifies terrorist activities towards his/her targets or victims with self psychological excuses ("I want to appear tough and in control"); Enjoys enforcing power on others and causing extreme fear; Over-bearing person who tyrannizes the non-violent and physically less strong; To rule by intimidation, terror; Threatens or acts violence on others; Calls an assault a "fight," "disagreement" or "justice." The only differences between a terrorist and a bully, is in the organized planning or cause of the activity, and the scale of terror. A bullied child will believe that there is no difference between a terrorist and a bully given the above definitions.

6 STATISTICS Pennsylvania ranks 4 th in the worst states to live in to avoid bullying in grades K- 12 282,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools each month 1 of 3 students heard on more than one occasion another student threaten to kill someone 3 of 4 students report being bullied 77% of students say they have been bullied Harassment and bullying has been linked to 75% of all school shootings 39% middle school and36% high school students say they do NOT feel safe at school

7 What can you do if your child is being harassed/bullied? Demand action! Give the school a reasonable amount of time to work out minor problems to your child's satisfaction and your satisfaction as a parent. In cases of a major harassment situation such as a physical or sexual assault, call the police immediately. These type of serious offenses must be handled by the police and entered on the abuser or perpetrator's police record or Juvenile Record. School Administrators can take some actions against the perpetrator(s) but they are not police officers. Document everything! Tape record statements, type them up and have witnesses sign the statements. Take pictures of injuries, places (buildings), people, etc. Have the victim write a statement or video a statement. Write letters to School Board Members. Write letters to Board members separately and after each incident of harassment. Write a letter to the Superintendent. Write a letter to the Superintendent after each incident of harassment. Write a letter to The Principal of the school. Write a letter to the Principal after each incident of harassment.

8 REASONS A BULLY MIGHT BECOME A BULLY Just angry and in need of someone to take their frustrations out on May have been bullied in the past Have low self-esteem and think controlling someone will make them feel better about themselves Looking for acceptance from peers – want to be a part of the in crowd. Trying to show off



11 Please join us in this endeavor and lets make a change for the positive in our childrens lives. Lets make our communities the best they can be. For more information or to join us please contact Monica Thomas or Todd Thorne visit our website at: join our online support group at:

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