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Multi-agent Systems Project.

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1 Multi-agent Systems Project

2 Kickoff Meeting Introduction Assignments Organisation

3 Introducing Teachers & Assistants
Koen Hindriks Catholijn Jonker Student Assistants ... Contact ...

4 Project MAS - UT2004 Obligatory presence during contact hours
Tuesday afternoon Thursday afternoon

5 Programming and Writing Required!
Everyone must have contributed to ALL tasks during the project You will be evaluated on your VISIBLE contribution Commits to SVN of documentation, program files

6 Project Setup Main objective: Developing a Multi-Agent System in GOAL to Control a Team of Bots in UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004

7 Learning Objectives Student is able to recognize key MAS notions in the assignment and available software, and is able to use them consistently and appropriately in a MAS program and written reports. Agents and Multi-Agent Systems Notions: Agent, multi-agent system, mental state, beliefs, goals, actions, communication, coordination. Agent-Environment Interaction Notions: Action, percept Agent and Multi-Agent Program Notions: Action rules, modules, mas file, launch rules

8 Learning Objectives Teamwork & Project Planning skills Student is able to work together with team members efficiently and result-driven, to solve complex problems. Student is able to make a balanced division of tasks within the team, and to reflect on the own contribution to the teamwork and the product.

9 Project Setup Individual Assignment Group Assignment
Explore UT environment + UT-GOAL interface Ranking determines the group you will be part of Group Assignment Groups of 5 (or 6) students Program a team of GOAL agents that control bots in UT At end of project: competition between teams!

10 Individual Assignment (1)
Program a GOAL agent that controls a bot that collects as many weapons, armour, and adrenaline. Check out project manual for details Deadline: Tuesday 1 may 23:59 STRICT! Deliverables: GOAL agent and report Evaluation: 0 to 5 stars Minimally 1 star is needed to participate in group assignment! Students with same number of stars are assigned to same group

11 Individual Assignment (2)
What is available for you at the start… All documents available on Blackboard. UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 installed at PCs on Drebbelweg (DW 0.10, DW-PC 1.160, DW-PC 1.150). Download latest version of GOAL from Download UT-GOAL interface to get started at: Downloads available to do install of UT on own machine also at

12 Group Assignment: SR Combination
Combination with Schriftelijk Rapporteren (SR) Product reports also handed in and evaluated in course SR See project manual for details

13 Group Assignment (Phase 1)
Product report (SR) Analysis UT environment Agent Roles Ontology Process report Test plan (frequency, kind of testing, task division) Teamwork contract DrProject (frontpage, minutes, roadmap)

14 Group Assignment (Phase 2)
Implementation basic functionality Fetch flag, Collect items, Attack and defend Deliverables Implementation Product report: strategy, implementation of strategy (SR) Proces report: Using DrProject, teamwork, testing

15 Group Assignment (Phase 3)
Implementation advanced functionality Using power up, navigation, communication, coordination & teamwork Deliverables Final implementation Final report (product): according to SR guidelines Final report (process): using DrProject, teamwork, self reflection, evaluation of project

16 Group Assignment (Phase 4)
Competition Final meeting When - competition thur. 21 juni 13:00 - final meeting tue. 28 juni (all day) Book in Agenda

17 Meeting Agenda & Minutes
Date meeting Opening and confirm agenda Approve minutes last meeting & discuss action items (tickets on DrProject!) Announcements Other (content or process-related) agenda items Any other business Closing Minutes Presence, and who was chair and minutes secretary For each agenda item a brief overview of discussion, what has been agreed upon, and status; include owners of action items! Action items overview, with links to tickets for each item.

18 Evaluation 0.7 x product grade + 0.3 x process grade
both elements must be sufficient possible deviation based on individual contribution (based on proces report, peer review, DrProject input SA!) equal division of labour AND everybody should perform different kinds of tasks evaluation of code taking into account use of patterns and goals details: see project manual (Dutch)

19 Documentation Projectmanual (Dutch) UT-GOAL manual UT manual
GOAL documentation (GOAL Trac) GOAL FAQ+Known & fixed bugs (GOAL Trac)

20 Group Assignment: Organisation
Every group gets assigned its own student assistant: first point of contact Student assistant provides feedback and advices: should be present at least once in each week at a group meeting Online project management via DrProject tool.


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