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1. When reading the Sunday comics or your favorite comic book.

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2 1. When reading the Sunday comics or your favorite comic book.

3 2.When reading the television guide to see what is coming on.

4 3. When reading the directions of a new board game.

5 4. When reading a bedtime story to a younger brother or sister.

6 5. When reading the directions to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. **Dont forget to ask your parents for help with the oven.**

7 6. When reading road signs on a long trip. Are we there yet?

8 7. When playing license plate bingo. Youre required to read the states on the vehicles plates.

9 8. Whenever you read the grocery list to your Mom at the store. You may add an item or two!

10 9. Whenever you order food off a menu.

11 10. When working on a crossword puzzle.

12 11. Finding a DVD to watch before bed.

13 12. When you read or make birthday cards, Christmas cards, or any other holiday cards.

14 13. Whenever you find a book at the library. Using the Dewey Decimal System, using the computer search, or just thumbing through titles.

15 14. When you read the subtitles on television or a movie that is playing quietly in a doctors office.

16 15. Reading lyrics or sheet music.

17 16. When reading in the bathroom.

18 17. When you read the cereal box at breakfast time.

19 18. Reading the stats on baseball cards, Pokemon cards, or Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

20 19. Reading the directions for putting on your temporary tattoos.

21 20. Reading a letter from your best friend or your grandparents.

22 21. Reading notes left by your parents.

23 22. Whenever you read through a website or navigate through it to find the games.

24 23. When you read comments on your report card before your parents.

25 24. When you sneak to read your older sisters diary.

26 25. Whenever you read a calendar to figure out the month or day.


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