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Tips Magazine “Find Your Way in the Netherlands, Delft & TU Delft University” Maastricht 3 Team Magazine Guide.

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1 Tips Magazine “Find Your Way in the Netherlands, Delft & TU Delft University” Maastricht 3 Team Magazine Guide

2 Tips Magazine 1. Bike Tips P RIORITY D RIVERS Give way on your right Drivers on paved road Tramdrivers TRAM TRACK AHEAD P ARKING Pavements Footpaths Roadside L IGHTS ‘x’ front wheels – ‘x’ front lights Rear light Optional direction indicators No more! B IKE T RACK Main carriageway in case broken bike track.

3 Tips Magazine 2. Cultural Differences Tips Open minded Global Citizen New friends Positive attitude Respect new culture Forget and forgive Feeling lost? How to deal with this:

4 ab Tips Magazine Rent Allowance Tips 3. How can it be obtained? Step 1: Enroll to the Dutch municipality Step 2: Receive your BSN number Step 3: Apply online for the digid number ( ) for online transactions with public sector Step 4: Receive your digid number. Step 5: Apply for rental allowance, by filling an online application via the following website Opportunity for a residential allowance * Whenever the application is made, money is received for the whole rental period of your contract. Who can claim it? Dutch municipality Low income Single room

5 Tips Magazine Health Care Tips 4. In Netherlands it is exceptionally rare to get a prescription for antibiotics. You will have to treat your illness in a more traditional way. Student health practice, located at building 70 at TU Delft campus map, is dedicated to treating just TU Delft students.  Always bring your campus card and passport with you when you are about to ask for medical help.  Dutch health care is one of the best and efficient in the whole world. That is quite comforting to know ab

6 Tips Magazine Communication Tips 5. Cheapest internet bundle packet(with high speed): Zorgeloos Internet 100MB (provided by Vodafone). Monthly price only needs € 2,50. Cheapest mobile subscription : Instap (provided by KPN). Monthly price only needs € 8,33. Cheapest sim only subscription: 250 1 jaar (provided by Youfone). Monthly price only needs € 4,96 per 250 min Cheapest prepaid card: TELE2 ( € 0.1 only)

7 Tips Magazine Food Tips 6. Where should I buy my food? Cheap choices:  Lidl and Aldi  C1000  Turkish markets  Ikea  Cheap food  markets in Delft centre on Thursdays and Saturdays More expensive – higher quality  Albert Hejn Another options:  AH op ‘t Station Delft, SPAR, Hans Mayer and Coop Wippolder

8 Tips Magazine Food Tips 6. FOOD DICTIONARY EnglishDutchEnglishDutch BreadBrood CucumberKomkommer MilkMelk DillDille EggEieren CauliflowerBloemkool CheeseKaas OnionUi JuiceAppelsap CabbageKool OrangeSinaas LettuceSla OilOlie CarrotWortel Pasta PotatoAardappel PepperPeper TomatoTomaat RiceRijst Green PepperGroene Peper StakeKarbonade LambLam LemonCitroen TurkeyKalkoen WineWijn PorkVarkensvlees ButterBoter CalfKalf CoffeeKoffie ChickenKip BurgerHamburgerToneToon WaveGolfSpratSprot LobsterKreeftOctopus ShrimpGarnaalAppleAppel FishVisPearPeer CherryKersMandarinMandarijn MushroomPaddestoelWatermelonWatermeloen PeachPerzikBananaBanaan Where should I buy my food? Helpful information: Get a costumer discount cards Empty glass or large plastic bottles can be returned to a special machine. The refund receipt can be used at the checkout.

9 Tips Magazine Acculturation Objectives Decisions Taken Way of Cooperation Discrepancies, Frictions, Solutions Learned Lessons Common problems & questions of a newcomer Discussion, patience, cooperativeness, joint contribution Task division according to interests Friendly and pleasant collaboration Missed a person Different points of view which came into agreement Being open-minded to ideas, Considering positive approaches, Finding solutions, Using Facebook, Optimizing ideas, Listening to others, Being patient Process of the Project Work

10 Tips Magazine Thank You For Your Attention

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