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Kickoff 2009 Software Engineering Research Group.

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1 Kickoff 2009 Software Engineering Research Group

2 “Our civilization runs on software”

3 Software Quality (ISO 9126)

4 Software Engineering Challenge Changes in society must lead to changes in software Construct software that meets desired level of quality and continues to do so as it evolves

5 SERG Mission Education Offering students an education that prepares them to take a leading role in complex software development projects. Research Obtaining a deep understanding of how people build and evolve software systems; Developing novel methods, techniques and tools that advance the way in which software is built and modified; Valorization Ensuring that our research results have impact in software development practice.

6 Aligned with your Mission Half of the group members on non-permanent position Goal 1: Strong PhD thesis –Within 4 years –Top publications –Calls for individual as well as team excellence Goal 2: CV beyond the thesis –Education, reviewing, committee work,... –Research impact in industry / practice –Loyal supporter of organizational goals –Benefit from / obtain strong network –Profile as team player –etc.

7 Program 10:00Opening 10:15Hans Geers:Project ST1 / video 10:45Coffee 11:00Eelco Visser: 11:30Rini van Solingen: GDSE MSc projects 12:00 Walk to aula + lunch + group photo 14:00Arie van Deursen: Veni, vidi, vici 14:30Peter Kluit: Project ST4 15:00 Gerd + Andy: Service orientation 15:30Tea 16:00Eelco Visser: Teaching = programming 16:30Martin + Andy: Repository mining 17:00Closing Walk to Beestenmarkt (Belvedere) Dinner (De Pelicaan, Verwersdijk 47, 18:00) < 50% presentations > 50% discussion

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