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Senter for forskningsdrevet innovasjon (SFI). Relevante søknader.

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1 Senter for forskningsdrevet innovasjon (SFI). Relevante søknader.

2 58 søknader IKT var størst som søkergruppe.
Marin forskning er i ti av søknadsskissene. SINTEF står som vertsinstitusjon for 15 søknader. NTNU og UiO har seks søknader. (Kilde: NFR)

3 Center for innovation and adoption of Advanced Mobile end-User Services (AMUSE)
Objective Develop and disseminate interdisciplinary knowledge needed for successful development of mobile end-user services that will be used. The combined knowledge from the following focus areas is vital to thinking and acting innovatively regarding advanced mobile end-user services that will be used. Mobile services and technologies. User behaviour and experiences. Business models and institutions. Different cases and context: International markets, mWork, mLearning, mEntertainment, mTourism and travelling, mGovernement.

4 AMUSE partners Active partners (that play different roles in the value system) Telenor (telecom operator) NRK (content provider) Opera Software (enabling technology) IBM International (enabling technology) Dept. of informatics (Oslo) (standardisation / use patterns) Dept. of media and communication (Oslo) (genre / institutional issues) BI (Oslo) (value systems) SNF / NHH (Oslo) (innovation services) Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto (standardisation / learning and education) InterMedia (Bergen) (learning and education) Department of Communication Studies, University of Michigan and the USC Annenberg Center for Communication (use patterns)

5 Situated Services for Mobile Communities (SittiS)
Objective Enable innovative information and communication services adapted to the varying needs and situations of users (and devices) that move about and co-operate with each other, in this way forming mobile communities. Key areas: Service engineering, service architectures and service delivery platforms, service enablers, situated services. PATS –Program for Advanced TeleServices. Active partners NTNU (Telematics, Computer and Information Science) Sintef Telenor R & D (Trondheim) Ericsson FAST Search Computas

6 Center for innovation and business development in the network economy
Objective To develop innovations in terms of new business models for commercialization and value creation, with a focus on the interaction of different categories of actors: service providers, users of infrastructures and services, actors in the network innovation systems (“the network economy”). Active partners Handelshøgskolen BI Accenture Lester Center IBM Group Tine Gilde Norli ErgoGroup HBS Telenor KTH

7 Centre for Service Innovation Research (CECIR)
Objective: Develop new knowledge about service innovations and how service innovations can contribute to value creation and competitive advantages. Active partners: Samfunns- og næringslivsforskning (SNF) NHH NTNU DnB NOR Telenor Det norske Veritas IBM Rieber & Søn.

8 Centre for Digital Design - IxD
Objective: International standing in the area of digital design research. Active partners: The Oslo School of Archtecture and Design University of Oslo (IM, IMK) The Oslo National Academy of the Arts Sintef (ICT, HCI group) BI Telenor Opera NRK Asono Edge consulting ……

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