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Senter for forskningsdrevet innovasjon (SFI). Relevante søknader.

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1 Senter for forskningsdrevet innovasjon (SFI). Relevante søknader.

2 58 søknader IKT var størst som søkergruppe. Marin forskning er i ti av søknadsskissene. SINTEF står som vertsinstitusjon for 15 søknader. NTNU og UiO har seks søknader. (Kilde: NFR)

3 Center for innovation and adoption of Advanced Mobile end-User Services (AMUSE)  Objective  Develop and disseminate interdisciplinary knowledge needed for successful development of mobile end-user services that will be used.  The combined knowledge from the following focus areas is vital to thinking and acting innovatively regarding advanced mobile end-user services that will be used.  Mobile services and technologies.  User behaviour and experiences.  Business models and institutions.  Different cases and context: International markets, mWork, mLearning, mEntertainment, mTourism and travelling, mGovernement.

4 AMUSE partners  Active partners (that play different roles in the value system)  Telenor (telecom operator)  NRK (content provider)  Opera Software (enabling technology)  IBM International (enabling technology)  Dept. of informatics (Oslo) (standardisation / use patterns)  Dept. of media and communication (Oslo) (genre / institutional issues)  BI (Oslo) (value systems)  SNF / NHH (Oslo) (innovation services)  Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto (standardisation / learning and education)  InterMedia (Bergen) (learning and education)  Department of Communication Studies, University of Michigan and the USC Annenberg Center for Communication (use patterns)

5 Situated Services for Mobile Communities (SittiS)  Objective  Enable innovative information and communication services adapted to the varying needs and situations of users (and devices) that move about and co-operate with each other, in this way forming mobile communities.  Key areas:  Service engineering, service architectures and service delivery platforms, service enablers, situated services.  PATS –Program for Advanced TeleServices.  Active partners  NTNU (Telematics, Computer and Information Science)  Sintef  Telenor R & D (Trondheim)  Ericsson  FAST Search  Computas

6 Center for innovation and business development in the network economy  Objective  To develop innovations in terms of new business models for commercialization and value creation, with a focus on the interaction of different categories of actors: service providers, users of infrastructures and services, actors in the network innovation systems (“the network economy”).  Active partners  Handelshøgskolen BI  Accenture  Lester Center  IBM Group  Tine  Gilde  Norli  ErgoGroup  HBS  Telenor  KTH

7 Centre for Service Innovation Research (CECIR)  Objective:  Develop new knowledge about service innovations and how service innovations can contribute to value creation and competitive advantages.  Active partners:  Samfunns- og næringslivsforskning (SNF)  NHH  NTNU  DnB NOR  Telenor  Det norske Veritas  IBM  Rieber & Søn.

8 Centre for Digital Design - IxD  Objective:  International standing in the area of digital design research.  Active partners:  The Oslo School of Archtecture and Design  University of Oslo (IM, IMK)  The Oslo National Academy of the Arts  Sintef (ICT, HCI group)  BI  Telenor  Opera NRK  Asono  Edge consulting  ……

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