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Sun wind water earth life living legends for design (AR1U010 Territory (design), AR0112 Civil engineering (calculations)) Taeke M. de Jong.

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1 Sun wind water earth life living legends for design (AR1U010 Territory (design), AR0112 Civil engineering (calculations)) Taeke M. de Jong Drs. M.J. Moens C. van den Akker C.M. Steenbergen

2 Publish on your website: AR1U010 how you could take environment into account in your earlier actual and future work. AR0112 calculations and observations environment in any location and your design, check your observations. As soon as you are ready with all subjects (Sun, Wind, Water, Earth, Life, Living, Traffic, Legends), send a message referring your web adress, student number and code AR1U010 or


4 A paradox of scale One species, perhaps counting 80% ‘unhealthy’ specimens, is healthy enough to oust 1000 other species on 1 new species by evolution per year. Which risk do we count?

5 Possible futures

6 Human health in the urban environment Human density Adaptation and accomodation Distribution of health Avoiding risks could be risky Living with life: living with the risk to die Diversity of unknown life The hidden choice of statistical reduction A reference environment from 6 mln years Grown human abilities to challenge by design Urban living Civilisation damage Stress and motoric deprivation

7 A distorted public risk perception. Risk is popularly defined by chance x impact. Exceptional occurrences are magnified by television and newspapers. They bomb us by statistical exceptions, –distorting our perception of chance and magnifying impact, –increasing fear and stress.

8 Insurance companies sell fear. We pay more for safety than for living: –Insurance, police, army, water management, traffic and building safety, preventing fire, terrorism, burglary and catching a cold. We fear we can not pay all and we double our work until we die from the impacts of stress. –The life time we spend on worry is lost well-being, lost health and life time. –Our fear for exceptional possibilities raises new diseases of the mind and we fear them as well.

9 Exaggerated hygiene drove life out and nature in exile. Our biological resistance fades by inescapable stress, –the number of immunity deficiency diseases increases. We do not get injuries enough to become vaccinated by nature itself. –Always avoiding to catch a cold results in high susceptibility for flu any time we leave a building or a car. –We like dangerous holydays to flee from our unnatural and boring safety, but we do not know real danger anymore and fall ill by foreign food.

10 Avoiding risks could be risky The public shame of few physicians involved intimidates the profession as a whole. –Avoiding risks physicians prescribe too many medicines, order too many specialists’ examinations and diagnostic devices, –increasing the costs of medical care, –increasing slowly appearing side effects. Statistical analysis cannot clarify many rare side effects by lack of equal cases. –It only registers 95% short term benefits of potentially harmful medicines and treatments. –How many diseases are iatrogeneous? 50%?

11 There is something rotten in the state of Medicine King Average rules a kingdom of exceptions human species comprises

12 Living with life Our life is safer then ever, but we do not dare to live with life: the risk to die. Life became strange to us and death as well, we fear the unfamiliar because it could be unhygienic.

13 Curing fear by hope The intellectual challenge of this century is to handle diversity instead of generalising it by statistical reduction. Generalising research has diminishing returns, context sensitive problems remain. Context sensitive design is a more promising, diversity generating study. Natural evolution and ecological succession is its model.

14 Environmental science: society and environment Environment according to Udo de HaesEnvironment in technical sense

15 18 kinds of technical environments Environment is the set conditions for life

16 Environmental problems Lacking conditions for life

17 MONDIAAL Ozonlaag Klimaatverandering CONTINENTAAL Grensoverschrijdende LuVo Ozon op leefniveau Verzuring Wintersmog Zware metalen FLUVIAAL Rivieren Regionale wateren Zoute wateren Waterbodems REGIONAAL Accumulatie Vermesting Bestrijdingsmiddelen Zware metalen Verwijdering Bodemverontreiniging Verdroging LOCAAL Geluidhinder Geurhinder Luvo in de stad Binnenmilieu Environmental problems

18 Chains of impacts

19 Environmental standards

20 Sources

21 Emissions

22 Immissions

23 Dose-impact relation

24 Toxicology

25 Targets 1% of maximally permissible

26 Targets and intermediate boundary values

27 Costs of damage and quality

28 Zoning standards in m.

29 Sharpening or moderating zoning standards

30 Separate installations in quiet residential areas

31 Sources of standards The 5 th National Plan of Spatial Policy Min.v.VROM (2001), The National Plan of Nature Policy (Min.v.LNV, 2000) The 4 th National Plan of Environmental Policy (Min.v.VROM) The 4 th National Plan of Watermanagement Policy Min.v.V&W (1998)(stressing environment), and its last successor ‘Anders omgaan met water’Min.v.V&W (2000)(stressing security).

32 Critical remarks

33 Environmental themes

34 Flexibility

35 Contributions of building

36 Main principles of policy

37 Ehrlich and Speth

38 Environmental data

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