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27 januari 2011. Het Nieuwe

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1 27 januari 2011

2 Het Nieuwe

3 b2b & b2c ‘education’ 645 en 380 Mark / Sales/ Svcs ‘Realize Potential’ Microsoft in the Netherlands 37,7

4 Our journey

5 Why? Vision Global Trends Work/Life

6 Our Goals Productivity Vitality Sustainable Growth

7 Our Journey… Start with Leadership team First Conversations 2bPR thinking (to be People Ready) Aanpak ontwikkelen Preperation for “The Outlook” Firestarter Sessions 1 st internal intervention First customers starts Pilot 2bPR (F&A) Finalize 2bPR roll out Development Persona’s & Scenario’s Implementation 2bPR New Building! Partnership with RSM/Erasmus University Publication 1 st RSM research RvG Intervention Publicatie Tweede RSM onderzoek Digital Mobility pilot Publication 3th RSM research ‘Green’ research Start sustainability track RvG Intervention New Eco Measures Co2 reduction goal (30%) Raad van Anders 1 Raad van Anders 2 Raad van Anders 3

8 Do it yourself

9 Leadership

10 People and Technology

11 Where are we?

12 Ik Het Nieuwe Werken


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