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January 2005 Microsoft Nederland 26 januari 2005.

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2 January 2005 Microsoft Nederland 26 januari 2005

3 Agenda 12:30 Inleiding (Microsoft) 12:45 Client software: Outlook 2003, Mobile Devices, Messaging (Microsoft) 13:30 Partner: SMS messaging integration (Fenestrae) 14:00 Partner: Licensing Options for Hosted Exchange (Software Spectrum) 14:30 Pauze 15:00 Partner: Exchange & Client Configuration (ViaNetworks) 15:30 Partner: Protecting the End-User (Sybari) 16:00 Partner: How Customers Use Hosted Exchange 2003 (IS) 16:30 What’s new in Hosted Exchange 2003 v3.0 (Microsoft & InfoSupport) 17:00 Discussie 17:30 Afsluiting

4 Microsoft Hosting Team – Comm Sector Dedicated Solutions team in Redmond Dedicated Sales and Marketing team in EMEA Hosting Solution Sales Specialists Technical Hosting Specialists 2 EMEA-wide SPLA resellers: HP & SSI Dedicated marketing programmes and resources Dedicated Netherlands team Dedicated Outsourcing Technical Specialist SI Partners: InfoSupport, eQuest, HP, Avanade Training Partner: InfoSupport & eQuest

5 Computing Services Data Communication Services “Coupled” Services Colocation Shift in Asset Location Managed Hosting Shift in Asset Management Shift in Asset Capitalization Shift in Asset Management Shift in Asset Capitalization Shift in IT Skills Location Shift in Asset Ownership Shift to Software as Service Shift in Asset Ownership Shift to Software as Service Managed Services Shift in Technology Web hosting  software as a service =.NET

6 Microsoft Hosting strategy Partners Solutions Licensing Technical Tools Marketing Tools

7 What is a Microsoft ‘Solution’?

8 Product to Solution Paradigm Shift in Strategy Product CompanySolutions Company Partner Eco System

9 Integrated solutions Hosted Exchange Windows-Based Hosting Hosted SharePoint Shared Web Hosting Dedicated Web Hosting MPS ADS MOM SMS AD


11 January 2005 Mogelijkheden van Hosted Exchange

12 Wat kan uw klant met HE2003 v3.0 ? Consument en MKB Client en protocollen HTTP – Outlook ® Web Access (OWA) POP3/IMAP4 RPC over HTTPS – Outlook 2003 Mobile Access & Synchronisatie Global Address Book Personal en Shared Address List Personal en Shared Calendar Personal Domain Beheer uitbesteden aan Service Provider

13 Waarom Hosted Exchange 2003 voor Service Providers ? Monitoring and Reporting Monitor server or service failure Mine data Create customer reports Centralized Management Use Group Policies Improve and scale the administration of multiple servers Update Management Provide security alerts Apply security updates Reconfigure existing servers Server Purposing Build a new server Repurpose existing servers 1 2 4 3

14 Logical Diagram Platform Services Web and Data Hosting Hosted Exchange Services Border RouterPerimeter/NetPerimeter/Net Perimeter Firewall Services Packet and Port Filtering SSL Termination Stateful Inspection Application Filtering FrontNetFrontNet BackNetBackNet BackUp-Build-NetBackUp-Build-Net Exchange Front-End Servers SMTP: EXSMTP01 EXSMTP02 OWA/POP/IMAP and RPC Proxy: EXFE01 EXFE02 EXFE03 Web Hosting WEB01 External DNS DNS01 DNS02 DNS03 DNS04 Update Management SMS01 Provisioning Front-End PROV01 Backup and Restore Exchange Back-End Server Cluster (4+1) EXBE01 EXBE02 EXBE03 EXBE04 EXBE05 Data Hosting Shared SQL01 Dedicated SQL02 Monitoring and Reporting MOM01 MOMSQL01 Active Directory AD01 AD02 Service Provisioning MPS01 Server Purposing ADSC01

15 January 2005 Wat is nieuw in Hosted Exchange ?

16 Wat is er nieuw in Versie 3.0 ? Faster time to market for hosters of all sizes Solution Deployment Tool Streamlined documentation Maximize operational efficiency and cut costs SQL 2000 Reporting Services Microsoft Provisioning Server built on Windows Server 2003 Drive revenue by launching new services Windows SharePoint Services Hosting Live Communications Server 2005 Hosting 1 1 2 2 3 3

17 Hoe kunnen we met HE2003 van start ? Laat het bouwen Avanade InfoSupport eQuest Wordt nu Reseller of koop White-label bij: ViaNetworks IS Interned Services InfoSupport Bouw het zelf Training Hosted Exchange 2003 v3.0 Ontvang de bits Ga aan de slag 1 1 2 2 3 3

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