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1 EL Portals Teacher Training (April – June 2012) we-Learn Portal.

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1 1 EL Portals Teacher Training (April – June 2012) we-Learn Portal

2 Objectives By the end of this training, you should have: awareness of the different applications in the we-Learn Portal; understanding of how to navigate the we- Learn Portal; III. prepared an e-assignment for use in class.

3 2 Shared Language Experience A Pedagogic Framework for English Language for N(T) Students Teachers Support and Scaffolding b Group/ Pair Speaking/ Writing/ Representing To help build confidence before independent work d Independent Speaking/ Writing/ Representing A continuum of learning a(i) Directed Reading/ Listening/ Viewing and Thinking Activity Explicit Teaching of phonics, vocabulary, and SSAB, items and structures a(ii) Experience- based Learning small group activities for differentiated learning 3 Production/ Publication/ Representation Ongoing Assessment and Feedback, Revisit and Reinforce SSAB, Items and Structures 1 Pre-unit Assessment (needs analysis) 4 Post-unit Assessment (more formal, summative) c Guided Speaking/ Writing/ Representing Small group instruction with less proficient learners. Teacher scaffolds with appropriate language items and vocabulary and relevant structure for the types of texts. v.2.3


5 20092010201120122013 Trial: Selection of 15 schools Phase 2 : 43 schools Secondary 1 and 2 N(T) classes Phase 1: 15 schools Secondary 1 N (T) classes National Roll-out: ALL Secondary 1, 2 and 3 N(T) classes An Overview (2009 – 2013) Phase 2A : Opt-in schools Secondary 1 and 2 N(T) classes


7 Combining Tasks for T &L or Examination Mode Assessing Speaking and Representing Assessing Listening and Viewing Skills Assessing Grammar and Vocabulary Assessing Reading Comprehension Skills Assessing Form-filling Skills Student Motivation Search for Assessments Technical Hotline - 67779661 Wiki Help


9 Overall Functions in we-Learn: Sharing, Adapting and Marking Adapt assignments by clicking on Duplicate Mark oral/essay assignments

10 Automated Analysis of Scores

11 Online Speaking Tasks that Require Use of Headphones and Microphones (we-Speak)

12 2. Based on the words and phrases that you have taken down, re-tell the story in the box below. Please use accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation. The first seven words of the story are given below. The Ant and the Dove An Ant went to the river to... Online Listening Tasks that Require Use of Headphones (we-Listen)

13 Online Quizzes (we-Quiz)

14 Online Reading Comprehension Tasks (we-Read)

15 Online Form-Filling (we-Register)

16 High Scoreboard

17 Overall Functions in we-Learn: Search for assignments that you would like to adapt Search within keyword tags, titles or SSAB Search within My Assignments or Shared Assignments Search within one application or all applications

18 Navigating the we-Learn Portal Hands-on Session

19 The EL Portals Team Name of OfficerTelEmail Majella Chan (Ms)6879 Adeline Chan (Ms)6879 Dawn Chia (Ms)6838 Irene Chong (Ms)6879 Phyllis Chee (Ms)6879 Angela Chew (Ms)6879

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