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Mohammed and Political Islam -- Is It Something We Should Worry About? Prepared by Lyle B. McCurdy, Ph.D. (Rev. 3) (05/15/2012) 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-

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Presentation on theme: "Mohammed and Political Islam -- Is It Something We Should Worry About? Prepared by Lyle B. McCurdy, Ph.D. (Rev. 3) (05/15/2012) 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-"— Presentation transcript:

1 Mohammed and Political Islam -- Is It Something We Should Worry About? Prepared by Lyle B. McCurdy, Ph.D. (Rev. 3) (05/15/2012) 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 1

2 Section 0 -- Outline 1.Introduction 2.Islamic Caliphate 3.Mohammed, the founder of Islam 4.Political Islam 5.Political Islam and Ethics 6.Political Islam, Goals and Techniques 7.Political Islam, Sharia 8.Political Islam, Sharia-Compliant Finance 9.Political Islam, Some selected Islamist Quotes 10.Political Islam, Some Key Groups 11.Political Islam, Other aspects 12.Political Islam and WW3 13.Political Islam and the USA Response 14.Political Islam, what can be done, if anything? 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 2

3 Section 1 Introduction This section will define some words that will be used throughout this presentation It will also discuss how Osama bin Laden was able to pull off the 9/11 attack against the USA. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 3

4 1.1 Some Introductory Definitions Caliphate – the unity of political Muslims (1.3 B). Islamist – an adherent of political Islam ideology. Jihad – Holy War, sanctioned by Allah. Kafirs – non-believers of Islam; hated by Allah. Sharia – Allahs Islamic law for all mankind. Terrorism – violence against civilian targets by non-traditional fighters for political purposes. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 4

5 1.2. Here is what Islamists do; but WHY? 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 5

6 1.3. Why They Hate Us Jihadists hate Western civ., esp USA & Israel; they hate our laws, our freedoms, our entire culture. Osama bin Laden hated U.S. forces on Saudi land, the birthplace of Islam. He had a sacred right from Allah to attack USA on 9/11 and kill 3,000 civilians. [Friedman, George, Americas Secret War, pp ] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 6

7 1.4. How Osama bin Laden did it Afghani warriors from Russian war learned U.S. methods & secrets. After war, some formed the Taliban to rule Afghanistan, and others to form al- Qaeda to re-build the Caliphate. OBL knew our weaknesses and exploited them for 9/11 as part of that effort. [Friedman, George, Americas Secret War, pp ] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 7

8 Section 2 Islamic Caliphates This section will discuss the Ottoman Empire (Islamic Caliphate) and the USAs initial encounter with Political Islam. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 8

9 2.1 (a). A Historical Wakeup Call Americas 1st encounter with political Islam began in early 1800s when Ottoman- Caliphate pirates hijacked U.S. commercial ships along Barbary Coast (Barbary Wars). The pirates believed the Koran gave them the right to attack kafir ships, steal booty, extort ransoms, capture slaves & gain power. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 9

10 2.1 (b). A Historical Wakeup Call Jefferson asked Muslim Ambassador: Why do you attack our ships with no provocation? The reply: …(Islam) was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in the Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners… 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 10

11 2.2. The Ottoman-Caliphates Expansion The sword was used by Ottoman Empire (Caliphate) to conquer lands from Europe to North Africa, from 13 th century to Kafirs in those lands were forced into the Caliphate under Islamic rule as oppressed semi-slaves with heavy taxation. [Source: 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 11

12 2.3. The Caliphate Today Jihadists are trying to re-establish the Ottoman Empire (caliphate); all land is rightfully theirs. A jihad-waging, sharia-enforcing caliphate will be an on-going existentialist threat to the USA and the entire world. [Raymond Ibrahim, author] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 12

13 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt Jihadists Seek a Global Caliphate They believe Islam is supreme and sharia is the answer to humankinds problems. They will bless us with sharia whether we like it or not!

14 Section 3 Mohammed -- The Founder of Islam Here, some important aspects of Mohammeds life and actions that formed Islam will be presented. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 14

15 3.1 (a). Mohammeds Chronology 570 Born 4/20/570 in Mecca; stayed until He received revelations from Allah via Angel Gabriel. (His religious Islam was a failure, about 150 converts. Jews rejected him as a prophet and drove him and followers off.) He and followers fled to Medina. There political Islam invented to gain converts. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 15

16 3.1 (b). Mohammeds Chronology He used violence and forced conversions to help Islam increase rapidly in size and strength. 630 He conquered Mecca and the Kabah (a black stone – probably a meteorite) and eventually became the Master of Arabia. 631 He was involved in violent acts about every six weeks of the last nine years of his life. 632 He died in Medina on June 8 th, /8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 16

17 3.2. Mohammed Islams Ideal Man Everything He said and did form sharia. Muslims emulate Him in all aspects; similar to Christians emulating Jesus. K 33:21 Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah [Mohammed] an excellent exampler for him who hopes in Allah and the final day, and who remember Allah much. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 17

18 3.3. Mohammed A Political Leader He was a ruler, conqueror, enslaver, bandit, murderer, rapist, polygamist, self-proclaimed prophet, and he married a child. He massacred Jews in Arabia and instigated an ideology of Jew hatred that has lasted over 1400 years and cost millions of lives. His ideology of hate is still with us! [PerfectMan] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 18

19 3.4. Mohammeds Tears of Jihad Over the past 1400 years, Mohammed and his followers have been responsible for the death of about 270 million kafirs: Africans: 120,000,000 (approx); Buddhists: 10,000,000 (approx); Christians: 60,000,000 (approx); Hindus: 80,000,000 (approx); Americans: 3,000 (approx; so far…). 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 19

20 3.5. Mohammed and Jihad He invented Jihad; holy war -- a mix of religion & politics designed to instill Sharia into kafir societies. To this objective, jihadists have sacred right to berate, kill, enslave kafirs & take their property at any time, any place. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 20

21 3.6. Mohammed Treaties and Taqiyya Mohammed made & broke treaties (e.g. Treaty at Al Hudaybiya in Mecca with the Jews). Breaking treaties still okay. He used taqiyya (sacred deceit) to confound his enemies. Taqiyya still in use today. [Sultan, Wafa. A God Who Hates, p. 243.] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 21

22 3.7. Mohammed Theft, Rape and Slaves He used theft of Kafir property to fund jihad. Still okay today. He used Rape to subdue Kafirs. Still okay today. He Enslaved Kafir women & children. Still okay today. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 22

23 3.8. Mohammed Use of Assassins and Terror He used assassins to silence intellectuals and artists. Still in use today. Example: Theo Van Gogh, Dutch filmmaker stabbed to death on Nov 4, [Source, Wikipedia] Terrorism -- used for political purposes. Still in use today. […] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 23

24 3.9. Mohammad Use of Beheadings Mohammed used beheadings to terrorize his foes. …I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them. K 8:12. …I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 24

25 3.10. Mohammed and Child Marriages Mohammed married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine. He was 54. Child marriages are still condoned by sharia today. (V7, Book 62, Number 88, Narrated Ursa) 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 25

26 3.11 (a). Mohammeds Kind Heart The Three Options Before attacking, Mohammed gave his enemy three options: 1. Enemy can convert to Islam, then peace, 1. Enemy can convert to Islam, then peace, 2. Enemy can submit to Islam rule as dhimmis. 2. Enemy can submit to Islam rule as dhimmis. 3. Else, be attacked and face death. 3. Else, be attacked and face death. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 26

27 3.13 (b). Mohammed today His three options are still here On 5/8/06, Iranian Pres. Ahmadinejad sent a letter to Pres. George W. Bush with the traditional ending used by Muhammad in his Da'wa messages to enemy leaders before attacking them: "peace only unto those who follow the true path", interpreted as a threat of violence. ['s_letter_to_George_W._Bush] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 27

28 Section 4 Political Islam Is American Islam our future? Should we even worry about? Lets talk about it… 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 28

29 11/8/2013Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt Political Islam Fundamental Characteristics It is an Ideology. (It is a single overriding doctrine that all believe in, struggle for, and die for. Sharia law encompasses everything. ) It is Totalitarian. (Everything regulated by religious & political leaders; people serve the state.) It is Fascist (Everyone under a nationalistic single- party state run by a radical authoritarian leader, use of violence okay for control.)

30 4.2. Five Principles of Political Islam 1. It has sharia (Islamic law): mandatory for everyone. 2. It is supremist. 3. It has a common enemy, Kafirs. 4. It is dualistic; different rules for Muslims & kafirs. 5. It demands submission, whether one wants it or not! 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 30

31 4.3. Political Islams Three Sacred Books Koran: Allahs perfect, universal, and final word for all people and time. Sira: Mohammads biography (life story). Hadith: set of stories of what Mohammed said and did. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 31

32 4.5. Political Islams War against Kafirs The Korans Verse of the Sword K 9:5. But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and pay Zakat [tithe] then open the way for them(…) 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 32

33 4.6. Political Islam Other Verses of Violence K 3:151 (…) We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers (…) K 2:193 (…) fight them [until] there is no more persecution and the religion becomes Allahs (…) 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 33

34 4.7. Political Islam and Koranic Inconsistencies -- Principle of Abrogation The Koran has nice early verses and later violent hate Kafir equivalents. Odd. How can these differences be resolved? Easy – by abrogation: The verse of abrogation K 2:106 Whatever of Our revelations We repeal or cause to be forgotten, We will replace with something superior or comparable. (Overall about 226 verses are abrograted) 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 34

35 Section 5 Political Islam and Ethics This section will discuss the basic differences between traditional ethics and Islamic ethics. They are by no means the same… 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 35

36 5.1. Political Islam --Basic Ethics Most cultures and religions around the world believe in some form of unitary ethics -- same rules for everyone, such as the Golden Rule: Do unto others (all others) as you would have them do unto you. Not so in Islam. Islamic ethics are based upon dualism. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 36

37 5.2. Political Islams Ethics -- Dualism Dualism = two sets of rules at same time: one set for Muslims – kind to each other. another set for kafirs – Muslims have sacred right to abuse and kill kafirs. There is no Golden Rule in Islam… 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 37

38 5.3 (a). Political Islam Other forms of Dualism Religious – Small portion of sharia is about how Muslims get to heaven. No concern to us. Political – Most of sharia is political; how Allah hates kafirs and mandates Jihadists to subdue them to Islam. Great concern to us! Islams success is from politics, not religion. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 38

39 Section 6 Political Islam Goals and Techniques This section will discuss the basic differences between traditional ethics and Islamic ethics. They are by no means the same… 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 39

40 6.1. Political Islam Overall Goal Political Islam seeks to bring everyone under the banner of sharia, as commanded by Allah. This effort (war) is unstoppable until everyone has submitted to Allahs law, sharia. Host cultures are to be totally annihilated. Capitulation emboldens it. [Bill Warner] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 40

41 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt Immigration. Muslims nice, peaceful at first; fit in; Kafirs accept them as equals. 2. Later, sharia & segregation; more mosques. 3. Then infiltration, subversion, Jihad & killings start; kafirs cower with resulting culture loss. 4. Islamists take control of dhimmi gov.; require zakat to fund more jihad & control of Kafirs. 5. Sharia complete; Islam only; old Kafir culture gone. (Sharia = Trojan Horse; it enters while we sleep and then takes over! Or, like termites) 6.2. Political Islam, How it Takes Over

42 6.3. Political Islam Demographic Jihad Demographic jihad (encouraging Muslim families to have more children than normal) is being used to help overtake host cultures. Is this a real danger? Yes! With a four-to-two birthrate, they can out- vote a host society in about four generations. Think no-go zones in many European cities, and right here in USA, Dearborn MI. [] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 42

43 6.4. Political Islam and Halal Meat Prepared (inhumanely) by Islamic standards in Allahs name, by Muslim butcher facing Mecca, no kafirs allowed. Some markets may put Halal on shelves w/o customer notice; you may be consuming it without knowing it! Some Halal income must go to Islamic charity with a portion required to support jihad. [ /world/terrorism/global- jihad-marches-halal-the-new-stealth-jihad.html] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 43

44 6.5. Political Islam Dhimmitude What is it? It is an abusive and demeaning process where Muslims allow Christian and Jewish subjects to co-exist in Muslim lands as semi-slaves w/heavy poll taxes. These taxes help fund Muslim jihad. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 44

45 6.6 (a). Political Islam Useful-Idiot Dhimmitude What is it? Useful-Idiot dhimmitude (dhimmi for short) applies to kafirs who wittingly or un-wittingly support the Islamic movement by words, actions, or deeds. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 45

46 6.6 (b). Political Islam Dhimmi Examples Saying Islam is religion of peace. Claiming that U.S. law & Sharia are equal. Donating money to Islamic charities (some percentage must go to jihad). Kafir women marrying Muslim men (children are Muslim at birth; helps increase Islamic demographics). 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 46

47 6.7. Political Islam Home-Grown Jihadists Over 30 jihad training camps are scattered in USA, known as Muslims of America, lead by a radical cleric, Sheikh Mubara Gilani. Numerous Soldier of Allah jihadists have been trained to use explosives, weapons, kidnapping, and guerilla warfare against civilian and military targets. [Homegrown Jihad, The Terrorist Camps Around U.S, Christian Action Network, A PRB Film Production] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 47

48 6.8. Political Islam Radical Prison Imams Radicalized prison Imams are indoctrinating violent inmates to militant Islam. They become effective home-grown jihadists! Saudia Arabia funds such Imams to promote Wahabbism (a virulent form of Islam like Salafism) in prisons, Mosques and madrassas (Islamic schools). [ jailhouses/ ] 11/8/2013Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt48

49 Section 7.0 Political Islam and Sharia Here Islamic law (sharia, and sharia- compliant-finance) will be presented. Important – the over-arching purpose of jihad is to instill sharia everywhere, whether a culture wants it or not! 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 49

50 7.1. Political Islams Law, Sharia Sharia: Allahs sacred law from Koran & Sunna, to replace human law in everything: religion, politics food, dress, law, etc. People can freely submit to sharia. (see Reliance of the Traveller). Under sharia, true freedom curtailed -- no freedom of expression or democracy. Sharia & US Constitution incompatible! 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 50

51 7.2 (a). Political Islam and Kafir Rights under Sharia 1. Kafirs can be murdered/robbed/raped. 2. Kafir women/children can be enslaved. 3. Kafirs can be deceived (taqiyya). 4. Kafir-Muslim treaties not binding. 11/8/2013Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt51

52 (b). Political Islam Kafir Rights under sharia, Cont. 5. Kafirs can be assassinated to silence them (Blasphemists). 6. Kafirs have three choices – convert to Islam, accept dhimmitude or death. 11/8/2013Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt

53 7.3 (a). Political Islam Womens Rights under Sharia 1. Husbands have head-of-state rights over wives and daughters – he can beat or kill them as he sees fit. Women are inferior to men. 2. A women has no rights except what her husband gives her; she cant leave home w/o husbands ok. [Source: Warner, Bill, Sharia Law for the Non-Muslims, CSPI] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 53

54 7.3 (b). Political Islam and Womens Rights under sharia, Cont. 4. Wives are husbands toys, to be tilthed as desired. 5. Women are no better that a camel, slave, or dirt. 6. Women can be caned or stoned for adultery or rape (Four male witnesses reqd to free a woman convicted of rape). 11/8/2013Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt54

55 7.3 (c). Political Islam Womens Rights under sharia, Cont. 7. Disrespectful daughters can be killed by family. 8. Girls can be married off at young ages (6 or so). [Source: Warner, Bill, Sharia Law for the Non-Muslims, CSPI] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 55

56 7.4. Political Islam Sharia at work -- a local example Dearborns Mayor, Police Chief, & 17 police officers sued for illegal police action at a June 2010 Arab Festival for enforcing sharia against its non-Muslim citizens. Why? On public land at the festival, four Christians were arrested & two missionaries forced to stop handing out Gospel of John. [Source: report from Thomas More Law Center, 2/22/2011] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 56

57 Section 8.0 Political Islam and Sharia-Compliant Finance (SCF) Sharia is involved in every aspect of a Muslims life, including finance and banking. SCF uses our own money against us. Lets see how… 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 57

58 8.1 (a). Political Islam Sharia-Compliant Finance (SCF) Many Middle-Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, have tons of oil money to invest – our gas money! These countries turn around and use our money against us. How so? 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 58

59 8.1 (b). Political Islam SCF, Cont. Western financiers can earn big profits by helping oil-rich countries put their funds to work. This requires Sharia-Compliant Finance (SCF) with oversight by selected Islamic leaders. To be compliant, a percentage of each transaction must go to Islamic charity with some $ supporting jihad; a critical hidden risk! They are using our $ against us! 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 59

60 Section 9.0 Political Islam Selected Islamist Quotes Here, four quotes from selected Islamist leaders and educators will be presented to provide insight into what Islamists think about Islam, Kafirs, and sharia. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 60

61 9.1. Muhammad al Tantawi, President of Al Azhar University A leading educator in the Muslim world, he approves killing and maiming Jews, Christians and other infidels. He said: This is not my personal view. This what the Sharia Law says, the law of Allah, the only valid law on the earth.[] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 61

62 9.2. Ali Goma, Grand Mufti of Egypt Ali Goma, considered the highest Muslim authority in the world supports murdering non-Muslims. In the daily Al Ahram newspaper (4/7/08), he said: Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam. [Source: 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 62

63 9.3. Ayatollah Khomeini, Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran in the 20 th Century Khomeini had this to say about the Religion of Peace: (…) Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to Paradise, which can be opened only for the Holy Warriors! (…). [Taheri, Amir, Holy Terror:, ] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 63

64 9.4. Abdul Maududi, Highly-Respected Islamic thinker Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments (…) opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam (…) Islam requires (…) the whole planet (…) to benefit from the ideology [of Islam] (...) the objective of the Islamic Jihad is to eliminate the rule of an un-Islamic system and establish in its stead an Islamic system of state rule. [Wikipedia: Sayeed Abdul Ala Maududi, Jihad in Islam, p. 6] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 64

65 Section 10 Political Islam -- Some key groups Most Islamist groups are involved in Allahs war against kafirs. Most are Muslim Brotherhood spin- offs, the controlling organization. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 65

66 11/8/ (a). Political Islam The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) The MB controls all other groups; it is political, supremist, and expansionist; p/o of Hamas. It is using every form of cultural jihad to infiltrate USA and subdue everyone under sharia. Note: al-Qaeda uses violent jihad, MB uses soft jihad; end goals are same for both). Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 66

67 11/8/ (b). Political Islam The Muslim Brotherhood, Cont. The Brotherhoods stated goal: (…) to destroy Western civilization from within and allowing for the victory of Islam over all other religions. Which automatically combines mosque & state… Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 67

68 10.1 (c). Political Islam The Muslim Brotherhood, Cont. The Brotherhoods motto: Allah is our goal. The Prophet is our leader. The Quran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest aspiration. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 68

69 10.1 (d). Political Islam Some Muslim Brotherhood tactics Instead of violence like al-Aqaeda, the MB uses stealth (cultural, soft) jihad to infiltrate host societies to spread sharia to unsuspecting kafirs, again whether they want it or not. This includes ethics, politics, money, deceit, immigration, political correctness, spy-craft, multiculturalism, propaganda, diplomacy… 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 69

70 10.1 (e). Political Islam MB tactics in our public schools & colleges The MB created the Muslim Student Assn. (MSA) as a way to attract & brainwash unsuspecting HS and college students to support the Islamist movement after graduation. A powerful ploy! Public schools – Many 6/7th grade history and SS texts/classes now whitewash and indoctrinate kids in political Islam. [Wikipedia] 11/8/2013Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt70

71 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt (f). Political Islam Other MB Influences in Tucson Gulen Charter Schools – may indoctrinate students in political Islam, besides education: Daisy Education Corp.; Sonoran Science Academy; Daisy Early Learning Academy; Sonoran Science Academy, Davis Monthan AFB. [ ] ICT (Islamic Center of Tucson), 901 E. 1 st Street. The ICT is an alleged al-Qaeda HQ in USA. [Steve Emerson:

72 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt Political Islam the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) The HLF -- was the largest Islamic charity in the USA. However, in 2008, the HLF was convicted of funneling funds to Hamas. Many guilty members were part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

73 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt Political Islam the Islamic Society of N. America (ISNA) This group promotes stealth jihad outreach to social, educational, religious, civic, and service groups. ISNA was an unindicted co-conspirator during the 2007 HLF trial. [Wikipedia]

74 10.4. Political Islam Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) This is a world-wide organization; used to help international governments etc., adopt hate-speech laws to prohibit the truth about political Islam. Pushes labels such as bigot, islamophobe & blasphemy (Islamic punishment for blasphemy is death). [Bat Ye-or, in Stop the Islamization of America] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 74

75 Section 11 Political Islam Other Aspects Here a broad range of topics related to political Islam, including mosques, Islamic expansion, and how other governments are coping with it will be presented. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 75

76 11.1. Political Islam What are mosques used for? Many mosques & madrasses (schools) teach kids that jihad is a blessed activity; funded by Saudi Arabia to promote Wahabbism, a virulent form of Islam. [Sultan, Wafa. A God Who Hates] Used for political, military, and outreach centers to promote superiority of Islam (e.g., proposed mosque at Ground Zero in NYC). [Geller, Pamela, Stop the Islamization of America, WND Books, 2011] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 76

77 11.2. Political Islam is it Expansionist? Islam has taken over much of North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, and recently Lebanon (it was Christian). Many European cities have no-go zones that kafirs, police & firemen cant enter because of gang intimidation; plus sharia creeping into local legal codes! Its happening here. We risk losing our culture! 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 77

78 11.3. Political Islam In UK British attempt to appease jihadists Britain gave jihadists free reign thinking they wouldnt attack the state. On 7/7/05, four British-born jihadists bombed Londons mass transit. Oops! Lesson: everyone must avoid appeasing jihadists, a sign of weakness. [Stakelbeck, Erick. The Terrorist Next Door. Regnery, 2011] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 78

79 11.4. Political Islam Egyptian support of MB Survey results of Post Mubarek Egyptians: 95% want Islam to play large role in politics. 84% favor death penalty for apostasy. 77% favor cutting thieves hands off. 54% favor segregation of women from men. 54% believe suicide bombs of civilians ok. 82% of Egyptians dislike America. [Source: Pew poll, Investors Business Daily, Freedom in Muslim Countries? Whistleblower, March 2011] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 79

80 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 80 Section 12 Political Islam and World-War 3 What is World-War 3? It is a non-traditional, stealth-jihad war against kafir countries to re-establish the Islamic Caliphate as it was during the Ottoman Empire. Led by MB. [Gold, Jon H., Colonel, US Army (Retired) Sneak Attack]

81 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt Political Islam World-War 3, Cont. This war declared by MB jihadists against kafir countries during WW 2 in Middle East. Over time, these jihadists seek a world- wide caliphate under Sharia for everyone; then peace in world at last... [Gold, Jon H., Colonel, US Army (Retired) Sneak Attack]

82 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt Political Islam and World-War 3, Cont. Many leaders, leftists, and un-informed civilians deny that this war is real! Many believe Islam is like other religions and non-threatening; that should be left alone. And, many useful idiots support the Islamic movement in USA so it will lead to socialism. [Gold, Jon H., Colonel, US Army (Retired) Sneak Attack]

83 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt Political Islam and World-War 3, Cont. This war is real and on-going by MB jihadists Both violent and soft jihad techniques being used, such as terrorism and infiltration. 50 terrorist attempts since 9/11: Ft Hood shooter, Times Sq bomber; underwear bomber; Xmas Lights bomber; Ft Dix Six, to name a few. Denial doesnt work; the threat is real! [Gold, Jon H., Colonel, US Army (Retired) Sneak Attack]

84 11/8/ Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 12.4 (a). Political Islam Some WW 3 tactics against us 1.Use stealth jihad in schools, courtrooms, internet, workplaces, supermarkets, neighborhoods, airwaves; everywhere. 2. Use our political correctness, civil & legal codes, multiculturalism, & moral standards against us. 3. Promote Islam as religion of peace; with jihad activities hidden. 4. Use taqiyya (sacred deceit) to confound us.

85 11/8/ (b). Political Islam Some WW 3 Tactics, Cont. 5. Change laws so criticism of Islam is hate speech and illegal, as bigots & islamophobes. [Geller] 6. Garner useful-idiot support of Islamist cause. 7. Get UN on Islams side to legitimize it. 8. All MB groups (ISNA, CAIR etc.)will aid Islamists. 9. Use mosques to radicalize new Islamists. 10. Get U.S. welfare & OPEC monies to fund jihad. Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt85

86 12.4 (c). Political Islam Some WW 3 tactics, Cont. 11. Teach Muslim kids to be supreme; to form groups. 12. Use demographic jihad against our declining popn. 13. Use Muslims for armor and as suicide bombers. 14. Use killings and beheadings to subdue us. 15. Use violence to silence critics of Islam. [Rahman, abdul, (alias). Warning to the West, CitizenWarrior, 06/04/2011] 11/8/2013Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt86

87 Section 13 Political Islam and the USA response Here some of the ways that our government is coping with political Islam. 11/8/2013Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt87

88 13.1. Political Islam Foiled Terrorist Plots in USA Since 9/11 Heritage study: at least 50 publicly known Islamist terror plots against USA have been foiled since 9/ can be considered homegrown terror plots. Three of 50 foiled by luck or quick public action. Remaining 47 thwarted by concerted efforts of intelligence and law enforcement. [Heritage Foundation Report] 11/8/2013Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt88

89 13.2. Political Islam and the Pentagon (AP story) All service branches (including FBI) must now review their training to ensure they dont use anti-Islamic materials. Material in a Norfolk officer training course was found to be anti-Islamic and counter to American appreciation for religious freedom and cultural awareness. Course was cancelled. [Military Class suspended for its anti-Islam teachings. Arizona Daily Star, 05/11/12] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 89

90 13.3. Political Islam ad the USAs War on Terror Treating Islam as a religion of peace, while conducting a war on terror is corny; it is a war against a tactic, not the underlying ideology of political Islam, sharia, as embodied within the Muslim Brotherhood! It is akin to our being at war on kamikazi pilots, instead the underlying Japanese Ideology of why they attacked the U.S. in the first place. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 90

91 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt 91 Section 14 Political Islam What can be done, if anything? Here some ways to help stop political Islam and the on-going creep of sharia into our society, and to help curb the insidious infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood will be presented.

92 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt (a). Political Islam -- What can we do? 1. REJECT dhimmitude -- in yourself and others. 2. LEARN: study the Koran, MB, jihad, sharia, SCF. 3. FOLLOW current Islam/mosque events & activity. 4. RESIST Sharia & ties between mosque & state; hold government officials accountable for this. 5. JOIN groups dedicated to stop Islamization of USA: (Brigitte Gabriel); (Pamela Geller); (Robert Spencer). [Stakelbeck, Erick. The Terrorist Next Door, p. 225]

93 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt (b). Political Islam What can we do? Cont. 6. Share your new-found knowledge with others about the dangers of political Islam, sharia, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Hint -- Couch sensitive notions under a personal concern banner such as: things that really concern me… or things I worry about… or things that keep me up at night…

94 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt (c). Political Islam What can we do? Cont. 7. Jon and I would like to speak at other civic-minded groups. If you know of any group(s) that would like us as guest speakers, please let us (and them) know.

95 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt The End Now, is political Islam something we should worry about? Is the Muslim Brotherhood a benign organization, or something we should worry about? Is sharia a simple benign set of religious principles, or something we should worry about?

96 16.1. References & Websites ACT! for America: [PerfectMan: man-of-islam.html] Extremist group info, Friedman, George. Americas Secret War, Inside the Hidden WorldWide Struggle Between America and its Enemies. Anchor Books, New York Gabriel, Brigitte, Because they Hate, A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America, St. Martins Press, Gabriel, Brigitte, They Must Be Stopped, Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam And How We Can Do It, St. Martins Press, Geller, Pamela, Stop the Islamization of America, WND Books, Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it- something-we-should-worry-about- Rev3.ppt 96 11/8/2013

97 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt References & Websites [Heritage Foundation Report: terror-plots-against-us-foiled-since-9-11?page=2 Jasser, Zuhdi, President of AiFD (American Islamic Forum for Democracy), Phoenix, AZ. Quran Commentary: Tafsir al-Jalalayn, by JalaluD-Din al-Mahalli and JalaluD- Din As-Suyuti, Published by Dar Al Taqua Ltd., London. Sharia Law Info: Sharia Law Manual: Reliance of the Traveller, A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law, by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri, amana Publications. Sharia, the Threat to America, an Exercise in Competitive Analysis, Report of Team B II. Center for Security Policy. Spencer, Robert. The Complete Infidels Guide to the KORAN. Regnery, 2009.

98 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev3.ppt References & Websites Stakelbeck, Erick. The Terrorist Next Door, How the Government is Deceiving You About the Islamist Threat. Regnery, Sultan, Wafa. A God Who Hates, St. Martins griffin, NY The Holy Quran, translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali Warner, Bill. Thirteen Lessons on Political Islam, Islam 101, CSPI. Visit Warner, Bill. Mohammed, Allah, and Politics, The Islamic Political doctrine, Center for the Study of Political Islam. Warner, Bill. Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, Center for the Study of Political Islam.

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