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Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/20131 Mohammed & Political Islam -- Is It Something We Should Worry About?

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1 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/20131 Mohammed & Political Islam -- Is It Something We Should Worry About? Prepared by Lyle B., Ph.D. (Rev. 2) 11/8/20131

2 1.1 Some Introductory Definitions Caliphate – political unity of all Muslims (the Ummah). Islamist – adherent of p-Islam ideology against Kafirs. Jihad – Holy War. Also a personal struggle. Kafir – non-believer of Islam; hated by Allah/Islamists. Sharia – Islamic law from Allah (Koran, Sira & Hadith). Terrorism -- politically motivated violence against civilian targets by non-traditional fighters. Ummah – collective of all 1.3 b Muslims worldwide. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 2

3 1.2. We see what they do; but WHY? 11/8/20133

4 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ WHY? because we are Kafirs… Kafir = Infidel = unbeliever = us. Allah hates us because we arent Muslim. Islamists hate us because Allah does, as spelled out in sharia. In sharia, Allah points out that we Kafirs are ignorant, blind, arrogant, evil, liars, a disgrace, a partner of Satan; doomed, detested, unclean and cursed; non-human. And, Allah gives Islamists a blessed mandate to kill or subjugate Kafirs. They can mock, torture, punish, behead, confuse, plot against, terrorize, destroy, deceive, hurt, cut down, cheat, insult, war against, and humiliate us any time or place they choose. 11/8/20134

5 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Why do Islamists Hate Us? They hate Western civilization. They hate our culture, our laws, our decadence; especially USA & Israel. They see U.S. as a weak Christian protector of hated corrupt Islamic regimes; they want us out of these countries so they can purify them to true Islam. OBL hated U.S. forces on Saudi land, the birth place of Islam. Allah gives him/Islamists a sacred right to attack Kafir countries, and to purify rogue counties. [Friedman, George, Americas Secret War, pp ] 11/8/20135

6 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ How Did OBL Pull It Off? Afghani warriors from Russian war learned U.S. methods & secrets. After war, they formed the Taliban to rule Afghanistan, and al-Qaeda to re-gain glory of past Caliphate, and dominate all Kafir countries by any means, such as 9/11. OBLs 9/11 attack was designed to shock USA into a counter attack on a rogue Islam country and to show world that a weak USA could be played. He knew our methods & pulled it off! [Friedman, George, Americas Secret War, pp ] 11/8/20136

7 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 2.1. A Historical Wakeup Call (a) Americas 1st encounter with political Islam began in early 1800s when Ottoman Empire (Caliphate) pirates hijacked U.S. commercial ships along Barbary Coast (Barbary Wars). The Koran gave them the right to attack non- Muslim ships, steal booty, extort ransoms, capture slaves & gain power. 11/8/20137

8 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 2.2. A Historical Wakeup Call (b) Jefferson to Muslim Ambassador: Why do you attack our ships with no provocation? Jeffersons note of Ambassador: …(Islam) was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners… 11/8/20138

9 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 2.3. Was Caliphate Dangerous Then? The Ottoman Empire Caliphate used the sword to conquer lands from southeastern Europe, south- western Asia, to North Africa, from 13 th century to (The Muslim Brotherhood started in 1926). Non-Muslims living in these lands were forced into the Empire under Islamic rule as oppressed semi- slave Kafirs with heavy taxation (see dhimmi). [Source: 11/8/20139

10 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Is Caliphate Dangerous Now? Islamists aim to re-establish the Ottoman caliphate; believing lands are rightfully theirs. A jihad-waging, sharia-enforcing caliphate will be a permanent on-going enemy to us. Once established, their next objective is to subjugate entire world under Islam. This must be stopped – otherwise its simply a matter of time before they succeed. [Raymond Ibrahim, author] 11/8/201310

11 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Do Islamists Seek a Caliphate Now? Islamists believe Islam is supreme. Will Islam rule the world? Whose side is time on? 11/8/ /8/201311

12 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 3.1. What about Mohammad The Founder of Islam ? Chronology of Mohammads life: 570 Born 4/20/570 in Mecca; stayed until He begins receiving revelations from Allah via Angel Gabriel; his religious Islam was a failure, about 150 converts. Jews didnt accept him as a prophet and drove him & followers off Mohammed & followers flee to Medina. He starts using political Islam to gain converts. 11/8/201312

13 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 3.2. Mohammeds Chronology, cont He continues using force and violence to promote his new Islam; forced conversions helped Islam increase rapidly in size & strength. 630 He conquers Mecca and the Kabah. He goes on to become the master of Arabia. 631 He was involved in an event of violence about every 6 weeks of the last 9 years of his life. 632 Mohammed died in Medina on June 8th. 11/8/201313

14 3.3. Mohammed -- Islams Ideal Man Islam regards Mohammed as the ideal man. His life and teachings guide Islams moral universe. Every- thing he said or did is moral. Muslims seek to emulate and imitate him in all aspects of life; similar to Christians emulating and imitating Jesus. K 33:21 Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah [Mohammed] an excellent exampler for him who hopes in Allah and the final day, and who remember Allah much. K 68:4. And surely thou [Mohammed] hast sublime morals. 1411/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt

15 3.4. Mohammed -- Political Leader Mohammed was a ruler, conqueror, enslaver, bandit, murderer, rapist, polygamist, pedophile and self- proclaimed prophet; He created the Koran & Allah. He killed anyone who left Islam (apostacy). He used mans unbound lust for women, power, and money to woo converts to his religion & Allah. Allah -- the only god who woos followers by sin. He massacred all the Jews in Arabia and instigated hatred between his followers and other Jews that has lasted for over 1400 years and has cost millions of lives. And is still doing so! [PerfectMan] 11/8/201315

16 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Mohammed – Developed Jihad Jihad = holy war, a mix of religion & politics. Jihad was created and used by Mohammed. Mohammed, Allah and Jihadists hate Kafirs and are at war with them always. Allah gives Jihadists sacred right to berate, kill, enslave Kafirs & take their property -- any time, any place. (Physical jihad assumed.) Submitting to Islam is one way to stop jihad… 11/8/201316

17 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Mohammed -- Treaties & Taqiyya Mohammed broke treaties when it suited him (He broke the Treaty at Al Hudaybiya in Mecca with the Jews). Islamists can break treaties today as well. Taqiyya – sacred deceit. Since war with Kafirs is on-going, Allah gives Islamists right to deceive and/or lie to Kafirs at any time or place to advance Islam. [Sultan, Wafa. A God Who Hates, p. 243.] 11/8/201317

18 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Mohammed -- Booty/Rape/Slaves Mohammed stole Kafir property as booty. Islamists can do so today. Mohammed used rape as a standard jihad tactic to subdue Kafirs. Its still okay today. Mohammed enslaved Kafir women and children. Its still okay today. 11/8/201318

19 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Mohammed -- Assassins & Terrorism Mohammed used assassins to silence his critics. Many poets and authors were assassinated. Still okay today. [Source, Wikipedia] Mohammed used terrorism against civilians to effect political change; still in use today. […] 11/8/201319

20 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 3.9. Mohammed -- Beheadings Mohammed used beheadings to instill fear in his enemies and help force them to submit to his demands. K 8:12. …I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them. 11/8/201320

21 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt Mohammed -- Child Marriages Mohammed believed in child marriages. Islam endorses child marriages today. Mohammed wrote his marriage contract with Aisha while she was six years old. He consummated the marriage when she was nine years old; he was 54. (V7, Book 62, Number 88, Narrated Ursa) 11/8/201321

22 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Mohammeds Stealth Jihad Besides the sword, Mohammed used stealth (soft) jihad such as culture, ethics, politics, language, money, slavery, destiny, family, immigration, government, power, deceit, racial pride, tribalism, community, fear, propaganda, diplomacy, spy- craft, philosophy, psychology -- anything to win. Stealth/soft/cultural jihad used effectively today by Islamists to infiltrate and take over Kafir societies. 11/8/201322

23 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt Mohammeds -- Three Options (a) Mohammed always gave losers three options: 1. convert to Islam, 2. submit to Islam as dhimmi (a demeaning, slave-like status with heavy poll taxes) 3. or death. 11/8/201323

24 3.13. Mohammeds -- Three Options (b) Islamists message today is the same! On 5/8/06, Iranian Pres. Ahmadinejad sent a letter to Pres. George W. Bush with the traditional ending used by Muhammad in his Da'wa messages to enemy leaders before attacking them: "peace only unto those who follow the true path", interpreted as a threat of violence. ['s_letter_to_George_W._Bush] 11/8/ /8/ Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt

25 11/8/ What are Islams Sacred Books? Koran: The perfect, eternal, universal, & final word of Allah for all people and all time. Sira: Mohammads biography (his life story). Hadith: a collection of hadiths (stories) about Mohammed. (capital H=many stories, h=one story.) ========================================= Sunna: Mohammeds words & actions from Hadith & Sira; Sunna is Allahs divine pattern for all humanity. 11/8/201325

26 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 4.2. More About the Koran Koran (K) = recitation in Arabic. Mohammed recited gods divine words from angel Gabriel from 610 AD until his death in 632. The book was compiled after his death. Its contents believed to be perfect words of Allah; cannot be changed in any way. Compiled Islam is about 1400 years old. 11/8/201326

27 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 4.3. Whats the Verse of the Sword? K 9:5. But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and pay Zakat [tithe] then open the way for them(…) 11/8/201327

28 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Other Verses of Violence in Koran K 3:151 (…) We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers (…) K 8:12 (…) I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them. K 2:193 (…) fight them [until] there is no more persecution and the religion becomes Allahs (…) 11/8/201328

29 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ What is Abrogation? Abrogation – the process of replacing earlier nice verses in Koran with later violent ones; with both remaining true, as needed (dualism). The verse of abrogation is: K 2:106 Whatever of Our revelations We repeal or cause to be forgotten, We will replace with something superior or comparable. (226 verses are abrograted) 11/8/201329

30 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ An Example of Abrogation… President Bush may have referred to Koran verse 5:32 when he said: Islam is a religion of peace. K 5:32 (…) Whoever saves a life, it will be as though he had saved all mankind (…) [a nice verse] K 5:33 The only reward for those who war against Allah and his messengers (…) will be slain or crucified, have their alternate hands and feet cut off, or be banished from the land(…) [violent verse] V. 5:33 abrogates 5:32 -- violence to all Kafirs. 11/8/201330

31 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Does Islam Have Special Ethics? Most cultures and religions around the world believe in some form of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule: Do unto others (and everyone else) as you would have them do unto you. Unitary ethics: same rules for everyone; no exceptions. Not so in Islam. Islams ethics are based upon dualism. 11/8/201331

32 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ What is Dualistic Ethics? Dualism = two sets of rules at same time: one set of rules for Muslims – They are one set of rules for Muslims – They are to be nice and respectful to each other. another set of rules for kafirs – Kafirs are hated, inferior to Muslims, demean them. another set of rules for kafirs – Kafirs are hated, inferior to Muslims, demean them. There is no Golden Rule in Islam… 11/8/201332

33 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Is Islam Itself Dualistic? Religious – how Muslims get to heaven. Religious – how Muslims get to heaven. Were not concerned about this part. Political – how Muslims treat Kafirs. Political – how Muslims treat Kafirs. This part we care a lot about. It involves their on-going war against Kafirs. Allah mandates Jihadists to subdue Kafirs to Islam, any time or place; such as 9/11… 11/8/201333

34 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ More About Islamic Dualism Islam is a fully developed ideology for both politics and religion, divine from sharia. Islams political & religious principles believed to be sacred, perfect, eternal, and universal. Islams dualism gives Islamists power over Kafirs not obtainable by religion alone. Its success is from its politics, not its religion. 11/8/201334

35 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 6.0 Political Islam (P-Islam) Is American Islam our future? 11/8/201335

36 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 6.1. Is P-Islam a Danger? P-Islam is about the destruction of all Kafir civilizations. P-Islam is at war with Kafirs because Allah says so, whether we like it or not, or want to believe it. We cannot nice our way from destruction, the Islamists dream will come true while we sleep. To halt impending annihilation of our culture, P-Islam must be stopped. [Bill Warner] 11/8/201336

37 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ The Five Principles of P-Islam 1. Islam -- all from Triology (Koran, Sira, & Hadith). 2. Most Islamic doctrine is political, and supremist. 3. Islam has a common enemy, the Kafir. 4. Islamic ethics is dualistic; two sets of laws: one for Muslims, and another for Kafirs. 5. Submission: all Kafirs must submit to Islam. 11/8/201337

38 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ How Does P-Islam Take Over? 1. Immigration w/soft jihad. Muslims seem nice and peaceful at first; work to fit in; Kafirs are accepting. 2. Sharia demands w/segregation; more Mosques. 3. Jihad & killings start. Kafirs cower; culture loss. 4. Islamists take control of dhimmi government and use taxation to fund more jihad and control of Kafirs. 5. Sharia complete; Islam only; old Kafir culture gone. 11/8/201338

39 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ What is Demographic Jihad? Demographic Jihad is the act of helping a minority ethnic population increase itself within a country to alter the social and/or political norms of that country. Three typical methods: 1.High minority-group immigration rates. 2.Higher-than-normal minority-group birth rates. 3.Lower-than-normal host-group birthrates. [] [] 11/8/201339

40 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ What About Halal Food? Halal food -- clean by Islamic standards, prepared and blessed by Muslims only in name of Allah, while butcher faces Mecca, no Kafirs allowed; a form of soft jihad… Sharia pressures supermarket chains to feature Halal on shelves, with threats for non-compliance. Sharia pressures supermarket chains to feature Halal on shelves, with threats for non-compliance. Some Halal food income must go to Islamic charity with some funds required to jihad activity; another challenge in our fight against creeping sharia. Some Halal food income must go to Islamic charity with some funds required to jihad activity; another challenge in our fight against creeping sharia. [ /world/terrorism/global-jihad- marches-halal-the-new-stealth-jihad.html] /world/terrorism/global-jihad- marches-halal-the-new-stealth-jihad.html 11/8/201340

41 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ What is Dhimmitude? By definition, dhimmitude has two general forms: 1. Historical dhimmi – People of the Book Kafirs living under abusive Muslim rule as semi-slaves w/heavy poll taxes. 2. Modern dhimmi – anyone who supports the Islamist movement by word, mouth, or deed. 11/8/201341

42 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Modern Dhimmi Examples Saying Islam is religion of peace is dhimmi. Claiming US law & Sharia are equal is dhimmi. Donating to Islamic charity is dhimmi (some percentage must go to jihad per Sharia law.) Kafir women marrying Muslim men is dhimmi; kids are Muslim at birth; helps demographics. 11/8/201342

43 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Are Jihad Training Camps in USA? Yes. Home-grown (h-g) jihadists are trained in USA: Thirty five jihad training camps are scattered throughout USA, known as Muslims of America, lead by a radical cleric, Sheikh Mubara Gilani. Thousands of h-g jihadi Soldiers of Allah islamists have been trained to use explosives, weapons, kidnapping, and guerilla warfare to kill Kafirs(…). [Homegrown Jihad, The Terrorist Camps Around U.S, Christian Action Network, A PRB Film Production] 11/8/201343

44 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ P-Islam and Prison Inmates P-Islam seeks out violent inmates. Why? Inmates with violent backgrounds fit right in with the radicalized objectives of militant Islam. Those comfortable with rape and murder etc. make effective home-grown jihadists; fit right in! Saudia Arabia supports radicalized Imams to work in prisons, in addition to funding Mosques & madrassas to promote Wahabbism (a rigid form of radical Islam, e.g., women cant drive). Examples: Jose Padilla (dirty bomb), Richard Reid (shoe bomb). [ ] 11/8/201344

45 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ What is Sharia? Sharia (Islamic Law): Allahs sacred perfect law from Koran, Sira, & Hadith; ideal as is, cant be changed. Absolute control of everything including: dress, family law, religion, politics, legal, banking, insurance, criminal law, etc. (Sharia rule book: Reliance of the Traveller) Freedom of expression, art, & press curtailed. No democracy, constitution, or golden rule. Sharia in conflict w/U.S. laws & Constitution! 11/8/201345

46 11/8/ How do Kafirs Fare Under Sharia? Kafirs have three choices under Islam -- submit, convert, become a dhimmi (be a semi- slave under Muslim rule), or death.Kafirs have three choices under Islam -- submit, convert, become a dhimmi (be a semi- slave under Muslim rule), or death. Kafirs can be murdered, robbed, and raped.Kafirs can be murdered, robbed, and raped. Kafir women & children can be enslaved.Kafir women & children can be enslaved. Kafirs can be lied to and deceived (taqiyya).Kafirs can be lied to and deceived (taqiyya). Kafir-Muslim treaties can be broken any time.Kafir-Muslim treaties can be broken any time. Kafir critics of Islam can be assassinated any time, any place.Kafir critics of Islam can be assassinated any time, any place. 4611/8/ Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt

47 11/8/ How do Women Fare Under Sharia? 1. Women inferior to men in intelligence and religion. 2. Disobedient wives can be beaten by husbands. 3. Wives must get husbands ok to leave home. 4. Wives are husbands toys, to tilth as desired. 5. Women are equal to camels, and slaves. 6. Women can be caned/stoned for adultery/rape. 7. Disrespectful daughters can be killed by family. 8. Girls can be married at young ages (6 or so). [Source: Warner, Bill, Sharia Law for the Non-Muslims, CSPI] 11/8/201347

48 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Example of Creeping Sharia Dearborns Mayor, Police Chief, & 17 police officers sued for illegal police action at a June 2010 Arab Festival for enforcing sharia. Why? On public land at the festival, four Christians were arrested & two missionaries forced to stop handing out Gospel of John. [Source: report from Thomas More Law Center, 2/22/2011] [Source: report from Thomas More Law Center, 2/22/2011] 11/8/201348

49 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ What is Sharia-Compliant Finance? Many Middle-Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, have tons of oil money to invest – money that came from us! Unbeknown to most, we buy oil from them, and they turn around and use our money against us. How so? 11/8/201349

50 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ More About Sharia- Compliant Finance Western financiers get large profits by helping these countries put their funds to work. This requires Sharia-Compliant Finance (SCF) with oversight by selected Islamic leaders. To be compliant, a percentage of each transaction must go to Islamic charity with some funds designated for jihad; a critical hidden risk! 11/8/201350

51 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Islamist Quote: Tantawi Muhammad Sayyid al Tantawi, president of Al Azhar Univ. approves killing & maiming of Jews, Christians and other infidels. He said: This is not my personal view. This what the Sharia Law says, the law of Allah, the only valid law on the earth. [] 11/8/201351

52 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Islamist Quote: Goma Ali Goma, Grand Mufti of Egypt, the highest Muslim authority in the world, supports murdering non-Muslims. In the daily Al Ahram (April 7, 2008), he said: Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam. He compares non-Muslims to apes and pigs, not only the Jews. [Source: 11/8/201352

53 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Islamist Quote: Khomeini Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of Islamic Republic of Iran in 20 th century, said this: (…) Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to Paradise, which can be opened only for the Holy Warriors! (…). [Taheri, Amir, Holy Terror: Inside the World of Islamic Terrorism, Adler & Adler, 1987, pp ] 11/8/201353

54 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Islamist Quote: Maududi Abdul Maududi, a highly-respected Islamic thinker had this to say: Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments (…) opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam (…) Islam requires (…) the whole planet (…) because (…) mankind should benefit from the ideology and welfare programme [of Islam] (...) the objective of the Islamic Jihad is to eliminate the rule of an un-Islamic system and establish in its stead an Islamic system of state rule. [Wikipedia: Sayeed Abdul Ala Maududi, Jihad in Islam, p. 6] 11/8/201354

55 11/8/ Who are Key Islamic Groups? GMB (Global Muslim Brotherhood), supremist, most powerful; p/o of Hamas; in control of most Muslim groups. Goal: destroy Western civilization from within and allowing for the victory of Islam over other religions. USMB is using infiltration & sedition to subdue USA under Sharia (same goal as al-Qaeda; just different methodology). HLF (Holy Land Foundation) -- largest Islamic charity in USA; found guilty of funding Hamas in Guilty members p/o USMB. 11/8/ Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt

56 11/8/ Key Islamic Groups, cont. romotes stealth jihad outreach to social, educational, religious, civic, & service groups, an unindicted co-conspirator during the 2007 HLF trial. [Wikipedia] ISNA (Islamic Society of N. America) -- promotes stealth jihad outreach to social, educational, religious, civic, & service groups, an unindicted co-conspirator during the 2007 HLF trial. [Wikipedia] – Links Muslims w/USA groups (w/two voices -- one for us & another for Muslims). Also a unindicted co-conspirator in 2007 HLF trial. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) – Links Muslims w/USA groups (w/two voices -- one for us & another for Muslims). Also a unindicted co-conspirator in 2007 HLF trial. 11/8/ Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt

57 10.3. Key Islamic Groups, cont. OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference); a destructive world-wide organization, works to suppress and punish alleged Islamophobia and blasphemy around the globe. They have an Observatory of Islamophobia, designed to pressure Western governments and international bodies to adopt laws that punishes anyone speaking truth about Islam. [Bat Ye-or, in Stop the Islamization of America] 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 57

58 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Is P-Islam in our Schools? MSA (Muslim Students Assn.) -- Islamic college groups indoctrinate students in P-Islam. Gets them ready for leader- ship roles in support of Islam after graduation… Public schools – Many 6/7th grade texts & classes being used to indoctrinate kids in P-Islam. [Wikipedia] 11/8/201358

59 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Islamic Influence in Tucson Fethullah Gulen Schools – used to indoctrinate students in P-Islam: Daisy Education Corp.; Sonorant Science Academy; Daisy Early Learning Academy; Davis Monthan AFB. [ ] ICT (Islamic Center of Tucson), 901 E. 1 st Street – alleged al-Qaeda HQ in USA. [Steve Emerson: 11/8/201359

60 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ What About Mosques? Many mosques (and schools (madrasses)) promote brainwashing young people to believe killing for Allah (jihad) is blessed. Mosques are used to plant Islam in society. [Sultan, Wafa. A God Who Hates, pp ] 1, 209 mosques in USA as of More than 90% strictly follow the Koran and the Sunnah. ["Mosque in America: A National Portrait," 2001] 1, 209 mosques in USA as of More than 90% strictly follow the Koran and the Sunnah. ["Mosque in America: A National Portrait," 2001] Mosques also used to show superiority of Islam over their enemy (e.g., Cordoba Park 51 Mosque in NYC). Mosques also used to show superiority of Islam over their enemy (e.g., Cordoba Park 51 Mosque in NYC). [Geller, Pamela, Stop the Islamization of America, WND Books, 2011] 11/8/201360

61 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ What are P-Islams Conquests? P-Islam has conquered many nations. Examples: North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, and recently Lebanon. Europe in danger, many cities have no-go zones for non-Muslims, police and firemen; Sharia creeping into their legal codes! Beginning to happen here. We may lose our culture if not careful! Denial is dangerous. 11/8/201361

62 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ How is UK and P-Islam Doing? Britain gave jihadists free reign so they wouldnt attack the state. Wrong -- On July 7, 2005, four British-born jihadists bombed Londons mass transit system. Lesson – dealing with Islamists is like dealing with the devil – a losing bargain! As Kafirs, we cannot buy, or appease our way to lasting peace; either we win -- or prepare to convert, do dhimmi, or accept death; no compromise! [Stakelbeck, Erick. The Terrorist Next Door. Regnery, 2011] 11/8/201362

63 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Do Egyptians Like P-Islam? Survey results of Post Mubarek Egyptians: 95% want Islam to play large role in politics. 84% favor death penalty for apostasy. 77% favor cutting thieves hands off. 54% favor segregation of women from men. 54% believe suicide bombs of civilians ok. 82% of Egyptians dislike America. [Source: Pew poll, Investors Business Daily, Freedom in Muslim Countries? Whistleblower, March 2011] 11/8/201363

64 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ WW 3 – MBs Hidden War WW 3 – a non-traditional, stealth-jihad war against Kafir countries, declared by jihadists during WW 2 in Middle East seeking world-wide caliphate under Sharia. Many leaders, leftists, civilians in denial! This war is real and on-going against civilian, not military targets, via terrorism; just like 9/11. Since then: Ft Hood shooter, Times Sq bomber; underwear bomber; Xmas Lights bomber; Ft Dix Six, to name a few. Denial doesnt make it go away; the threat is real! [Gold, Jon H., Colonel, US Army (Retired) Sneak Attack] 11/8/201364

65 11/8/ WW 3 – Some MB Tactics (a) 1. Use stealth jihad against us. 2. Use non-violent methods in our universities, public schools, courtrooms, internet, workplaces, supermarkets, neighborhoods, airwaves – in a word everywhere they can. 3. Use political correctness, multiculturalism, legal codes and moral standards against us. 4. Promote Islam as religion of peace; with jihad. 5. Use taqiyya (sacred deceit) to confound us. 11/8/ /8/ Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt

66 11/8/ WW 3 – Some MB Tactics (b) 6. Our gravest threat: making truth criticism of Islam = hate speech and illegal; making critics of Islam = bigots & islamophobes. [Geller, Pamela] 7. Garner useful-idiot support of Islamist cause. 8. Get UN on Islams side to legitimize it. 9. All MB, ISNA & CAIR groups will aid Islamists. 10. Use mosques to radicalize new Islamists. 11. Use U.S. welfare & OPEC monies to fund jihad. 11/8/ /8/ Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt

67 11/8/ WW 3 – Some MB Tactics (c) 12. Teach Muslim kids supremacy; to form cells. 13. Use demographics against our declining popn. 14. Use Muslims for armor & suicide bombs. 15. Use killings & beheadings as scare tactics. 16. Use threats of violence to silence Islam critics. [Rahman, abdul, (alias). Warning to the West, CitizenWarrior, 06/04/2011] 11/8/201367

68 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ What are The Tears of Jihad? Mohammed and his followers have caused the death of about 270 million Kafirs over the past 1400 years: Africans: 120,000,000 (approx);Africans: 120,000,000 (approx); Buddhists: 10,000,000 (approx);Buddhists: 10,000,000 (approx); Christians: 60,000,000 (approx);Christians: 60,000,000 (approx); Hindus: 80,000,000 (approx);Hindus: 80,000,000 (approx); Americans: 3,000 (approx; so far…).Americans: 3,000 (approx; so far…). 11/8/201368

69 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ Characteristics of P-Islam; is it: An Ideology? (A single overriding doctrine that all believe in, struggle for, and die for; their entire life.) Yes; Sharia law covers everything. Totalitarian? (Religious & political leaders regulate everything; little individual worth.) Yes. Fascist ? (Everyone under a nationalistic single- party state run by a radical authoritarian leader, use of violence okay for control.) Yes. 11/8/201369

70 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ What Can You Do? 1. PROHIBIT dhimmitude -- in yourself and others. 2. LEARN: study the Koran, MB, jihad, sharia, SCF. 3. FOLLOW current Islam/mosque events & activity. 4. RESIST Sharia and ties between mosque & state; hold government officials accountable against them. 5. JOIN organizations dedicated to stop Islamization of USA: (Brigitte Gabriel); (Pamela Geller); (Robert Spencer). [Stakelbeck, Erick. The Terrorist Next Door, p. 225] 11/8/201370

71 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ References & Websites ACT! for America: [PerfectMan: islam.html] Extremist group info, Friedman, George. Americas Secret War, Inside the Hidden WorldWide Struggle Between America and its Enemies. Anchor Books, New York Gabriel, Brigitte, Because they Hate, A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America, St. Martins Press, Gabriel, Brigitte, They Must Be Stopped, Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam And How We Can Do It, St. Martins Press, Geller, Pamela, Stop the Islamization of America, WND Books, /8/201371

72 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ References & Websites Jasser, Zuhdi, President of AiFD (American Islamic Forum for Democracy), Phoenix, AZ. Quran Commentary: Tafsir al-Jalalayn, by JalaluD-Din al-Mahalli and JalaluD- Din As-Suyuti, Published by Dar Al Taqua Ltd., London. Sharia Law Info: Sharia Law Manual: Reliance of the Traveller, A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law, by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri, amana Publications. Sharia, the Threat to America, an Exercise in Competitive Analysis, Report of Team B II. Center for Security Policy. Spencer, Robert. The Complete Infidels Guide to the KORAN. Regnery, Stakelbeck, Erick. The Terrorist Next Door, How the Government is Deceiving You About the Islamist Threat. Regnery, /8/201372

73 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/ References & Websites Sultan, Wafa. A God Who Hates, St. Martins griffin, NY The Holy Quran, translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali Warner, Bill. Thirteen Lessons on Political Islam, Islam 101, CSPI. Visit Warner, Bill. Mohammed, Allah, and Politics, The Islamic Political doctrine, Center for the Study of Political Islam. Warner, Bill. Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, Center for the Study of Political Islam. 11/8/201373

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