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The 1 st Step towards becoming Modern for the US…

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3 The 1 st Step towards becoming Modern for the US…

4 INTERACTIVE PPT Needed Today: Lance Herbert Duke Civil War Vet Buck Immigrant Andy Former Slave Tom John Denver Monopoly Man Farmer 1, 2, and 3 Rich Dude Nancy Frontier Fred (southern accent please)

5 WE GO WEST…AGAIN! in the1880s Ooooh! I want to go to the West! You Got it Baby! NORM Ethel

6 WHY WEST? Lance: I was Tired of the North v. South Drama! Herbert: AAs must have left because of KKK Duke: I wanted some Gold & Silver!

7 THINK ABOUT THE CHANGES YOU LEARNED ABOUT YESTERDAY… What new Invention could help them move to the west?

8 RAILROADS! HUGE expansion 1850-71 1871… 130 Mil acres given to RR! 1890… 200,000 miles long! Goes from Sea to Shining Sea

9 TRANSCONTINENTAL RR 1.Central Pacific (go East) - Sacramento 1867 = race to lay 2 Companies compete: 2. Union Pacific ( go West ) - Omaha

10 THEY MEET! 1 st time a RR goes cross country! Transcontinental RR

11 WAIT A MINUTE…. WHO DO YOU THINK BUILT ALL OF THOSE TRACKS? It takes A LOT of man power to build a RR!

12 WELL, WHAT TYPE OF PEOPLE DO YOU SEE BELOW? IMMIGRANT ANDY: I provide cheap labor & because Im Chinese they think its fine to treat me like crap! My Irish Friend Patty is in the same boat! Frm Slave Tom: I had to escape the crazy KKK! Civil War Vet Buck: Theres no jobs anywhere else…what other choice did I have?

13 This work Stinks! Treacherous Terrain –Chinese have to dig a tunnel through a granite mountain. –Took 5 months, they lived in a camp surrounded by 40 ft of snow! Many accidents –theyre not trained for this! –Fall over hills, cliffs, Hundreds Buried in avalanches, found frozen Still clutching shovels or picks. Diseases Long hours, Backbreaking work –Think of how heavy RR ties are!

14 Hard Work… NO PAY Low Wages! –AAs & Immigrants make less than whites! Whites = $40 a day for 10 hours + Free meals! Immigrants = $35 dawn to dusk, no meals Malnutrition –We eat our hard bread & tainted meat 2 days old on sooty cars up the road, and when we get home, find our children gnawing on bones & our wives complaining that they cannot even buy food. Life is awful, but better than East. By 88: 2,000 killed 20,000 injured!

15 POSITIVE EFFECTS OF RRs : 1.Linked distant markets 2.Increased communication 3.Increased Industries: Iron, steel, & lumber 4. Shaped culture … were obsessed w/ it! Art, Lit, music, jokes, sayings I ve been working on the railroad Getting sidetracked John Denver: I adore RR songs! Sing along with me!

16 NEGATIVE Effects… 1. Encouraged bribery & corruption Erie RR gave 1 million to NY politicians – shady! 2. RR set a fixed rate = farmers in debt! - Farmers lose their farms 3.Cost to ship grain = Cost to buy Cost more to ship grain on RR from MINN to Chicago than by boat to ENGLAND! Monopoly Man: Ps, Im corrupt! F2: This stinks! F1: Were so poor Rich Dude: Suckers! F3: Bye bye pretty crops!

17 So, RR make it easy to go to the West… BUT why would people pack up their entire lives to move to a strange, unsettled place? Thats a great question!

18 NEW OPPORTUNITIES! 1. Gold & Silver! (still) 2. Homestead Act 160 acres free IF after 5 years they have: (1) established residency (2) improved the land! 1862-00 1.3 million families go West. only 320,000 actually keep the land SHADY!

19 Nancy: How did they decide which HOMESTEADERS get what land in the West?


21 DRY LAND = CATTLE FARMERS Grew to be HUGE industry Cities want Beef! Youre only cool if you eat beef Ship on RR

22 Sorry Pardner, This here frontier is closed, No more land for anyone, why dont you go move to the city with the rest of em 1893 The Frontier Closes FRONTIER FRED

23 LIVE FOOTAGE… THE HOMESTEAD ACT Isnt it strange that someone from 1893 looks like Tom Cruise?!?!

24 Please put your notes away… And answer this question…

25 Who would be upset about this great migration to the West?

26 NA s! Remember… They own most of the land! Whites think: Their land isnt settled or improved SO…Get off! Huge Battles – NA Massacred I want no peace until the Indians suffer more -Col. SR Curtis

27 Check this out…

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