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A Model for Independent Progressive Politics in Wisconsin The Story.

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1 A Model for Independent Progressive Politics in Wisconsin The Story

2 Tour Through Presentation Start with some analysis Walk through the story Focus on electoral programs Step back to first principles Where to go from here

3 Some Basic Analysis Unique moment Tea Party How did we get Walker?

4 Some Basic Analysis Instinct is to play defense, must go on offense Need to do new & different, not just better Organization of our own Politics of marginality has no attraction Reset button on progressive politics Need, Opportunity, Challenge

5 A Brief History of WAM Rebellion & Fightback Senate Recall Consolidation Local Champions, Part I Walker Recall Local Champions, Part II

6 Walker Recall Two parts: (1) Signatures; (2) Election Movement campaign -- buzz, energy, action Not a traditional election effort Sharpness of message, complement ward-by-ward field program of partner organization

7 Local Champions Spring 2012 test-run: Some good, some bad Fall 2012 primaries: Smashing success Candidates & Victories Components of Program Where It Leaves Us Beyond 2012...

8 Key Elements Rooted in labor & community organizations More than sum of its parts Issues, elections & mobilizations, as unified whole, with positive feedback loop Keystone issues stand in for whole, no laundry lists Elect champions & movement leaders State legislative primaries, local races A public brand for activists, voters

9 Scaling the Model Scaling up: Milwaukee school board elections Living wage issue campaign Scaling out: Racine: school board, city council 2013 Racine: Living wage issue campaign Other places???

10 Some hot tips Dont form a coalition of convenience Organize people where they are Build organization in the struggle Be broad as possible, but stay coherent Get to shared analysis, vision, program Will not happen on its own Treasure, empower real leaders

11 Imagine... A statewide network of local independent political formations based on community-labor alliances A majority in the statehouse as champions, fighting & leading Progressive city councils, county boards, and school boards A pipeline of quality candidates from our organizations & our movement A real progressive agenda being moved locally & statewide Inside-outside campaigns that return Wisconsin to the progressive forefront nationally Elected officials accountable to & actively working with progressive forces

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