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Welcome to the Webinar: Audio Options

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1 Welcome to the Webinar: Audio Options
If you can’t hear the music, call us at To hear audio from this webinar, you have two options: To dial in via telephone, click “use telephone” then dial the number that appears along with the access code and audio pin. To listen to the webinar through the speakers on your computer, click the “use mic and speakers” button Webinar Tool bar

2 Janet Iveson RoseMarie Seibel
You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! Place more referrals with these key techniques! Janet Iveson RoseMarie Seibel 2 2

3 The Question & Answer Feature
Webinar Tool bar You’ll be in “listen only” mode for this webinar Question and Answer section on the right of your screen. Type in your questions here. We will try to get through questions as we go along.

4 Welcome from Janet Iveson
Welcome back and welcome to new comers! We hope you leave today with at least one tip or idea you can try. Stay on for the full 30 minutes and you could win the iPod Shuffle we’re raffling off! Welcome Referral Associates and Host Offices

5 Welcome Host Offices Once again, we have a number of managers who are hosting events in their office for their Referral Associates. I want to welcome you to this short, informative Webinar. Whether you are a manager, sales associate or referral associate, our goal is to help you take your referral business to the next level by working together to increase your business. List Names if we know who they are…

6 Ask RoseMarie Introducing RoseMarie Seibel
Manager – Weichert Referral Associates Referral Associate since 1998 Dialogue Expert Rosemarie has reviewed all your questions. She organized & addressed them in this webinar for you.

7 Today’s Focus: Q&A Answer your questions concerning:
Getting the Business What do I say? Placing referrals

8 How do I get the Business?
When I come in contact, or become aware of a potential referral, I am never sure of what to say or how to say it!

9 How do I get the Business?
Engage in Conversation!

10 Ask, Listen and Learn!

11 Ask, Listen and Learn! Did you say you . . . are looking to move?
need a larger home? want to downsize? are expecting another child? have become an empty nester? are looking to invest in income property? are looking for a retirement vacation home?

12 “ ” What do I say? Have you spoken with anyone yet? NO –
I want to get my house in order before I speak with an agent. I’m not quite sure what I want to do yet. I’m waiting for the Spring market. I’m waiting for the prices to come back up/down.

13 “ ” “ ” “ ” What do you say next?
You could lose valuable time if you wait. You could lose money by waiting. You can benefit immediately by getting an objective opinion from a professional realtor who is on top of the market in your area with no obligation on your part. Speak to over improvements, etc. house may just need some staging or what you are thinking of doing to the house may not bring additional money -

14 “ ” What do I say? Have you spoken with anyone yet? YES -
I have a friend in the business. I have someone in mind that I would use. I called a local office. I have been receiving mailings from ____ for years.

15 What do I say NOW? That’s wonderful - I’m always looking for a good agent to refer business to. Do you know how long they have been in the business? Do you know what areas they cover? Do you know what their specialty is? Are they experienced with First time home buyers? Investors, Million dollar properties

16 What do I say NEXT? As a referral agent, I always try to match the real estate agents abilities with the needs of the customer/client that I am referring. As a referral agent, my suggestion would be to get a second opinion. You owe it to yourself. I can do that for you with no cost or obligation on your part.

17 How do I get the Business?
Just ASK for it! Is this a service you would want? Would you like me to do that for you today?

18 Keep the Conversation Going!
Talk about what is going on in the real estate market – this info is on the news and in the daily papers. Talk about interest rates. They are at the lowest point in decades! Talk about the services – we have Mortgage, Title, Insurance and closing services along with helping customers sell and purchase.

19 What do I talk about?

20 Seeing the Opportunity.
Prices Rates Q. If this were 2005, where would you place the Price and Rate dots? High A. In 2005, the “V” would look somewhat like this one, where prices were on the high end of the scale and rates were in the lower range. Mid-Range Low 20

21 Seizing the Opportunity.
Prices Rates In recent history, there has never been an opportunity like this, with low prices and low rates. In real estate, this circular area at the bottom of the V is called the “Buying Zone” – it’s an unbelievable time to buy. High Mid-Range Low 21

22 Rates Down, Opportunity Up
Talk about the INCREDIBLE Opportunity Rates Down, Opportunity Up Weichert announces the all-time low cost of homeownership

23 Comparison of cost at sample mortgage amount:
At current low interest rate $ per month Savings of $ per month and more than $62,000 over 30 years! At 1% increased interest rate $ per month

24 Referral Player Poll Please check off all the actions you have taken so far to help you generate more referral business . . . Ordered your Referral Associate business cards and handed them out to family, friends and colleagues Changed my Signature to include reminder I’m in real estate and can help Set up a Facebook page Posted Referral Widget on Facebook (or some other web site) or ed the Widget Ordered your name tag and wear it everywhere

25 Referral Player Quiz Take this quick quiz to see if you’re a:
Referral All Star A Referral Pro Referral Rookie Check out and this recorded webinar to find this downloadable quiz!

26 Download the FREE Referral Widget!
Remind all your friends and family that you’re in real estate! Download it to Facebook it to EVERYONE Marketing tab Internet Ads There are two Marketing “Widgets” that you can use on your facebook page for example

27 A New Way to Place Your Referrals – ON LINE!

28 Poll Please check off if you used any one of these online functions from WeichertOne

29 For more ideas . . . Go to the How-To’s section of the Referral Guidebook and check out Section C.

30 Referral-Generating Webinar Recap
We have covered many topics in our previous Webinars: December - Signature and Facebook January - Business Cards March - Online resources – use the “widget” to promote yourself April/May/June – Part 1 & 2 & 3 Referral Guide Book July – Handling Objections Replay any of these webinars on Weichert University

31 Time for our Raffle! We’re raffling off an iPod Shuffle. Those who stayed on for the full webinar are eligible to win.

32 Join us for our Next Webinar
Wednesday, October 27th 12:30 pm EST Topic: Common situations faced by the referral associates Contact us at: Or us at: Please contact us if you experience trouble getting on to WeichertOne.

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