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Bob Menconi Past R. I. Director Zones 33 & 34 Adapted from a presentation by: Rotary Club of San Bernardino District 5330 Updated July 2012.

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3 Bob Menconi Past R. I. Director Zones 33 & 34 Adapted from a presentation by: Rotary Club of San Bernardino District 5330 Updated July 2012

4 Where does the Rotary Club of San Bernardino fit in the Rotary world?

5 There are more than 1.2 million Rotarians There are more than 34,000 Rotary Clubs Rotary is in over 200 countries with: o 538 districts in o 34 zones Rotary International

6 Every Rotarian is a member of a Rotary Club. Club members are the hands of Rotary.

7 Rotary International Its true: o Individual Rotarians accomplish the work of Rotary o Virtually all service projects in Rotary are carried out at the club level -- even international projects. So, lets talk about: SAN BERNARDINO ROTARY CLUB - #894

8 ROTARY AT THE CLUB LEVEL There are five Rotary Clubs in the San Bernardino Area: 1.Rotary Club of San Bernardino (1918) The Host Club – thats us – then we sponsored: 2.San Bernardino North in Rotary Club of Highland in San Bernardino Crossroads in San Bernardino Sunset in 1988

9 WE ARE COMPOSED OF TWO ENTITIES Rotary Club of San Bernardino (Our Club) A member of Rotary International San Bernardino Rotary Foundation (Trust Fund) A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable corporation


11 Rotary Club of San Bernardino Nick DePasquale President Founded on June 1 st in 1919 San Bernardinos Host Club Major service projects include: o Rotary Life o Character Education o 3 rd Grade Dictionaries o Clean Water Projects

12 Rotary Club of San Bernardino President President-Elect Vice President Past President Secretary Treasurer Governed by a 12 member board of directors. At Large – even year At Large – odd year

13 Rotary Club of San Bernardino Contributions to The Club may not be deductible for everyone. Money for dues and meals is used for: o Dues to RI and District o Meals o Social events o Training costs

14 THE TRUST FUND San Bernardino Rotary Foundation

15 San Bernardino Rotary Trust Fund Our clubs 501(c)3 corporation. Receives all charitable donations. Manages an endowment fund. Funds all of our club service projects.

16 SB Trust Fund Income Sources Community Avenue of Service o Fines o Dictionary Project donations o Fund raising events (1/2) Vocational Avenue of Service o Pigskin Derby fund raiser for Character Ed o Character Ed Investment Funds New Generations Ave of Service o Endowment income for Rotary Life o Annual fund raiser (1/2) International Avenue of Service o 50/50 Opportunity Drawing

17 San Bernardino Trust Fund Governed by a 12 member Board of Trustees Same people as the Club Board of Directors Officers are the same people as on the Club side

18 San Bernardino Trust Fund Endowment of $350,000 plus other invested funds (about $410,000 total) Managed by an Investment Committee Income is largely used for Rotary Life Scholars project

19 RCSB Belongs to a Rotary District Districts are geographical units Average district contains 60 clubs Most districts have about 2,200 Rotarians There are 530 districts worldwide

20 DISTRICT 5330 Rotary Club of San Bernardino belongs to:

21 District 5330

22 61 Clubs 2,400+ Rotarians Provides training: o Membership Sem o Foundation Sem o District Assembly Provides fellowship: o Foundation Dinner o District Conference Provides support: o Experienced mentors o District-wide projects Jean Easum District Governor

23 District Theme A Million Acts of Service

24 District 5330 Leadership for multi-club service projects: o Oduoro Village international project o GSE - Group Study Exchange (2011 Turkey) o District level speech/music competitions o STAR volunteer service projects o CHIPS oral surgeries and health clinics o Administers TRF grants o Districts Wallace Jones grant program

25 District 5330 THREE IMPORTANT DISTRICT EVENTS District Conference - Nov 4-6, 2011 District Assembly - Mar 17, 2012 R Y L A - Apr 13-15, 2012

26 District 5330 fits inside a Rotary Zone There are 34 Zones around the world. Each Zone is made up of about 39,000 Rotarians Our Zone is number is 26

27 So Far - Here is where we are Our Rotary Club and Trust Fund: o Fit in District 5330 o District 5330 fits in Zone 26

28 ZONE 26 Rotary Club of San Bernardino and

29 Actually, zones are paired together ZONE 25-26


31 Rotary Zones 25 and 26 Zone Directors also serve as RI Directors. Each pair of zones provides training and support for its districts. Ken Boyd Kerman, CA Rotary International Director 2012 thru 2014

32 Why are Zones Paired Together? First to make the Rotary world more manageable (17 RI Directors – not – 34) The Directorship is alternated between Zones to improve representation

33 Zone Geographic Sizes The United States has 12 zones (and six directors on the Board)…because it has so many Rotarians Zone 20 (on the other hand) covers 72 countries including all of Africa! Why? …the number of Rotarians.

34 Paired Zones selects an International Director The Director sits on the Board of Rotary International for a two year term The Directorship alternates between Zones - This allows the position to be filled from within individual Zones over time. Now lets look at the Board of Directors of Rotary International

35 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Rotary Club of San Bernardino and

36 The RI Board of Directors The 19 members of the Board are: o The 17 elected Directors (2-year terms) o Plus the President and the President-Elect [The General Secretary (who operates the day to day activities of Rotary) sits with the Board but is a non- voting member]

37 The Board has members from Australia Brazil Canada England France India (2) Israel Japan (2) Korea Netherlands Sweden United States (7)

38 Lets see where we are at so far Our Rotary Club 894 Our Rotary District 5330 Our Zone 26 That Zone is paired with another zone Zone Director RI Board of Directors

39 The R.I. President A Rotarian just like you and me o Past Director o Club member in good standing (cannot be an honorary member) o The worlds #1 Rotarian, experienced and capable o Motivates o Inspires us all o The lucky person: jacket color and theme

40 RI President Sakuji Tanaka (Yashio, Saitama, Japan) Rotary International President The Presidents Theme

41 Confused yet? There is more to come!

42 Rotary International – 2 Entities ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Clubs Districts Zones Directors President THE ROTARY FOUNDATION A 501(c)(3) Foundation Operates within guidelines set by RI Board of Trustees Chairman


44 The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International Operates separately from RI Has a fifteen member Board of Trustees Terms are four years, appointed by RI Pres and Board Meets quarterly Governs all RI projects and activities

45 World Headquarters Rotary International 1560 Sherman Avenue Evanston, Illinois USA


47 How does RI operate? Rotary employs 650 people full time Rotary works 24 hours a day Nine service centers around the world The General Secretary administers the day to day operations of Rotary

48 Secretariat John Hewko RI General Secretary Jim Damato CDA – Central Pan America with Charlene and Jennifer

49 We are a very complex organization Some Complexities: o Rotary translates in 20 different languages o Nearly 100 different currencies that change value daily o This year: eleven different nationalities on the Board of Directors will operate as one unit o A Foundation that deals around the world with new demands arising daily

50 o One days mail is equal to a town of 30,000 people. o Rotary operates on an annual operations budget of US$64 million. o Sophisticated computer and phone systems o A new, and continually expanding, Web site o One of the largest publishing houses in the Chicago area

51 So... How do we CHANGE THINGS?

52 CHANGE ??

53 Our clubs bylaws can be changed by a vote of the members (but must not conflict with our club constitution). District bylaws can be changed by a vote of club representatives (usually at the District Conference).

54 Changes to RIs constitutional documents are enacted by the COUNCIL ON LEGISLATION

55 Council on Legislation Meets every 3 years (next is in Apr 2013 in Chicago) Every district has a voting representative

56 TAKES Two Types of Actions Enactments directly amend the RIs Constitution, Bylaws, and the Standard Club Constitution. Resolutions recommend policy changes to RI Board.

57 You have just seen a snapshot look at the world of Rotary But, there is still the most important part to come!

58 Rotary Is the most accomplishing, best humanitarian and finest civic organization in the world

59 To Continue to be the Best: We, as a group: o Must always look to the future as to how our Rotary Club can serve o Seek new Rotarians (not just members) o Remember that our Clubs growth is certain as long a we build our leadership

60 As a Team look what we have done! We have grown from four members to over a million Built one of the largest, most prestigious, and most accomplishing Foundations in the world We send people all over the world seeking world understanding and peace We are beating Polio o just to mention a few

61 Most of all: Be proud to be a Rotarian

62 (and wear your pin)


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