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Library cum Resource Centre Shivaji Sudhar Camp, Kalkaji Designed by Shikshantar team.

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1 Library cum Resource Centre Shivaji Sudhar Camp, Kalkaji Designed by Shikshantar team

2 A few students went to NBS and were oriented on the topic They briefed us on the topic, which we must say was amazing and got us thinking We were given the task to design and write about our dream resource centre cum library On the basis of creativity, originality, interest and clarity in the presentation, six of us were selected

3 When we closed our eyes and thought about Hamara Pitara, we all got the same picture! A place buzzing with activities, a place to connect with books and with each other A place where every one in the community, from toddlers to elders, engage in learning and creative activities


5 With only sixteen days to go, we got cracking almost instantly. We hopped on a bus and went to Shivaji Sudhar Camp located in Kalkaji The condition of the place surprised us. The building looked dull and uninviting. There was an IT centre and an aanganwadi running there. We were sad to note that children did not have any toys to play with We had a huge responsibility on our shoulders! We took the measurements of EVERYTHING we laid our eyes on with the view of reusing whatever we could

6 Next we went to the basti. We were impressed with the effective utilization of the space We interacted with children and adults, asking various questions, gathering information about their interests and hobbies While discussing we realized that their idea of a library was vague. They enjoyed reading books but did not have access to them. So while designing the library cum resource centre, creating awareness about it became an essential component of our plan

7 Getting back to school we divided ourselves into groups One for the design layout Another for listing down the resources And the third one for brainstorming the systems and processes We got together again and shared our ideas with each other Using the measurements taken during our visit we developed a scaled layout of the centre

8 In pairs we designed the interiors on the scaled layout of the resource centre The process of sharing our ideas, choosing the best ideas from each design for the layout was another step towards our destination At this stage we formed specific teams to work on different aspects of our project

9 The layout design team worked on different elements that could be included in the layout – book racks, storage units, seating plan etc. Detailed and scaled sketches of fixtures and furniture were made Our designs included some of the material already present there to make attractive, functional and durable furniture.


11 We kept the library and the computer lab in the same room keeping in mind security of resources and noise level Our design has minimal structural change in the building Flexibility of the layout and multiple time slots allows maximum usage of the space

12 While making a list of the books and resources for the centre we all tried to recall the books we enjoy reading and the games we like to play We also thought about books the children in the basti would like to read keeping in mind their reading levels, the context and the cost to compile our list of books Similarly we came up with a list of other essential resources which we had explored ourselves like toys, musical instruments, games and material for various activities

13 We devised an area inspired by our own school playground where children can crawl through tunnels, climb on nets and basically have fun. We also kept in mind the needs of older children by demarcating areas on both sides which can be used to play cricket, football, basketball, badminton and also volleyball.

14 To create a sense of identity for the place and to convey a sense of belonging and wonder for the users we chose the name Hamara Pitara A floor to ceiling mural in Aaganwadi brings the feel of outdoors inside the room Display areas for encouraging drawing and illustrations as effective means of communication Spaces to engage in sports activities Community participation in manning and maintaining the centre

15 Awareness about different way of living Working as a team Learning about what goes into setting and functioning of a library Skills of Scale drawing Costing

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