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We have been learning about spiders. We read The Very Busy Spider.

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1 We have been learning about spiders

2 We read The Very Busy Spider.

3 We looked for spiders and webs.

4 We found webs high up and low down.

5 Ellie is pointing to a nest of baby spiders. They have hatched from eggs.

6 Why do you think the baby spiders like it here on the wall?

7 Jay spotted this spider on the wall. It was near the baby ones. Do you think it is the Mum or Dad spider?

8 We all had turn to observe the spiders. We noticed that they were yellowy orange.

9 We took care not to disturb them.

10 Mia said that there were hunreds. Look! Theres hundreds!

11 Tomas and Ethan said that they were tiny. They are tiny!

12 Ethan was amazed that they were so small.

13 We looked in other parts of the school. We soon found out that spiders find all sorts of places to spin their webs. They like places where they can hide too.

14 Leo found this spider on the stony wall. He is cleverly camouflaged. Can you see him?

15 We spun our own webs.

16 We used the webs to talk about friendships and working together.

17 Finally we used the web to play spider and fly games.

18 These are the websites we have use this week; Mini beast actitivies to practise click and drag, Literacy, KUW, Classification - Maths gfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks1/science/Minibeasts/12minibeasts.swf gfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks1/science/Minibeasts/12minibeasts.swf Incy Wincy Spider Rhyme Interactive - learn that actions produce particular outcomes respond to feedback from the computer improve accuracy, speed of reactions and hand-eye coordination improve their use of the mouse use the computer to explore real-life and imag inary situations General spider information (we found out how they build webs and why the spider does not get stuck in his own web).

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