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If We Were President... How would we leave our mark?

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1 If We Were President... How would we leave our mark?


3 JOBS As we all know, the United States is in dire need of jobs to boost the economy. We would create jobs by using the taxes to pay for things other than for government needed supplies. As well as taxing the upper class as the middle and lower classes. This will create a better job economy.


5 TAXES We believe that too much of the tax money that the government has been receiving is being spent in an inappropriate manner. For example instead of spending tax money on presidential campaigns and congress we should spend it on government services. This will help us control our taxes throughout the upper, middle, and lower classes.


7 Government Spending The government is spending a gross amount of money on things for congress that isn't in their job description. Such as spending money on items like gyms and bowling allies in a government building where all the workers should doing work, not bowling a turkey. In conclusion government spending is out of control and we need to get this control back.


9 Debt As we speak debt is taking over our country. To do this we need to take a number of things into account. For instance with the taxes we receive from the upper class, we will slowly pay off the debt. Another example of this is correcting the spending of the government, by taking the control back, we will also receive a large sum of money to pay and finish off the debt.

10 This is how we would leave our mark if we were president.

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