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8 WEEKS TO WELLNESS® GIVE US 8 WEEKS AND WE’LL CHANGE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE® Why did we create this program? Why did we create the program What continues.

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1 8 WEEKS TO WELLNESS® GIVE US 8 WEEKS AND WE’LL CHANGE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE® Why did we create this program? Why did we create the program What continues to motivate us to run a sucessful program

2 Prescription Cocktail – 52 yoa female
Effexor-Depression Dicyclomine-Depression Flonase-Allergies Pulmicort-Asthma Serevent-Asthma Nebulizer-Asthma Fosamax-Osteopenia Enalapril-Hypertension Toprol-Angina Pravachol-Cholesterol Zetia-Cholesterol Levothyroxine-Thyroid Prevacid-GERD Better health through better chemistry to not the answer When does the insanity stop… at the 3rd drug, at the 7 drug, at the 10 drug Double blind, placebo controlled studies study ONE drug at a time Is this what healthcare has become?

3 $1230 per month … and the cost
Better health through better chemistry to not the answer When does the insanity stop… at the 3rd drug, at the 7 drug, at the 10 drug Double blind, placebo controlled studies study ONE drug at a time

4 … and what about our kids
If you think we have a a problem now what will it be like when these kids grow up Last year was the first year in recorded history demonstrating that our children will not outlive us Recognize that our genetics CANNOT keep up with this type of weight gain

5 Homework for this week This you first homework assignment – spend some time at Walmart.

6 … a picture is worth 1000 words
Amy’s story – a doctor that “gets it”. THEN NOW Dr. Amy Harvey

7 Congrats Jim O’Malley First to lose 125 lbs

8 Testimonial

9 Sample Report Patient’s health started as an “F” (disease care). In just 8 Weeks, moved to a “C”. 50 years ago women’s waist sizes were 27” and men’s were 34”; today woman have muffin tops and men have BOBs (belly over belts)

And Guess What….. THESE ARE NOT TYPICAL RESULTS late night infomericals that state “these aren’t typical results” eg ab blaster, thigh master, billy banks, tae bo, etc etc

11 Testimonial

12 Developing new habits Skill - How Knowledge - What NEW HABIT
Definition of a habit by Steven Covery Use example of golf; knowledge is reading a book on golf, skill is hiring a gold pro and going to golf range, but attitude – what’s prompt Tiger Woods to get up each day at 5am to hit 100 puts in a row that all make it, otherwise he starts all over Homework #2, write down 10 WHY’s as to why you want to be healthy, and make them BHAGs, big hairy audacious goals (from Jim Collin’s Good to Great) Skill - How Attitude - Why

13 Insert your own family photo here
Example of Steven’s healthcare teacher # of antibiotics these kids have been on What you don’t see in the picture

14 How are we aging??? The idea is to die young as late as possible (Ashley Montagu) Do you make regular deposits in your “health” savings account Analogy – life should be like a candle Analogy – Health Savings Account – need to remember regular deposits of health into your account to be able to withdrawal when you need to Dr. Chesnut’s poignant words – “I beg you to get you patient’s healthy, before they get sick” while in tears because his best friend was sick and dieing in the hospital

15 Elements of 8WW™ Chiropractic Fitness Nutrition Meditation Massage
Physical Nervous System Mental/ Emotional Chemical Example truine of health, cause of “dis-ease”. Top ten questions of 8ww program – do I have to receive chiropractic care!!! THE TRIUNE OF HEALTH

16 Time Each Week: 5% of your time
You need 3.5 hours per week in the office 30 – 60 minutes for massage 2 one hour sessions with trainer (weights + cardio) 2 chiropractic adjustments per week (15 minutes) 2 appointments with Kristen Z, LCN 60 min (3 separate) cardio sessions outside office Time to shop, plan, and cook your meals 10 day meditation (schedule 2 meditation classes) 5 night to review & record in log & plan for next day

17 Chiropractic – Building a Strong Foundation
You live your life through your Nervous System Chiropractic removes interference to that Nervous System Chiropractic = Healthy nerve system = healthy adapation Hot – sweat; low blood sugar – get hungry

18 Understanding Chiropractic… Here’s The Secret
It is critical that the messages from the brain travel up and down the spinal cord, through the spinal openings, and reach the body systems without interference. 2nd most common vertebrae to degenerative is C5/6, biceps innervation, makes no sense to strengthen bicep in gym on your own, when subluxated

19 EXERCISE------------->
Why Exercise? No decline with age is as dramatic or potentially more significant than the decline in lean body mass 30 minutes of exercises/day decreases your chances of Cancer by 50% J Nutr 127:990S-991S (1997) What the single biggest determinant of how fast we will age – FAT Analogy of bottom cap being a super pill that when given reduces risk of all cancers by 50%... Would you take the pill if your insurance covered it and it had only positive side affects. BODY FAT LEAN MASS EXERCISE >

20 The Key to Cardio Training: aka HIIT
Aerobic exercise is also referred to as “cardiovascular” exercise because it is such good conditioning for the heart and all the blood vessels throughout the body. Technically aerobic means “with oxygen.” When our heart rate is within 60 – 70% of our maximum heart rate, we are in an aerobic state and oxygen is being supplied to the muscles along with the fuels glucose and fat. A simple formula for figuring out your maximum heart rate is to subtract your age from If you are within about 60-70% of that heart rate, you are exercising within your target heart rate range. Examples of aerobic exercises are walking, hiking, swimming, cycling, rowing and running or jogging. Explanation of anaerobic exercise. Remember Vitamin I – intensity and intervals Two way to increase intensity – speed or resistance

21 Strength Training & Cardio
The resistance in strength training is critical: Increases lean body mass Improves basal metabolic rate Key Points to Remember: Train upper body and lower body on separate days Schedule at least one day in between workouts Two Types of Muscle Soreness Lactic Acid Buildup : during and post workout Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (1-2 days post workout) You will be responsible to do Three 30-minute cardio sessions each week on your own. If weight loss is a goal, perform these cardio sessions as soon as you wake up, on an empty stomach. DO NOT COME TO OUR OFFICE TO EXERCISE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. While cardio help combust fat, how fast you’ll combust fat depends on your muscle mass. Strength Training gives you “body dollars”, sure you can over indulge every once in awhile as long as you have ‘body dollars’ to pay for it. One pound of muscle burns 30 – 50 calories per day, one pound of fat burns 3 – 10 calories per day. Every decade of life from 20 on, women will lose 5 to 7 pounds of muscle

22 Heart Rate Monitors Highly recommended & sold at front desk
Trainers rely on this to judge your progress Will give you a true BMR if you wear it for one solid day Use it to challenge yourself to burn more calories each workout or increase your intensity.

23 Massage Massage is not a luxury, is it a necessity.
Communicate with your massage therapist Not something you should just do once per year on a cruise.


25 Steve’s example

26 Nutrition Food provides energy for performing activities of daily living Some people think of eating as something to do when you get hungry. Food is the way we provide our bodies with the fuel to conduct our activities. Within the food itself are the components that your body uses to generate energy, to grow and repair itself, and to fight invaders such as toxins. Think of food as something you can use to nourish your body, keep it healthy and vital. Ask someone if group “who has a really nice car.” “Do you mind sharing how much it was?” “How do you take care of it.” Now how much is the human body valued at. Do you care for it as well as you do your car?

27 Food is a Mixture Protein Fat Carbohydrate
We don’t tend to think of what we eat as protein, carbohydrate and fat. We think in terms of food, but the body sees food in these terms. Most foods are a mixture of these macronutrients. Knowledge is power. You must know what you are eating. Yes there’s lots of info out there, high fat, low fat, low salt, Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers. Etc etc. Go through example of PBnJ sandwich, what is carb, what is fat, what is protein, and are they healthy. Carbohydrate

28 Macronutrients Carbohydrates (40%) Protein (30%) Fat (30%)
4 cal/gram 4 cal/gram 9 cal/gram 30 grams 20 grams 10 grams Bread, pasta, rice Beef, chicken, fish Oils and butter Fruits n veggies Eggs, cottage cheese Nuts, seeds n avocado & beans NO HFCS Reduce fatty proteins NO PARTIALLY HYDROGENTAED OILS Go organic Avoid ‘fat-free’ unless dairy Size of Fist Size of Palm Size of Thumb Review all info on this slide then take a ‘trip to a local restaurant’ and order a meal; add calories along the way

29 Glycemic Index Glycemic Index is a physiological measurement of carbohydrate quality: Ideal is 55 or less

30 Glycemic Index of Fruits Low GI Moderate GI High GI
Strawberries Blueberries Banana Tangerine Orange Watermelon Tomato Grapes Cantaloupe Cherries Kiwi Pineapple Apple Kumquats Dates Apricot Mango Raisins Blackberries Mulberries Cranberries Pomegranate Grapefruit Papaya Guava Raspberries Lemon Lime Peach Pear Plum Glycemic Index Vegetables Low GI Moderate GI Asparagus String beans Artichoke Bean sprouts Beans, dried Sweet Corn Bean, green Brussels sprouts Green peas Broccoli Chives Squash Cabbage Collards Carrots Cauliflower Eggplant Pinto bean Celery Kale Yam Chickpeas Leeks Sweet Chard, Swiss Okra potatoes Cucumber Onion Endive Peppers Lettuce Pimento Lentils Turnip Radish Navy Beans Spinach Watercress Lima Beans Soy beans Split peas Kidney beans Black Beans

31 Ultrameal Shakes Low glycemic index Taken 2x/day
Blend with water; after week 1, can mix with a low G.I. fruit A perfect balance of protein, carbs and fat Comes in 8 soy flavors and 2 whey flavors Proven to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides and increase HDLs by 25% more than just diet alone (Nutrition & Metabolism, :29)

32 Understanding Food Labels
A packaged danish Nutrition Facts: Calories 290 Calories Total Fat 9 g Total Carbohydrate 31g Dietary Fiber 5g Protein 22g

33 8WW Dietary Guidelines Plan your meals
Eat 5 meals each day, of which 2 meals will consist of an Ultrameal shake. A meal will consist of 1 protein, 1 carbohydrate and 1 fat portion During the first week, your carbohydrate choice can only be from the low glycemic vegetables (see page 49 in manual) After the first week, when choosing your carbohydrate, you are allowed a pasta or grain with your breakfast and lunch only. In other words, this must be consumed prior to 1:00pm. Use your hand as a guide for portion control. Drink water every day; Consume ½ your body weight in ounces; e.g. if you weight 150 pounds, consume at least 75 ounces each day. Rediscover your kitchen and cookbooks. Caffeine is OK; No more than 2 cups per day. No artificial sweeteners! You may have 1 free day per week in weeks 2 thru 8.

Portion Size: palm of hand; approximately grams per serving Eggs- 2 whole or 3 whites plus 1 whole egg Fish- 3-5oz fresh or ¾ cup canned packed in water Lean meat - size of palm of hand Poultry – size of palm of hand Soy/Legumes - 1 cup fresh Cottage Cheese- Skim or low-fat (3/4 cup) Ricotta Cheese- Skim or non-fat (1/2 cup) Yogurt- Low-Fat/Low Sugar (1 cup) FATS Portion Size: index finger = 10 grams per serving Olive Oil - 2tsp Flaxseed Oil- 2tsp Avocado- 1 normal slice Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts) - 10 Seeds (flax, pumpkin, sunflower, etc) 1 tbsp Eggless Mayonnaise (from canola oil) - 1 tbsp Butter (use sparingly) - 2 tsp **Avoid Margarine because of trans fat CARBOHYDRATES Portion Size: size of fist; keep portion size less than 30 grams per serving Bread - Whole Grain (minimally processed) - 1slice Whole -wheat Tortilla- 1 small 100% Whole Wheat Pasta- ½ cup High fiber cereal - ½ cup Basmati or Brown Rice- ½ cup Vegetables (low GI) - Unlimited Vegetables (moderate GI) - 1 ½ cup Fruit (low GI) - 1 cup Fruit (moderate GI) - ½ cup

Calories Protein Fat Carbs Fiber 4 ounces turkey sausage 6 eggs and 6 egg whites 1 can (132 gram) drained sliced mushrooms 1 cup shredded cheese 1/2 cup diced onions n peppers (can use frozen) Total Total Per Serving Net Carbs Per Serving Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat a 6-cup large muffin tin with cooking spray or line with paper baking cups. Remove sausage from casings and place in a nonstick skillet (along with peppers and onions if desired).  Cook sausage until no longer pink.  Remove from heat and let cool slightly. In a bowl, beat the eggs and then stir in mushrooms and sausage.  Divide mixture evenly into the muffin cups.  Bake for 17-20 minutes, until knife inserted in the center comes outs clean.  Let cool and then place in sandwich bags and refrigerate.  Microwave about 50 seconds and enjoy!!

36 A Typical Day Breakfast 7 AM Ultrameal 10 AM Lunch 1 PM
Ultrameal 4 pm Dinner 7 pm

37 EPA/DHA Extra Strength
2 Fish Oils each day Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels Reduce the risk of heart disease Lower blood pressure Anti-inflammatory Freeze if they repeat on you

38 got 8ww log? Bring with you each visit
Weigh in once per week in our office and record in your log

39 Meditation The only true way to stop the chatter up there
4 healing breath CD; Listen to your CD at least 10 minutes each day Meditation Classes: 2 classes are included in your program other Friday at 6:30 other Thursday at 9 am 60,000 thoughts per day Try the ten breath exercise to see how far you can get without thinking a though “whatever you think about and thank about your bring about” John DeMartini “I will not allow anyone to walk thru my mind with dirty feet” Ghandi All you are is a result of your thought, Buddha As you think so shall you be, Proverbs

40 What’s Next Schedule Initial Exam w/ Doctor (even if you decide not to do 8WW) Schedule with Dietician, meditation classes, and Chiropractic, exercise and massage appts Get Blood Work (12 hr. fast): Additional Cost Read your manual…Read your manual…Read your manual…Read your manual…………… Remove all temptations from your kitchen and pantry and get your family on board to support you. Tell them “it’s all about me for the next 8 weeks”.

41 Pitfalls Week one not following only veggie rule
Needing more dietary guidance (meet with Kristen in week one) No planning Not doing cardio outside of office Not bringing in manual to review Not recording foods & exercise Not doing meditation

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