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William Wallace By: Cassie Holmes And Clara Moreno.

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1 William Wallace By: Cassie Holmes And Clara Moreno

2 William Wallace Born in 1272 near Paisley, Renfrew.. independence/features_independence_walla ce.shtml

3 Accomplishments 1297 he was appointed the guardian of Scotland. Became a martyr for Scotlands independence. Became the leader of the bands of Scottish patriots.

4 Family William Wallace Had Two Brothers and One Sister. 1.Malcolm 2.Margaret 3.John William Wallaces Father Is Sir Malcolm Wallace

5 Time Line Father died in a battle Killed the son of an English noble William actually entered history when he killed the English High Sheriff of Lanark Left his hideout in Selkirk Forest William led to a victory in the Battle of Stirling Bridge in Sep. 11 William stepped down as Guardian of Scotland in September

6 History William Wallace led Scotland to freedom but died before he could see the freedom. He killed over 200 men and his legacy will always be told.. ishhistory/independence/features_i ndependence_wallace.shtml

7 Child Hood William went to the High School of Dundee to receive his formal education. During the birth period of Wallace, Scotland was ruled by King Alexander III. william-wallace

8 Adult Hood The popular national hero of Scotland

9 War Path In April and July 1296 Scotland was defeated at the Battle of Dunbar in East Lothian and King Edward removed all Scottish power and took away around 1800 Scottish nobles as prisoners of war. William led his forces to win the Battle of Stirling Bridge on 11 September 1297 Sir William Wallace

10 Death of William Wallace William Wallace died on August 23,1305 in London, England. ttishhistory/independence/feature s_independence_wallace.shtml

11 Summary This Power point was Based on The Life Of William Wallace and His Life Story of Who and What He Was.

12 Credits BBC William Wallace Articles I and II. 4 Dec. 2002. hhistory/independence/features_ind ependence_wallace.shtml Sir William Wallace. (2012). Biography. COM. Retrieved 10:07, Feb 21, 2012 from wallace wallace

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